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How to Lock Your Ankle Down – The Perfect Dynamic Lacing System!

Dynamic Lacing on the 11Pro

It is a Saturday morning and you are lacing your boots up for a game. Most players will simply do it without thinking, tying them up in the same fashion they have all through their career. But what if there was a way to lace up that makes the fit even more dynamic? What if one simple switch could make the boots fit more in tune with your foot?

If you are a player that wants to change things up and try something new, check the images below and make the simple switch across the top lace eyelets. This dynamic system is key for players that want to avoid heel slipping. By securing the top level of the lacing system, you are essentially locking your foot in place right around the ankle lining. It is a simple change that for some players can make a big difference performance wise!

To make it happen, follow these steps and use the images as a guide.

  1. Remove the lace from the top hole on each side.
  2. Re-route the lace back through the top hole on the same side. So, it comes out and goes back in on the same side.
  3. Leave a loop on each side, then cross the laces to the opposite side of the boot.
  4. Place them through the loops and begin to tighten them up.
  5. Tie your laces, allowing the loop to pull tight against the boot.

This style should work on most boots, except for those with a mid-cut collar (for obvious reasons!) If you decide to test it out on your boots, let us know in the comments what you think of the feel and fit, which pair you tried it on. and if it is something you would recommend to other players.

11Pro SL Dynamic Lace (a)

11Pro SL Dynamic Lace (b)

11Pro SL Dynamic Lace (c)

11Pro SL Dynamic Lace (d)

Side note: the boot used in this example is the limited edition 11Pro SL. We had the opportunity to wear them and they worked out very well. Performance wise, they provide comfort and an exceptional lightweight feel. Basically, they existed as a trimmed down version of the 11Pro series. As much as I enjoyed them, I’d definitely recommend the 11Pro as a better boot and a MUST check out. Adidas is currently removing them from market, so opportunities to own a pair are disappearing.

In fact, with the introduction of more mid cut collar boots and laceless styles, there are less opportunities to implement this lacing style. But there are still plenty of options out there where you can take advantage of the style. Check out all the latest boot releases available at

11Pro SL Dynamic Lace (e)

11Pro SL Dynamic Lace (f)

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  1. This is almost correct, however, you should pull the laces outward to tighten the lock before tying. Notice in the picture, the loops are pulled out and extended. When done correctly, the loop should be pulled snug against the shoe. Otherwise, this is a great tip.

  2. This is a great one, I tried and definitely felt the diference right away.

    I also tried,just for the sake of it, doing all the eyelets the same way, but the pull is not even, because the tension goes diagonally in the inner eyelets and in the final one is more straight.

    Thanks for the tip Bryan!

  3. How would you do it on the superflys, because I can't found out how

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  5. why are my laces getting smaller after every hole when i do this?

  6. does this lacing method work on boots like the nemeziz?

  7. Anybody else get mad when on the last picture the one lace comes out more and the other looks like it’s going to get undone?

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