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Checking Out the Hummel Old School Star

Hummel Old School Star Detailed

Here is a boot that has been in my presence for a while now without getting the on-field time they deserve – the Hummel Old School Star. Yes, my bad on not getting a full review but these Classic, Heritage, Old School boots deserve some quality time in testing, something I haven’t been able to give them to date.

What I can tell you about them is that they have a pretty classy make-up that oozes quality. The K-Leather upper has an incredible feel to it, almost silky smooth to the touch. What is even more impressive is how thin it feels, which compliments the overall lightweight nature of the boot. I bet you didn’t know that these boots come in at an incredible 7.7oz. It is a testament of the progress Hummel has made in recent times and really highlights their philosophy of keeping things traditional while staying competitive on the market.

Just to note, Hummel boots are currently not readily available in the US but I have some good news – the 2013/13 collection will be unleashed here later this year. In the meantime, you can still head to eBay and find pairs to pick up right now.

Hummel Old School Star K-Leather

Hummel Old School Star Soleplate

Everything about the boot looks like a boot from 30 years ago, including that conical stud soleplate. In fact, it even has the stiff feel of an slightly older fashioned boot. It actually has the same initial flexibility as the Copa Mundial had. And check out the suds that keep the upper and soleplate attached – you don’t see that on many modern releases!

Hummel Soccer

Hummel Old School Star Tongue

As for this pair, I’ve shipped the boots over to Jim, who will be taking them for a test drive and finalizing a review that you will be able to read right here. Stay tuned for that!

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  1. hi mate, which size do you test?

  2. These look class. I'm excited.

    Bryan, do you remember the Adidas Profi Liga? By far the best boot I've ever worn. I'd love to see them re-released

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