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World Cup Boot Recap Day 15 – U.S. Win By Losing

It has been fifteen days since Brazil first kicked off against Croatia, but it may feel like ages ago. If you were one of the dedicated fans who watched every game, that would mean that you sat through 48 group matches. Obviously we have seen both fantastic heart pumping games …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 14 – Messi Hits Top Stride

Messi Scores vs Nigeria

With only a few games left to play in group stages, we are now starting to see what the second round match-ups will be and things start to get ever more exciting. Yesterday was all about the ever controversial Luis Suarez, but today was all about the maestro – Lionel Messi. …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 13 – Greeks Shock the World

With day 13 complete, we’re one step closer to seeing the full picture for the next round of the World Cup. As we’ve become accustom to, there was no shortage of story lines in a couple of must-win matches. Between the late drama that saw Greece through, and the bite …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 12 – David Villa Bows Out as Predator Has a BIG Day

Day 12 brings us our first spin at finishing off the group stages. Group’s A and B saw their final matches, and some furious multitasking was par for the course. Despite Group B being pretty much done and dusted there were a couple of treats still in store as Chile …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 11 – Life in the Group of Death

Day eleven has concluded in Brazil, and that means that every team has played twice. At this point in the World Cup, matches in groups will be played concurrently to avoid any questionable actions or deals between teams. This means that the avid fan will have to multitask and keep …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 10 – Messi, Brothers and More Teams Eliminated

Boateng Brothers

As we approach the end of the second round of group stage matches, groups are starting to pan out and teams are starting to go home. Spain and England are two of the major initial casualties with Costa Rica proving pre-tournament rankings can sometimes motivate teams to pull off huge …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 9 – Five Star France

Day 9 of the World Cup treated us to a fiesta of goals and three absolutely cracking matches. From Italy and Costa Rica in the opener right through to Ecuador and Honduras in today’s finale. There’s quite a few pairs to cover in today’s edition of the World Cup Boot Recap, so …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 8 – Adizero Brace Sinks England

This World Cup is lining up to be one of the more exciting tournaments that I have witnessed. With the defending champions, Spain, already out, another force is facing elimination already on Day 8. England played to a 2-1 loss against Uruguay and will officially be eliminated if Costa Rica …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 7 – The Champs are Out

For the first time this world cup we were treated to a couple of elimination games even before the group stage was completed. If you had told any serious fan that Spain would be the first team eliminated in 2014, they surely would have replied with “no es posible” or …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 6 – The Keeper Who Stole The Show

It’s almost hard to believe we’re at Day 6 of the World Cup. We’ve been treated to some outstanding performances (US readers know what I’m talking about, hopefully you all woke up safely this morning after your party last night) and some incredible goals thus far. If you were lucky …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 5 – Fiesta in Group G

Group G is the main headliner today, and also a showing of the underdogs of the top heavy Group F. While the only group F match resulted in no goals, the other two games tallied at 7. Both matches proved to be very entertaining as there was no shortage of …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 4 – What Did We Do Before Goal Line Technology?

Benzema Goal Line Tech

Can you believe we are already through 4 game days of World Cup action already? It is officially going too fast, probably because of the goal fest we have been treated to. Already there have been a whopping 37 goals scored in 11 games, for an average of 3.3 per game. …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 3 – Costa Rica Superflies to Upset

Here we are, three days complete, and only three heart attacks for those trying to correctly predict every scoreline. The main storyline of the day saw the under appreciated Costa Rican “los ticos” take out a Suarez-less Uruguayan squad. The Lotto sponsored squad pulled off what is surely the shock …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 2 – Smaller Brands Take The Stage

Wow, what a day! We have officially concluded Day 2 of the biggest tournament in the World, and boy has it been a good one so far. Three games were played on what seemed to be a rainy day in Brazil, and many boots were on show. In fact, it …

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