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Adidas adiPure 11Pro – Carnaval Edition

Adidas adiPure 11Pro Carnaval

With all the craziness of all-in-one boot/sock combo releases over the past few days, it wouldn’t be surprising if many of you forgot about the incredibly vibrant Carnaval Pack that was released earlier this week.

From the four boots, we wanted to highlight the adiPure 11pro first, seeing as they are the one boot so many of you have questions about. Each boot in the range features a very distinctive reflective treatment on the surface of the boots, with the overall design mimicking the flutter effect you see from Carnaval confetti. Think of those colored pieces of tape that fly through the air and catch the light. The artsy feather design on the heel of each cleat takes reference from the famous Carnaval costumes and completes each Brazilian inspired design.

Carnaval adiPure 11Pro

Carnaval adiPure Forefoot

Carnaval adiPure Tongue

But as part of creating that effect, adidas has switched the upper material used in the boot. On the regular adiPure 11pro, adidas use a Taurus leather, where as on this one-off release they use a lightweight Teijin material. The end result is a boot that offers a very, very different type of performance. It is the soft leather and full bodied stitch job that makes the adiPure what it is, so producing a smooth upper with none of that stitching is going to make things very much altered.

Then there is the soleplate, with a new Comfort Frame being utilized. In the words of Adidas, it is an all new outsole with comfort frame for better pressure distribution, and a smaller, more concentrated stud configuration for maximum grip and acceleration on natural firm grounds.

Carnaval adiPure 11Pro Upper

Carnaval adiPure One-Off Release

Carnaval adiPure Soleplate

Ultimately, the modified end result is a boot that doesn’t fall into its regular heritage category. With a lighter weight point and that synthetic upper, it makes for more of a hybrid. Again, it is a one-off, limited edition style release that is intended to be very unique. You can’t argue with the fact that adidas has got the whole Brazilian Samba style right, even if it looks slightly flashier than most players are used to!

Interestingly, have a version of the boot listed that features some stitching on the forefoot. We are not sure what that is about, but it is where you can find a pair!

Carnaval adiPure Feather

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  1. the enforcer 89

    The one selling at is the newly released sl version.

    • That wouldn't make sense – they are listed as the same weight and an SL version would be much more expensive.

      • the enforcer 89

        However, in the description, they name them as the SLs. But, the new SLs have a quilted stitching, and the F50 frame, not the comfort frame which those shoes do not have. It just looks like a great big mess up from adidas to me!

    • I think those are rendered version which have been leaked before the launch, not an actual boots.
      Just take a closer look, it is an animated picture not a photographed picture of an actual pair of boots.

    • YouGotzeBeKiddingMe

      The soleplate isn't an f50 one

  2. I love these cleats more than any in recent memory but now need a pair to play on turf. Should I go with adidas mundial team turf, or are there any alternatives?

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