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Up Close – What Made the Limited Edition Adidas 11Pro SL Special?

11Pro SL Review

It only seems like a day ago that we talked about the release of the Adidas 11Pro SL. In fact, it was only 5 months ago. But, the super lightweight release has already passed its expiry date as adidas look to revolutionize their boot offering.

That being said, there are still pairs of this modern-age comfort silo available and for some, the opportunity to pick up a pair before they disappear might be extremely tempting. We snagged a pair a few months back, and now seems like the most appropriate time to give you a rundown of what they have on offer.

If you want a pair, find remaining pairs available at Soccer.com.

11Pro SL Lacing

So, what is it about these boots that sets them apart and makes them purchase ready? It starts with the upper, which is constructed of a Hybridtouch material that has a tough, rugged visual appearance. You can see how it has a sort of honeycomb style appearance with raised ridges lining the forefoot. To the touch, it provides a conformed padded feel that is ideal for striking shots. Even so, it maintains a soft touch right through wear in what is a minimal weight package. What the extra definition is going to improve is control; offering a little more surface area to impact the ball.

There are some obvious differences that differentiate these from the 11Pro. The most obvious is the fact that adidas has stripped the upper from this version to expose that structural system and dramatically drop the overall weight of this boot down to 6.3oz. As a result, you lose that natural leather feel of the upper, as it is replaced by a more microfiber style material. That is definitely worth taking into consideration if you like something that is more natural and a true heritage boot.

11Pro SL Upper Texture

Adidas 11Pro SL Dual Colorway

Then there is that obvious two tone design that totally defines the 11pro range. Given that this was the only colorway released in the 11Pro SL series, it makes it just that little more exclusive. The colorway is listed as a Dark grey/Solar Yellow and it provides some series contrast from different angles. If you want to keep things serious, then keep players looking at the outside of your boots. But if you like a little bit of style, some finesse, maybe you have a hidden party side, then get on the ball and let the bright inner lining impact your opponents in the most deadly fashion! It is a very clean design that you will feel confident wearing.

It is also important to note that the 11Pro series was seen to be a heritage release, built with the best ideals of comfort and performance. Even with a direct focus on “lightweight”, adidas has not left anything to chance with this SL version. Their is still a large focus on ensuring players are comfortable right through a 90 minute game and that is key to the why I’d recommend this boot. Inside, you get a suede lining and a memory foam styled padded insole that provides an extra level of security most players will appreciate.

11Pro SL Heel Logo

11Pro SL Inner Lining


11Pro SL Soleplate

adidas 11Pro SL

But, you do have to remember that this range has been retired, and pairs are now scarce. Does the retirement of the range represent negatively on what they have to offer? Personally, I don’t think so. This is a case where the boot was released at the most inopportune moment. Adidas was never going to announce in January that their entire line-up of boots was going to be replaced come summer – how ludicrous would that have sounded! In another time, these boots could easily have provided a perfect base for players to place their trust, but it just wasn’t to be.

What was and is your current take on the 11Pro SL? Do you want to still want the opportunity to have access to these boots? Or are they a release that won’t be missed all that much? Let us know in the comments!

The opportunity to own a pair is there – if you want it, find pairs available at Soccer.com.

Adidas 11Pro SL Profile

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  1. Really don’t care for the boots, but I do love articles like this it’s what makes the site so unique and different. I for one love a change in direction from time to time. Keep up the good work Bryan.

  2. Are they sold out already? Where can I find a pair?

  3. I would go for the full 11Pro, as this boot silo is all about comfort and as an SL release, some comfort is always going to be compromised.

    • Agree, the regular 11Pro could easily have been released as their top tier premium model. This is a step below it.

  4. Will these be durable enough for a full season, or would the magista opus be abetter option

  5. Anyone know whether these boots are still available online? Thanks

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