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World Cup Boot Recap Day 5 – Fiesta in Group G


Group G is the main headliner today, and also a showing of the underdogs of the top heavy Group F. While the only group F match resulted in no goals, the other two games tallied at 7. Both matches proved to be very entertaining as there was no shortage of action. Germany lead the the way with a 4-0 win over a short sided Portugal squad and the USMNT squeaked by with a last minute goal against Ghana, taking a solid and vitally important 2-1 win.

Here is the break down in our 5th installment of the World Cup Boot Recap.


Muller and an adiZero hattrick

For those who don’t remember, Mr. Muller here won the golden boot in the last World cup and he is obviously aiming for a repeat. Sporting the Battle Pack adiZero, he notched a hattrick for the Germans against a rough-and-tumble 10 man Portugal squad. To further add to the tally, Hummels headed one in in style. Things were made easy for the German side after Pepe was red carded for a dumb-witted headbutt (note to up and coming stars: headbutting is bad!!)


6th fastest World Cup goal and a debut header for USA

This was by far the match of the day, but not that the Portugal vs Germany match wasn’t a good one. The USA battled to keep their 1-0 lead after Dempsey’s thirty second goal, which he put in with his trusty Hypervenom. The USMNT held that lead until the game was tied up by Andre Ayew in his shiny World Cup Tiempo at the 82′ mark. That lead didn’t last long as John Brooks headed in a goal at the 86′ mark. John Brooks just attained legendary status in the ranks of USMNT soccer history with that header! The last 10 minutes were nerve wracking to say the least!

cr7 and gotze

The Case of Kroos’ Boots, Ronaldo’s choice, Black out world cup

An honorable mention goes to Kroos’ continued use of the adiPure IV, which adidas expertly disguised as the White/Blue 11Pro. He nailed in the corner that was headed in by Hummels, so he put them to effective use!

During the match Ronaldo had his moments (nothing Ballon d’Or worthy) but failed to do anything for his 10 man squad. It also looks like he was sporting an all new custom pair of “Vapor X Superfly”. Yes, CR7 had his own unique modified pair of what looked like normal cut Superfly and a personally tailored pair of socks.

CR7 Boots

Iran and Nigeria Play Out A…..Zzzzzzzzz

Anyone know the final score of the Iran vs Nigeria game? I took a little snooze through it. The only thing worth mentioning from the 0-0 bore was the Iran keeper had a blacked out pair of Adidas World cups.

jozy ouch

A day for injuries

The injury count today was also pretty high, if I recall correctly there were at least 7 injuries between the Group G teams that played today. Hamstring from Jozy Altidore, a Knee injury from Hummels, Coentrao had a groin pull by the looks of it, and Almeida looks like he had a hamstring injury as well. Not to mention Dempsey’s broken nose, Matt Besler with another potential hamstring injury, Bedoya also looks to have tweaked something.

What impact this will have on the future of group G? We shall find out, but that is more than enough injuries for me.

It was a semi busy day with a total of 7 goals between the three match ups. The tally goes like this, three adiZero goals, two Tiempo (one off of a header), one Instinct header and one Hypervenom goal. So quite the productive day for the adizero, thank you Mueller. Now today all the goals were scored in World Cup Colorways so that wasn’t hard to keep track of.

Adidas adiZero F50: 12 goals, -1 own goal (2 headers)
Mercurial Superfly:
 8 goals (3 headers)
Adidas Predator Instinct: 6 goals (1 header)
Nike Hypervenom Phantom: 4 goals
Puma evoPOWER: 2 goals (1 header)
Nike Tiempo Legend: 2 goal, -2 own goals (1 header)
Warrior Superheat: 1 goal (1 header)
Mizuno Wave Ignitus: 1 goal
Nike Vapor X: 1 goal (1 header)
Puma evoSPEED: 1 goal

What are your thoughts on day 5? Anything we missed? Hit us up on facebook or twitter and let us know!

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