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Cleatology – Hummel 8.4 PIO Sport

Hummel 8.4 PIO Sport

Here is another one of those brands that we haven’t ever featured much in the past, but there are strong rumors circulating that Hummel are about to introduce their 2012/13 line to the US market. I for one would be all for the move and have actually got a pair of Hummel Old School Star on the way for testing, just to get a sense for the brand before they start selling here.

But kicking things off and joining the Cleatology series is this classic 2007 release that really signified Hummel’s intent to produce boots outside the norm. They are the Hummel 8.4 PIO Sport – a boot made of Pittards WR Premiership goat skin leather and designed with a wide-fitting anatomical shape for maximum control and comfort. The stud configuration on this release was also altered with a new FGX firm ground combination stud traction outsole with DYNAsymm chassis and hGRIP pivot point studs.

There is something else quite dynamic about this boot that takes it to a completely different level…..

Boxed Hummel 8.4 PIO

Hummel 8.4 Custom Insole

A revolutionary smart-foam material was used in the insole to produce a molding effect, resulting in a custom fit. Basically, the heat released from a players feet softened the material and allowed to shape right around. Long utilized by professional athletes, and team kinesiologists, custom fit is a key factor in providing maximum surface contact between the foot and boot, ensuring fewer pressure points and better performance and comfort. It is definitely an interesting concept – I’m just wondering why we are not currently seeing it on the mass soccer market!

Of course, you can’t forget to mention the fashionable design of the 8.4 PIO Sport. The upper features a laser-etched Monogram Bee logo pattern integrated into the pearl white Goat Skin Leather surface. Hummel intended the resulting visual  to express the key elements of luxury, fashion, and performance, on a different scale to any other boot on the field. Officially, they were listed as a White/Gold/Gold and had a retail price of around $250.

If you have ever worn these, or even better still have a pair, let us know below! We are interested to know more about this unique release.

Hummel 8.4 Detailing

Hummel 8.4 Studs


Hummel 8.4 PIO image

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  1. I don't think I could spend $250 on a boot, but wow, these do look excellent, and the concept with the moulding foam sounds incredibly appealing.

    One thing I'd wonder about, can these be used second hand? Would the foam remold to fit the second user, or would they be stuck with whatever the first person's foot type was.

  2. Dear lord they look comfortable!
    Don't like the design though.
    They look like one of those fancy shmancy designer bags.

  3. The material
    That They are made with is execellent!

  4. I had some Hummels for about three years.
    They lasted pretty well. I got em cheap they were about 150 retail

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