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Nike Magista Obra – A Prototype Story

Nike Magista Reaction

The release of the Nike Magista Obra gave boot fans a bit of a shock when it was unveiled last month. The idea of a support collar was something I and many others would never have imagined. As is always the case with something so revolutionary, Nike had been working on the boot for over 4 years, and spent countless amounts of time perfecting the idea that would go on to become the Magista.

One side of the boot world that is not always exposed to fans is the idea of prototypes that are created, but remain in house for testing and improvement. Fortunately, we’ve gotten our hands on some pictures of that exact thing for the revolutionary Nike Magista. Take a look at the pictures below, where they appear in order from earliest prototype to final release!


While I have no confirmation this was the very first prototype, it came very early in a process that involved over 140 different prototype boots. Two things to take away from this version are the external heel counter, and the dimpled upper, which made it all the way to the final cut.


This version has evolved from the previous shoe in that it now features the ankle collar! It looks a bit separated from the shoe here, so it was definitely improved before the final release.


Finally we are able to see some Nike branding on this concept, as well as a more substantial ankle collar. According to Nike, the goal of the collar was to “make players feel more confident and more aware of their movements.”


This picture is a great look into testing because the user is obviously wearing two different prototypes in an attempt to judge them against each other. How great would it be to have that job?


On this prototype we are able to see a bit of the final color that would splash on to the final Magista release. The addition of a bit more black to the final colorway would have been great in my opinion.


This looks to be some real experimentation with the flyknit upper. The top of this prototype looks to essentially be that of a Nike running shoe made of the with the flyknit process.


Just about to the final product, this prototype is essentially a colorless version of the final Magista product. It does look very similar to the upcoming black colorways of the Magista.


And finally we’ve got the boot as it was released! For those that want to know more about how they perform, we have a Nike Magista Obra Review available to check out.

The Nike Magista is available from right now.

What are your thoughts on this process  and the series of prototypes Nike created? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or you can always find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Images via Magista Facebook

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