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Has Adidas Actually Won the World Cup?

With this Sunday being the final of the World Cup I’ve been thinking a little bit. While we all know that the World Cup is contested between 32 countries and gets whittled down until much like Highlander, there can be only one! However, is it just countries who contest the …

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Germany Lays Brazil to Rest

Brazil came out of the tunnel looking wounded but fierce. An injured Neymar and suspended Thiago Silva left Brazil missing both a key striker and defender. Belting out their national anthem, Neymars Jersey proudly on display, Brazil looked intimidating indeed. Determined, driven, and hungry would be the best way to describe …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 14 – Messi Hits Top Stride

Messi Scores vs Nigeria

With only a few games left to play in group stages, we are now starting to see what the second round match-ups will be and things start to get ever more exciting. Yesterday was all about the ever controversial Luis Suarez, but today was all about the maestro – Lionel Messi. …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 10 – Messi, Brothers and More Teams Eliminated

Boateng Brothers

As we approach the end of the second round of group stage matches, groups are starting to pan out and teams are starting to go home. Spain and England are two of the major initial casualties with Costa Rica proving pre-tournament rankings can sometimes motivate teams to pull off huge …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 7 – The Champs are Out

For the first time this world cup we were treated to a couple of elimination games even before the group stage was completed. If you had told any serious fan that Spain would be the first team eliminated in 2014, they surely would have replied with “no es posible” or …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 6 – The Keeper Who Stole The Show

It’s almost hard to believe we’re at Day 6 of the World Cup. We’ve been treated to some outstanding performances (US readers know what I’m talking about, hopefully you all woke up safely this morning after your party last night) and some incredible goals thus far. If you were lucky …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 5 – Fiesta in Group G

Group G is the main headliner today, and also a showing of the underdogs of the top heavy Group F. While the only group F match resulted in no goals, the other two games tallied at 7. Both matches proved to be very entertaining as there was no shortage of …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 4 – What Did We Do Before Goal Line Technology?

Benzema Goal Line Tech

Can you believe we are already through 4 game days of World Cup action already? It is officially going too fast, probably because of the goal fest we have been treated to. Already there have been a whopping 37 goals scored in 11 games, for an average of 3.3 per game. …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 3 – Costa Rica Superflies to Upset

Here we are, three days complete, and only three heart attacks for those trying to correctly predict every scoreline. The main storyline of the day saw the under appreciated Costa Rican “los ticos” take out a Suarez-less Uruguayan squad. The Lotto sponsored squad pulled off what is surely the shock …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 1 – Hypervenom Steals the Show

Good evening (unless you’re reading this Monday morning, in which case, Good Morning put the kettle on would ya) and welcome to the first edition of the World Cup Boot Recap. Your one stop shop for the skinny on what boot is making a splash at in the humid climes …

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The Linesmen – World Cup Lead Up

So Yesterday was the first day of the World Cup and the Croatia Brazil match up was quite a good way to kick it off. There were lots of twists and turns to the match, but here we will be looking at the twists and turns that took place leading …

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Everything You Need to Know About the Adidas Battle Pack

Battle Pack - All Five Boots

Finally, it has arrived – the 2014 World Cup in Brazil has officially kicked-off and not a minute too soon. Other than the fact we get to see the best players in the world in action, competing at the highest level, we also get to do plenty of high profile …

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Team SC101 Handicaps the World Cup: Favourites, Surprises, and Flops

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last, oh, let’s conservatively say 7 years, you’d know that the 2014 World Cup in upon us. If you have been living under a rock please get to me in the comments and let me know what it’s like, I’ve often …

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Umbro GeoFlare Gets A New World Cup Colorway

World Cup GeoFlare

Not a boot we have covered much since their release last July, but an ultra fresh version of the Umbro GeoFlare has been released to coincide with the kick-off of the World Cup –  Chile international, Maurico Pinilla, will be the player to spot wearing them. From a performance perspective, there is an …

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