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How Does The Adidas adiPure IV SL Fit?

adiPure SL comparison

A pretty hot topic recently has been the Adidas adiPure IV SL and how they actually fit – are they true to size or half a size large? Another typical query is how they compare in size to other Adidas releases? The focus for this post is on the boot on the left, with the F50 adiZero placed in the center for visualization.

Here is you answer: They fit slightly long, but not quiet enough to call it an extra half size. I wear a size 9US and like a snug fit. With the adiPure SL, I found there was a little extra room along the toe region – but not enough for me to need a size down. If you normally have some additional room in your size, consider ordering a half size down for a tight fit. You can see in the image that the leather upper angles towards the front of the boot in a different fashion to the adiZero. One of the primary differences lies in how both uppers are stitched. It is important to note that the soleplates used on both releases has the very same dimensions, so the variance in size lies in the design of the upper.

Summing up, the adiPure SL fits the very same as the adiPure IV, while they fit a little longer than what I would call the absolute “true to size” fitting Leather F50 adiZero.

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Adidas adiPure SL Size

adiPure SL Compared


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  1. I have a pair of leather adiZero F50s, size 9, and they are extremely snug. Uncomfortably snug. I thought they would stretch out a bit, but they just never did. To wear them I have to use the ultralight insole and wear very thin socks to to feel any semblance of comfort. I was debating on getting the adiPure IV SL in a 9.5 because I wanted to be able to wear normal cushioned socks and have a tiny bit of breathing room for my toes, but I read some of the comments and opted to go with the same size 9 as my leather adiZero F50s.

    I'm happy to say that the adiPure IV SL's extra fraction of length (shown in the photo above) makes them the perfect fit. They're snug but not tight, and the better quality leather make them more comfortable and moldable in my opinon. They also feel a bit lower and more stable than the leather adiZero F50s to me. I know Bryan says the soleplates have the same dimensions, but from the looks of things, the soleplate on my adiPure IV SLs is very slightly longer than the one on my leather adiZero F50s, which allows those few extra millimeters of space that I was missing in my leather adizero F50s. I probably won't be going back to the F50 at this point, but if I did, I'd probably go with a size 9.5.

  2. If I wear a US size 11,5 in SYNTHETIC adizero, what size should I get in the adipure sl?
    Hope in an answer, thank you

    • I wear a US size 11 in Synthetic adizero and i got the US size 10.5 in adipure SL, it looks a bit smaller, but the fit is very nice!

  3. I normally wear us10.5 for 11pro, but for adipure iv sl, i could fit with us10. However, i never played a game with these yet.

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