Thursday , June 8 2023

Adidas Reveal Primeknit FS Concept Boot

Nike Primeknit FS

Last week, adidas introduced us to details of the Samba Primeknit, but today they went a step further by revealing a concept boot that will change the future of the game – the adidas Primeknit FS.

Bear in mind that this boot remains in design phase and is essentially a “concept model”, but the goal for adidas is to have it released by the end of this year. Players are currently working on developing the boot and I’m sure there is a lot of detailing that needs to be figured out in order to create such a style (like for example what if your team wears white for one game and you purchase a black pair, maybe?)

Primeknit FS Up-Close

 The limited edition Primeknit FS will be produced in a black, white and red design and it will be the world’s first all-in-one knitted soccer boot and sock hybrid. This unique ‘sock silhouette’ design will provide players with a second-skin feel, intended to offer the perfect fit from toe to calf.

The sock design should improves ball to foot touch compared to boots with traditional overlays, edges or laces. The one piece design and strong light yarns of the Primeknit FS is expected to provide new levels of flexibility and comfort with stability and strength equal to that of conventional boots. Each yarn will also receive a high precision coating that guarantees water resistance even in the most challenging conditions – similar to what we found out about the Primeknit.

Following the launch last week of the adidas Samba Primeknit, the world’s first knitted football boot, we’re excited to be able to give the World a glimpse into the future of our products. The introduction of the adidas Primeknit FS is only the latest chapter of adidas football products and further cements our place as the pioneer of footballing innovation. – Markus Baumann, Senior VP for Global Football

Primeknit FS Prototype

Either the world has gone completely crazy or there is some genuine performance benefits to this extended boot designs. With the release of the Nike Magista today, it makes for another area where adidas and Nike are set to battle for supremacy. So, expect to see a big push and more advancements in this type of technology over the next 12 months. We will bring you all the details as it becomes available.

What are your thoughts on an all-in-one knitted soccer boot and sock hybrid and does it interest you? See any problems with the design?

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  1. Frankly the cut on the leg is far too high and will probably interfere with the shinguard set up. However I see the cut getting lowered with the finalized product. Still it seems like the regular monkey see monkey do between nike and adidas.

  2. It’s just adidas trying to stay one step ahead of Nike. First they release the PrimeKnit a couple days before the Magista, then let the world know their plans about a direct competitor with it.

    But I agree with Jim, the cut is gonna get lowered or it’ll interfere with shin guards. And it looks like it’d be crazy hard to put on too

  3. If the cut gets lowered then they risk getting sued by Nike (again) no? Still it would bee a smart move in terms of performance. My question is: will it hold? It seems kinda flimsy. Can’t be that much protection for the foot.

  4. Looks like you would get a lot of roll over in the upper when making cuts or turns.

  5. Adidas designers only had the primeknit and this in mind when they heard about the magista. They didn't have these designs in their heads, no that is why they are concept boots: they just created one pair to release imagaes of and then say "we made the first knitted boot, high top boot, etc.". Bullshit. Nike made the first knitted and high top boot, they have like 3,000 pairs already whereas adidas gave out two bullshit socks with an f50 soleplste and called themselves kings of innovation. Adidas is shit. THe primeknit fs you can tell was designed and made just a few days ago and it looks shit. Nike actually made a retail boot.

  6. Pioneering innovation my ass. Markus Baumann is full of shit. It should be: "after finding out of the magista – through one full day of hard work and innovation adidas is proud to present the sock on an f50 sole plate so we can say we had the first knitted and high top boot. After copying nike, we wanted to say that we are great at innovation, and made one pair so that we could complain that nike is copying us. Adidas is the future of football – as in whenever nike makes something, accumulating 1,000s of pairs, meticulous testing, and the accumulation of stoch to be released to the public – we make a limited edition, single pair with no testing whatsoever and say it has been after years of research so that we can say we did it first.

  7. In the title it says Primknit instead of Primeknit, just thought I'd point that out

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  9. When will It be released

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