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Nike Magista Released – Radical New Performance

Nike Magista

Today in Spain, the world was introduced to a new innovative boot that is set to revolutionize the market – welcome in the Nike Magista.

Born from four years of extensive research and development in the Nike Sport Research Lab and with feedback from some of the world’s best attacking playmakers, including Barcelona’s Andrés Iniesta and German forward Mario Gotze, the Magista is designed to enable devastating creativity in a game where space is at a premium.

There is obviously a lot going on with these boots, but if you are anything like me, you probably immediately focused on the high ankle lining and you are wondering what the heck Nike has created? The answer is a new boot designed for playmakers, with improved fit, touch and traction being the focus. What you are seeing is the Magista’s new mid-cut Dynamic Fit Collar that provides a more locked-down fit and increased awareness of the body’s movements and interaction with the ground and the ball. It is an odd addition and certainly something we have never seen before, but that is what gives them their distinctive silhouette.

Let’s all be honest here, the concept of a mid-cut collar is something none of us could have envisioned or even placed on a boot six months ago. Nike played this one well!

Magista Flyknit

Then there is Nike Flyknit technology that has also been introduced to a soccer for the first time, something you might remember we featured a few weeks back (note; we weren’t completely accurate on its introduction, but we were along the right lines!) Flyknit technology delivers unprecedented feel, fit and control by creating a second-skin, sock-like feel and allows for strength and support to be knitted directly into the boot.

How does it all come together and perform?

At this point, we won’t know until we test the boots, but given the time and energy Nike has invested in creating these boots, we assume there is something special about them. And then there is everything else. To make things a little easier to figure out, here is a detailed breakdown of the boots features.

We still have some time left before the Magista is ready to order, but stay tuned to for upcoming availability and pricing.

Nike Magista


The Magista is designed for the player who is always moving, creating the attack and dictating play. In a game that is faster than ever — both mentally and physically — space is at a premium and high-speed control is essential. While the Magista player is constantly creating opportunities on the pitch, he needs to focus on seeing ahead, seeing the pass that no one else can see. The Magista liberates the player to unlock his fullest potential and focus on that split second that could change the game.

The fit of this boot is so unique that I don’t think about it when I’m wearing it. It allows me to move the way I need to instinctively and with more confidence. – Andres iniesta

Nike Magista High Heel

Nike Magista Collar


Nike Flyknit – which was first used in Nike running shoes in 2012 – defies conventional shoe manufacturing processes by creating an engineered upper woven from special yarns. Utilizing a custom Nike last and Nike Flyknit construction, Magista offers a snug fit at the arch, heel and forefoot, and the added element of a Dynamic Fit collar hugs players in, locking them down in the boot.

The idea of Flyknit and the Dynamic Fit collar became obvious when we began testing our first prototypes — it was a new experience. It’s like wearing a glove. A glove starts at the wrist, not halfway up the hand.  You need that transition so you don’t disrupt your body’s natural movement. – Phil McCartney, VP of Sport Performance Footwear

As Nike’s design team worked to perfect the collar height, they found through player feedback that the Dynamic Fit collar not only provided a more locked-down fit, but that players also felt more confident and more aware of their movements. To provide additional strength and lock-down for multi-directional movement, designers added Brio cables. These cables are knitted directly into the one-piece upper and lock the eyelet into the outsole, creating strength similar to a suspension bridge.

Nike Magista Flyknit


For consistent contact and increased control, the Magista features a 3D-knit textured upper. The Magista player needs a more aggressive texture to create friction on the ball for accurate dribbling and striking.

Previous construction methods required added layers to the top of the boot to get this friction, ultimately moving the foot further from the ball, but Nike Flyknit allows us to knit texture directly into the boot. 3D knit is new for Nike and for football, and hundreds of revisions were required to get this 3D pattern exactly right. The result of all this work is great ball feel in a minimal package.  – Phil McCartney, VP of Sport Performance Footwear

To protect the foot from water and cold, Nike’s design team developed a special application of NIKESKIN placed over top the Flyknit. The skin is less than 0.1 mm thick — thinner than a sheet of paper — and melts onto the knit to help protect from water that provide protection.

Nike Magista Soleplate

Nike Magista Traction


The Magista player stops, decelerates and moves in multiple directions while controlling the ball. For this player, Nike added 360° rotational traction through conical studs and a Pebax-and-nylon plate to improve traction.

