Friday , March 31 2023

Adidas Dish Out New Pink F50 adizero

F50 adizero Pink

Not exactly a full pink release, but the Adidas F50 adizero has been released in a Lightning White/Black/Radiant Pink colorway that I know is going to appeal to a lot of players out there! After the huge success of the Nike Vapor IV Berry, I am consistently waiting for the big guns to bring out further releases in similar colors. Other than the recently released Cyan version of the F50 adizero that featured pink studs, we really haven’t seen Adidas take this approach.

The adizero is a great boot in my opinion, and they rate amongst the best boots I have reviewed. Opinions of these are likely to go both ways, some people will love them while others will stay well clear. I actually think they look pretty good! The pink compliments the boot and offers a unique look. In saying that, I will not be buying a pair and you are unlikely to see me wearing these! Not my style to be honest. The primary color of the boot is white, with the actual pink color seen in several places including the tongue and laces, where the bulk of the pink, while the studs and the actual F50 writing that sits on the strike zone is also colored in the bright color. Big question is, will you be wearing them?

Adidas adizero

Pink Adidas adizero

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  1. I won't. I'm waiting for adidas to repeat Messi's white/gold F50i's colorway on the adizeros. White leather adizeros will be worth the wait!

  2. Nope, not a big fan of pink cleats for men. Girls yes, guys no

  3. Yeeah, definitely buying them, however, i haven’t dec¡ded whether i will buy the FG’s or the SG’s.

  4. Order 1/2 (.5) size down from your normal size. Highly recommended if you want snug / tighter fit & feel.

  5. @ NP9

    buy fg anday better

  6. i bought these cleats, the first day of playing with them, the front 2 studs broke off the cleats. did it happen to anyone??

  7. are you going to do a review on the f30 adizeros????

  8. very ight boots i strongly recommend buyign them. they make u quicker and also gave me a great control on the ball. they r also very strong and not easy to break so u will have NO problem wiht these cleats! =)

  9. there perfect for guys they improved how i played the first game i played it them i scored 4 goals because i wuz very quick

  10. Just bought them ten minutes ago. They are SIIIIIICK!!!

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