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Hummel Old School Star – The Review

Hummel Old School Star

The Hummel Old School Star has been an interesting boot to test. Classic old school style with a speed boot feel, not a common combination. Even the Puma King SL and Adidas Adias 11pro SL have a very modern look to them when paired up with the Old School Star. However the Old School weights in at 7.7 oz as opposed to the 5.8 oz of the King Sl and the 6.4 oz of the Pro Sl. I don’t mind though as they don’t skimp on protection. They also fall into my ideal weight range.

For testing, I got them in a size 9US from Bryan. They fit a half size large so they fit me quite nicely as I wear a size 9.5US in most ranges. The colorway is a simple black and white with a hint of silver, nothing flashy about this boot. Testing these has progressed much faster than expected and I enjoyed them more than I initially thought I would. I put them through 8 games and 4 training sessions.

Hummel Old School Star Tongue


In the box they seem very regular, but in hand you can tell that that appearance deceives. It feels solid but light at the same time, which I love. For me any boot in the 7-8 oz range is ideal and this boot sits perfectly in that range. They are very lack luster visually, the stitching isn’t all that attractive, but it serves a purpose. I have a similar opinion on the fold over tongue. Boxy, square and awkward is how I would describe it. The soleplate is nice and flexible with a very traditional stud configuration, it is even riveted to the upper. Overall they look like they would be bulky but once you get them in your hands or on your feet you know this is not the case.

The Upper

Hummel employ a material called Technical Synthetic in the upper that is lighter than full grain leather with less absorbancy. It doesn’t detract at all from the quality of the boot however. It still gives very good touch, control and it behaves very much like leather. This is where the stitching in the forefoot comes into play, it acts a little bit like a cushion and helps the upper to flex like a natural leather upper. It feels, like Bryan said, almost silky smooth. It has the positives of both leather and synthetic.

Hummel Old School Star K-Leather

Old School Star Soccer Cleats

Break in and Comfort

Either Bryan had broken them in already or they just come like that. Nice flex to the outsole and to the upper, almost like a second skin. My one complaint with comfort however is stud pressure, the insole is very thin. When standing on solid flooring I could feel every… single… stud. It wasn’t very pleasant, and it did translate over slightly onto the field. More so on turf than on grass that is, on grass it was barely noticeable. So, for games on turf I used my Shock Doctor insoles and they work out very nicely, easy fix. I did feel like there was a bit of sliding with my heel but nothing serious as there was no blistering. There isn’t much padding around the collar but still more than what we see on some speed boots.

How they fit

A half size long and width wise they fit average. So go a half size down. Nothing too complicated sizing wise. I’m not sure how well the upper stretches so assume that it has very little. It feels a whole lot like leather, if I didn’t know better I would say it is, but I’m treating it like synthetic. They should fit most foot types. There is also no arch support really so if you need the arch support I would suggest investing in insoles.

Hummel Soccer

Performance and Durability

Very solid marks in both categories, but nothing that stands out too much. They are very reliable, I never felt like I needed to switch out of them. I would say these are a good alternative to the Copa Mundial for the traditionalists who are into speed boots or who want something a bit more advanced. The “leather” feel coupled with an ideal weight make them a very solid release that can suite pretty much every playing style. Pacey wingers, bulwark defenders and mid-field maestros alike will find something to love about this boot. I used them in every position myself and they suited my demands to a “T”. Control and touch wise I felt confident which is all I ask for in a boot, they reminded me a lot of the Puma Liga i in this regard. I found that the light weight gives a slight boost to my ball handling skills, my control drills were a bit more precise than usual. Not as much as with boots like the Trinity however but just enough to make a difference.

The iconic stud configuration coupled with the low profile of the conical studs make them good on both turf and grass. Pressure distribution was only problematic on turf but not insufferable, however if you do have an insole I would suggest using it for turf play. Solid configuration so no complaints with traction. I never felt the studs catch or snag, not even on turf. Sometimes the classics are better than the more advanced configurations!

Hummel Old School Star Soleplate

Durability isn’t a concern with these. I’ve taken quite a few challenges in these and not a scratch is visible, there is no separation between the upper and soleplate and no discoloration. Maintenance wise I just clean them off with a damp cloth and they are good as new! Except for the soleplate where there is black streaks from the turf, can’t avoid that. I feel like these would last as long as a pair of Copa Mundial in the long run.

Critics Notes

I have very little negative things to say about these actually, they are a solid release. The stud pressure was annoying but bearable, something had to be sacrificed in order to cut weight so they did leave a bit to be desired in terms of pressure distribution. The insole was insubstantial, almost non-existent, but on grass it wasn’t a problem. This is where you invest in a solid insole. Style wise they do get some points taken off. The stitching and the fold over tongue are pretty awkward but in the end the heritage look adds the class needed to overcome the style deficit.



I’m glad I had the opportunity to test them out. I was going to give priority to the Pele Sports Galileo for testing but the Old School Star really grew on me. They are a very well rounded option with a little bit of everything thrown in. Speed and heritage have been coupled up quite nicely in this traditional package. In terms of quality, performance and comfort I would dub these the ideal back up boot, they have the perfect amount of versatility. As a match boot they are also acceptable so you can’t go wrong. I wouldn’t quite say these are a “must have” but I would highly recommend them to those who like heritage boots but want a bit of an edge in terms of weight. Or even those who haven’t had the chance to experience a light weight boot. Great release from Hummel!

Unfortunately they can only be found on eBay at this point, but you can actually get them for around the $45 mark (excluding shipping from the UK.)

Jim’s Ratings

Comfort: 73%
Performance: 75%
Upper Quality: 69%

Value: 87%

Total Score: 76%

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Jim is a a licensed massage therapist with a vast knowledge of anatomy and injury. When he is not healing people with his magical abilities, Jim's goal is to provide everyday players with in-depth knowledge from an amateur players perspective. Find him on his Facebook Page for any personal questions or injury help!

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  1. I bet the K leather ones really shine. Have you seen the Hummel Roma Vintage? They make the Copa look like a Superfly.

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