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Cleatology – Hummel 6.2 Concept Limited Edition Pony

Hummel 6.2 Concept

Late in the summer, I spotted this pretty unique pair of Hummel 6.2 Concept Limited Edition Pony boots on sale and couldn’t turn down the opportunity to pick them up.

Released in January 2006, there were only 1923 pairs made available with this one being pair #0992. The Hummel brand was actually established in the year 1923 (explaining the limited number) and the slogan placed on the flip over tongue embodies the concept of the entire 2006 Hummel football footwear collection. It reads Jeg har Karakter, which means “I have Character” in Danish.

Focused on developing unique, individual products that capture the essence of the unique individual player types on any team, the 6.2 Concept FG relates directly to the personality and character of players who play the game to the max. This is not the only concept boot we have seen from Hummel, with the 8.4 PIO Sport we profiled a few weeks back also featuring similar characteristics


Hummel Jeg har Karakter

The boot itself has been crafted from premium Pittards WR Premiership Goat Skin and genuine Pony leather with natural hair. Yes, there is actually Pony hair lining the opening of the boot! It offers an absolutely unique look on a primary Black upper, or a mix of class with the rather bizarre.

Hummel employ a centered lacing system, or as they term it a “hmlFIT dynamic lacing system”. It works really effectively and pulls both sides of the upper together, enveloping your fit.

Finally, if you are interested in picking up a pair, there are a few still available on eBay!

Hummel 6.2 Upper
Hummel 6.2 Pony
Hummel 6.2 Featured
Hummel 6.2 Concept Pony
Hummel 6.2 Concept Limited Edition
Hummel 6.2 Concept 1923

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