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Joma Fit 100 Ultralight Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

Joma Fit 100 Ultralight Review

Joma Fit 100 Ultralight

You might recall a few weeks back we highlighted the revamped Joma Total Fit release that features an updated, more streamlined design. Well, its younger brother – the Joma Ultra Fit 100 Ultralight – has also under gone a facelift and we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to nab a pair an see just what they have to offer. With Ultralight in the title, there is a certain appeal to these boots. The big question is are they actually light and does their overall package match a deal once you factor in their economical price?

How much are they? Well, this version retails at $64.99 leaving them as a “consider me” option for players on a budget. Check out the full review and more detailed images of the boots below.

Joma Fit 100 Image

Breaking In
Out of the box, there is a slightly stiff feel about the Fit 100, from the paper like upper to the clear soleplate. They feel decently comfortable from first wear, but like Charlie when he first visited Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, you won’t want to jump into the chocolate pool right off the bat! Instead, it will take one of two wears to allow the synthetic upper an adequate opportunity to loosen up. I spent two jogging sessions in them before breaking them into a full training session. One positive about the boot is how the upper sits close and low to the forefoot. This ensures a pretty snug feel across the strike zone from first wear.

Economical Option
At $64, these boots actually fall below half the price of the high-end Total Fit. You don’t usually see such a large difference between silos in a range, but I’m sure that is something you won’t hear to many complaints about! It is primarily related to the materials used throughout each boot.

Joma Fit 100 Upper

Joma Fit Eagle

FIT 100 Stud Configuration

In-Game Performance
Being honest, I would compare these as being the Phil Neville of the boot world! Why do I say that? Well, there is nothing extraordinary about them, they don’t feature any unique technology (or skill), there is a slightly bland feel about them and they are not a “superstar” style boot – yet they offer consistent performance and you can use them in most positions right across the pitch! Right through wear, I never felt overly enthusiastic about the overall make-up of the boot but I can’t say there was a moment where I wanted to get my feet out of them. Across the forefoot, Joma use some stitching in the upper but because it is a synthetic material, there is no benefit to its inclusion, except to add some visual effects. On a leather boot, it would create a cushioned panel effect.

One of the more unique aspects to this boot is the stud design. You get a conical design that features a whirlwind like plastic cover. The idea is that as you twist and turn, this cover helps the boot move more uniformly with your movement. It seems like something that might offer some benefit, but unfortunately I can’t confirm after testing.

Joma has taken a colorful approach to the FIT 100 series, combining plenty of bright colors. Each boot in the range features stitching across the upper than contrasts to the primary color used. On this version, it is a Royal thread on a White upper. The Fluo Green adds some extra pop, particularly around the tongue and ankle lining. On the side of the boot, there is an emblematic eagle that create a slightly unusual look – certainly not something I have seen on many other releases. Also, make sure to check out the Red/Royal/Fluo Yellow colorway.

Joma Fit 100 Ultralight (b)

Joma Fit100Light

How do they Fit?
Personally, I prefer a nice snug fit right through the forefoot. Although the FIT 100 Ultralight fit nicely along the top of your foot, the natural shape of the sole means they are about a half size long. They almost have a Nike Vapor VIII mold, although you definitely need to go a half size down with these if you want a really personalized fit.

My biggest negatives lies with the longer fit through the forefoot. For companies like Joma and Pirma to succeed, they really need to model their sizing off the big guys – so that players transitioning don’t have to worry so much about how they fit. I’d probably complain about the synthetic upper if this boot was worth over $100, but at their price point they work out as you would expect.

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The Skinny Summary
Highlight: An effective and consistent economical release that would make for a pretty complimentary back-up boot.
Category: “Ultralight” in the title would have you thinking they were a Speed boot – but they are instead an Economical.
Weight: As above, they are not a Speed boot but their 8.6oz final weight leaves them sitting as one of the lightest Joma releases to date.
Would I Buy Them: At $64 and with their consistent performance, they are an ideal back-up boot. Ultimately I probably wouldn’t buy a pair as I prefer a more natural feeling upper.
Player Position: They are the Phil Neville – so they don’t have a specific position! Any player on the pitch will enjoy them.

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The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Have you heard anything about the calf leather version of these? I am curious because they are in the same price range, and as you put it, they would make a cheap back-up boot.

    • I just wanted to do a follow-up comment to my question.

      I purchased both the leather version (Fit100) and the synthetic version (Fit100Light), and I have found them both as you say, a great back-up boot for your bag.

      In the leather version, I went with my standard size US 9, and while I do see the sizing a tad bit long, I like to double sock, and it is a perfect fit! I wore them for about 45 mins prior to my last game to help soften them up, and besides the final score of the game, they performed very well! The first pair of Joma boots I ever had on my feet were the Cordobas way back in 2004-5, and after my experience with them in my last game, I do not know why I did not keep a pair in my bag! For the price, you cannot beat it.

      In the synthetic version, I went with your suggested half-size down, and I am still in the process of breaking them in. But as you say, if you want that snug fit, going a half-size down is the best option.

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