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Nike Mercurial Vapor Berry Still Available!

Buy Nike Mercurial Vapor BerryIt’s true! The ever popular, top selling, extremely funky looking Nike Mercurial Vapor Berry(or as it really is, ‘Pink’) is still available to buy at one online store….eBay! Yes that’s right, eBay. We get daily requests on how to get a pair of the impossible to get cleats and we redirect our request to one page.
Check out the listings on eBay!

The Nike Vapor IV Berry was released as a limited edition cleat during the 2008 Christmas season and quickly became a top seller, with a much higher demand than supply! Over the past few months there have been days when only one pair is available on eBay, and days when there are several. As of today(Aug 25th) there are 4 pairs available at varying prices. One thing to note is that the prices can get pretty high, although if you really want to get your hands on one of the last remaining pair of the limited edition Vapor Berry’s it is well worth it! So, what are you waiting for, check them out and get bidding now! Also, If you do purchase (or have purchased these cleats on eBay) please, please leave a message/comment telling us about your experience and help others who are thinking about getting a pair to decide!
*Please note that even though we have passed on several friends to eBay who have had excellent experiences buying the cleats, we can not guarantee anything about eBay transactions.

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Nike Mercurial Vapor IV Berry

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  1. Hey, so I finally got a pair, cost $350 but I outbid a ton of people and now got myself a pair! By the way, i love them. They are perfect!

  2. Dude, there are two pairs available at like $300, are there any cheaper or do I have to pay that much?

  3. Hey Terry,

    The only place left to find pairs is on eBay. They can get upto the $300 mark, but that is the best offer you will find. If anyone else had found a better price let us know!

  4. OMG I am soooooo lovin the MV Berry!!!!!!!!! I wannnnnttt!!! =)

  5. does any one know where i can get any ??????

  6. hmmmmmmmm estos son los zapatos mas padres k hay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. these shoes are awesome there the best i sooo want them!!! =]

  8. go to mercurial vapors superfly are like 90$ wen they r really 230$

  9. I am selling a pair of berry vapors but they have been worn a fair bit, if interested respond and leave your e-mail and il send a picture

  10. im interested in buying the berry vapors, what is ur price?

  11. i have a pair, i got them when they were released. i love them.

  12. Price, size and conditions?

  13. Does anybody have any for sale

  14. Alyssa Rollins

    Mens 6 or womens 7

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