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Up Close – Nike Hypervenom Phantom “Radiant Reveal”

Nike Radiant Reveal Pack Hypervenom

The latest pack released from Nike focuses on summer colors, allowing players to shine as nights get brighter and there are more hours to play. As part of the new Radiant Reveal Pack, the Hypervenom Phantom is a boot that stands out immediately. Featuring a clean white upper base and a rainbow pattern along the side of the boot, these are intended to shine in all conditions.

First impression, these boots are a lot better looking in person than expected. There is a serious amount of visual pop across the lateral side, as the white upper clashes with a rainbow style “mixed yellow-through-orange-through-pink” side panel palette.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom Radiant Reveal

Radiant Reveal Hypervenom Phantom

Radiant Reveal Nike Hypervenom

Along with the tagline “Deceptive by Nature“, Nike introduced the second generation Hypervenom last June. This version features a much more specific purpose, with a plethora of dynamic pieces to improve performance for attack minded players. For example, Nike decided to provide a sense of enhanced fit and support around the ankle line of the Hypervenom II with the inclusion of a mid-cut collar. Nike Flywire was then added through the upper in an effort to secure the foot down against the soleplate. The concept is simple;  provide a locked down feel while ensuring your foot moves symbiotically with the boot.

Across the upper, definition is extremely evident as cross tailored lines allow the material and its structure to move more in unison with your movements. It is almost like strips of paper mache layered in an obscure pattern without reason. But it does serve a purpose, with better fit and a more responsive feel on the ball.

Nike has also transitioned to an off center heel cut on the mid-cut collar as opposed to the straight line cut found on the Superfly and Magista Obra. The purpose of this asymmetric cut is to free any tension on the Achilles tendon. We all have different experiences with a boot, but this was an area I didn’t enjoy quite as much due to fact it caused “tiredness” through the region.

Radiant Reveal Hypervenom Upper

Radiant Reveal Hypervenom Upper Detailing

Radiant Reveal Hypervenom Phantom Upper Design

Radiant Reveal Hypervenom Soleplate

Everything about these boots is geared toward attack natured players, those that like to make quick turns and use reactionary movement as part of their game. As a result, the soleplate of Hypervenom II is comprised of a softer compound than the original for added comfort. The split-toe design and agility traction pattern unleash a quick response for sudden changes of direction.

In terms of appearance, it is the sole where things get really wild visually, and although it is not a feature prominently noticed as you play, it is always nice to offer the defender chasing you something to look at! It is all about the wild color effect that seems to run through the colors of the rainbow. Coupled with the same black broken glass graphic we have seen through the Hypervenom II series and it offers a wild visual. The latter does come with a warning from Nike, as the black graphic aesthetic element will wear off during play, without affecting performance of course.

Along with the Hypervenom Phantom, you can find the “Radiant Reveal” Phinish, Phatal and Phelon available at

Radiant Reveal Nike

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