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Cyan Adidas F50 adizero Released

Adidas F50 Adizero Cyan WhiteYou only have to take one look at this new Adidas F50 adizero colorway to know it will appeal to a very specific portion of the market! The fashion conscious. Kidding. The official color is Cyan/White/Ultra Beauty and this things will definitely stand out on the field. The whole boot oozes flash, with the main cyan color giving the boot some extreme pop. Add to this the almost baby pink studs and players running behind you will really see you go.

Lately, we have been seeing some crazy color releases. The Chameleon version of the F50 adizero, which Lionel Messi is currently wearing at the World Cup, is just one of a selection of stand out boots to choose one. The popularity of the Nike Vapor Mercurial Berry was really the beginning of what has been a steady trend. And just like the Vapor Berry’s, these also sport a unique Ultra Beauty (what can be defined as a cross between Pink and purple) color on the studs.

Adidas Adizero Cyan WhiteThe fact that these are the lightest soccer cleats on the market will also make them extremely popular to a mass audience. Adidas have broke down the barriers by creating a boot that weighs an incredible 5.8oz while maintaining a high level of comfort as I found out during testing. This release comes in a Synthetic version meaning you get the added bonus of Grip’n Groove technology across the surface of the boot, added to improve control.

Personally, I can see these selling really well although they are not my preferred color release in the range. These would go great with something like an Argentina or even the US kit. Watch out for more players wearing them in the coming weeks!

Adidas adizero

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  1. Serginho Bertoli - B

    I tihink this colors of new boots of diferent brands, in my point of view, are ridiculous… I never would buy a pair of boots like "cian", "berry" or "peache"… The simplicity, to me, is what atract me to buy my soccer cleats… I`m offen using a pair of Puma v1.08 Firm Ground and v5.08 Turf, booth in blue and white… Congratulations for the blog, i'm always reading the posts and i like the way that you write them…

    P.S.: sorry the bad english… 😉

  2. Amen to that, Serginho!

    Players should just wear simple black cleats and let their game do the talking!

  3. Bryan- do you think the synthetic upper would be a better choice for synthetic turf? the leather doesnt look to durable.

  4. Hey Dermot,

    For turf I feel that the synthetic would be a more durable solution. The leather also has suitable durability properties, but the synthetic would have a better life on the artificial surface.

  5. they should come out with red and black adizeros they would be so EPIC and i would buy them the second they came out

  6. I agree with Aaron. Black and red adizeros would look really cool.

  7. I disagree with Nate adizeros wouldnt be cool. They'd be more than cool they would be sicknasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. All the reviews are great! one question… which one has more traxion on the ball. the synthetic has the new "grain" material and the leather has natural traxion…

  9. Hey Austin,
    Both have properties that make them suitable for players looking for improved touch and control, it all just depends on the player and their style. I would advise going for the boot that suits you better as it is more likely to work better for you.

  10. It is ADIDAS' turn to come out with black and red adizeros it would be a perfect comeback for the black and red Elite Series T90'S. When i first saw the T90's my first thought was Sicknasty then i saw the price. So now Adidas must answer back with the reasonbly priced ($200) SEA OF BLOOD Adizeros

  11. Hey Bryan do the leather version adizero's have good quality, would you say they'll have a long life

  12. Gurshawn,

    I personally preferred the leather version of the adizero. The quality is good, probably not as good as a K-Leather but it still offers great value.

  13. Order 1/2 (.5) size down from your regular size.

  14. Heyy i am now wearing the ctr 360s and they are the best cleat i have ever had. I play somewhat of a attacking left back, and i take all of the freekicks. Would these boots be good for me or should i get another pair of ctr 360s?

  15. JG, these would be a suitable option for a defender who likes to attack, they are light weight so very suitable for wingers! As a defender one thing you might want to consider is that these won't offer much protection (especially if you get stuck in on tackles!)

  16. I agree with Aaron red and black Adizeros would be amazing. Great colors together. Really need to make some adizeros in red and black. I would buy them in a heart beat.

  17. Yea I would by red and black adizeros in a heartbeat even though i already have the purple ones. n a heart beat

  18. i wuld buy them just 2 get one of my friends jelous and mad

  19. I am guessing DB and T-dog know each other!!

    Also, are you looking for something like this or the opposite way around?

  20. yeah bryan thats what i want but i dont think the mi adidas red is a true red i want PRED RED put on the adizeros

  21. and red studs ! the pink just throws it all off.

  22. Would these cleats be alright for a defender?

  23. yeah jake is right Pred Red studs

  24. FootballFanatic

    Do you think the synthetic versions would be good on artificial turf? Would the outsoles come apart from the cleats themselves quickly? I have 2 training sessions a week on AT and I don't want to waste my money for them not to last a decent amount of time. THANKS!!

  25. FootballFanatic,

    They are not designed for AT but I have worn them on the surface for a few weeks with no problems. As always, people can experience different reactions, but I think they are ok on AT.

  26. Question: Why do these say MACH 4 pn the tongue, and f50 on the side where adizero usually is? Just curious

  27. is the synthetic adizero make your touch worst while playing in the rain ?

  28. i play on mostly turf and i play a more attacking center mid, would you suggest synthetic or leather adizeros. or a different boot?

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