Compressed nylon offers a highly responsive plate that delivers strength while remaining incredibly light. Combined with Pebax, the structure allows for flex and increased movement with the foot while eliminating mechanical flex (an area where the boot always flexes in the same spot).

Nylon extends to the big toe and acts as a chassis to help players plant and then spring off the ground for more explosive speed. Nike also removed the insole board to place the player closer to the ground for a better center of gravity and enhanced traction. Finally, the entirely conical stud configuration is unique to the Magista, enabling 360° rotation.

There you have the initial release details on the new Magista – but now we want to know what your thoughts are on the innovative boot and if they are the sort of boots you could see yourself wearing. Let us know down below.

We will have further retail details as they become available.

Just one final note on this one – Anyone notice how different these boots actually are to the smooth “leaked” images circulating around the internet? They were all obvious fakes, featuring none of the technology found in the released boot. Sometimes it pays to wait until release to see the real deal and savor the surprise.

Luiz with Magista

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  1. Can you tell us how much this weighs?

  2. Going to be interesting the price points and the durability of these shoes has me worried

  3. Very interesting! So curious to know more about these. I actually am intrigued by the high collar but have a lot of questions. How well will they breathe [or get SUPER stinky], will there be much protection? Seems like your foot would get destroyed if stomped on or anything. I'm guessing these will be $$$ so how much of the technology and benefit will actually trickle down to the mid and lower tier releases of this silo?

  4. David Luiz a playmaker?

  5. Why would they drop the CTR for this? So if you’re a pro signed with Nike and you want protection its the Legend or nothing?

  6. UA tried something similar, but not exactly the same thing, with their 10k Force Pro several years ago. The ankle area featured a stretchy material with the idea that when you pull the laces, it’s supposed to lock your ankle down for better comfort and stability.

    Obviously, Nike’s approach is different with it being much higher cut, but I’m guessing the idea is the same.

  7. David Luiz is a playa.

  8. This particular model will cost $300, while the standard high end boot will only cost $220 because it doesn't have the flyknit in it.

  9. What happens if someone top cleats your foot? Regular shoes offer little protection as is. With a pro soft ground cleat I would think you'd stand a pretty good chance of injury.

  10. Like the concept, but obviously for dry weather and turf play.

  11. vorrei sapere se ne fanno anche per il calcetto

  12. I don't agree with taking out the CTR 360. The durability of this cleat and the fact that both adidas and nike are moving to a full all knit cleat. I'm pretty sure the pros will be wear a new pair every few weeks.

    • I'm curious if Nike is going to add the high neck to all of the cleats. The leak of the new superfly has the same look.

  13. I'm too much of a traditional player, never liked and believed in gimmick boots. These are way over the top in boot fantasy land

  14. What happens when the "sock" gets dirty

  15. When will they be out for people to buy?

  16. Will there be another superfly?

  17. Big question for this and the Primeknit,

    How on earth do you clean these?!?

  18. Look guys i have these magista right now and guess what i feel as if these are better than mercurial vapor 10 in all perspectives and yes i mercurial 10 and magista and superfly 4 (10 pieces of all) read the above coment of mine

  19. I'll have a pair

  20. I hope you guys are testing these when they come out! I would like to see a durability test!

  21. How much does it cost??

  22. ill take one

  23. This is so funny, nike makes it seem like these boots give you special powers. This boot seems very expensive I laugh when people boots expensive boots they think they'll be much better.

    • it actually is the snug feeling it has on your feel makes your touch WAY MORE better than any other cleats, the feelings with the ball at your feet with them on makes your confidence with the feelings go up

  24. I don't think these will break like the Hypervenoms – in some pictures you can see a reinforcement band sealing the soleplate to the upper, similar to the what we saw on the now old Adidas f50 adizero micoach 2.

  25. This is the evolution of the HYPERVENOM. I am disappointed in Nike that they discontinued a boot so popular with players and pros (and the concept was unique too) My predictions? We have about 2 years of the dynamic fit system until Nike scraps it.

  26. Are there going to be indoors for the the magista?

  27. when can you buy them

  28. can u tell us how much it is going to cost plz

  29. Carley Yarbrough

    Where can you find the new Magista Cleats?

  30. Please say these will be available in a junior size as I'm a 37.5 or uk. 4.5

  31. i play for Bournemouth academy and i have to were plain black so if u could make them in plain black because i would love to get them

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  37. When do the black magistas come out?

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