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Adidas adiPure IV SL review

adiPure IV SL

From the very first moment you see the Adidas adiPure IV SL, you can tell they are built around the concept of class. From the super soft K-Leather upper to the gold detailing, these boots just look the part. As a limited edition release, you are not likely to see many professional players sporting the release, so a comprehensive review seems all the more important. From the moment they were released, I was on the hunt for a pair!

I was absolutely delighted to receive a size 9US in the Black/White/Metallic Gold colorway for review and here is how they tested.

adiPure SL

Breaking In
Having tested both the adiPure and the adiZero, I expected the same type of positive break-in period. But, to my surprise I found that the adiPure IV SL took an extended period to mold to my feet. It seems like the leather upper matched with lightweight soleplate might be designed in a slightly different fashion to allow for an all around lighter boot. I initially took them directly into a training session, but had to switch out due to discomfort. After 2-3 more running sessions, I was finally able to really feel comfortable in them. Since that time, they have broken into one of the best boots I have worn! The leather upper is super soft and completely molded to my exact specifications. My advice is to expect and adjust to a slow break-in period.

adiPure IV and adiZero
The adiPure IV SL mixes both the adiPure and adiZero. Adidas have taken the upper of the adiPure, made it lighter, and mixed it with the lightweight adiZero soleplate to produce a boot that incorporates the best of both worlds!

Adidas adiPure IV SL

Having broken in the boots and wore them in 4 games up to this point, they are one of the best soccer cleats I have worn. The combination of lightweight with a super soft K-Leather upper matches exactly what I require in a boot! At 7.0oz, they don’t challenge the lightest boots on the market – but in my opinion that is a good thing.

Even though they can’t be explicitly recommended for use on artificial surfaces, the bio-mechanics of the adiPure IV SL soleplate does offer traction characteristics. I wore them on turf and they were very comfortable and stable in play. I didn’t encounter any issues with the studs, and don’t expect to since it was something Adidas worked on modifying through the adiZero release.

The one area where Adidas have really improved the release is in the tongue. Following in line with the design of the adiPure IV, I was surprised at the padding used along the tongue. When you tie your laces, they sink right into the tongue, producing a quality fit that offers some much needed protection in the area. It’s funny, but it is actually one of my favorite aspects of the cleat and it felt great striking the ball.

adiPure IV SL detailingAdidas adiPure SL

Comfort and Fit
After the initial break-in period, these boots end up being one of the most comfortable you will wear. The leather upper is super soft and really molds to the shape of your feet. The soleplate was slightly stiff to begin, but once it becomes more flexible you can feel the difference in play. Size wise, I recommend going true to size. I wore a size 9US (my regular size) and they fit fantastically well, with a little extra space up top for maneuverability. If you have space in your current size, a half size down might be worth considering. They are suited for those with a medium width, although the leather upper will stretch to ensure players who need a wider fit have an opportunity to wear them.

The tongue and the lining around the ankle have extra padding, with both additions offering fantastic benefits! I found the padded tongue to be particularly useful, especially when striking the ball. You get that soft padded feel without added weight.

I just love the classic design Adidas has incorporated in this release. Everything about the upper of the boot screams class and heritage, while the very minimalist soleplate adds a modern spin to the overall look. You can tell by looking at the leather that it is of the highest quality and I just love the small creases that run right around the boot. Like with the adiPure release, Adidas move their signature stripes closer to the toe, and also on this version you get centered lacing that runs further down along the front of the boot. This allows for a tighter, more snug fit as you tie your laces.

The gold detailing creates a very unique look. From the printed SL on the signature Adidas stripes to the adiPure logo stitched in along the side of the boot, it is visible right around the boot. The stitching is actually done with X-Static silver threads. As reference, X-static is a fiber that is antimicrobial, all natural, heat transfer, anti-static and has therapeutic benefits. Another area that features the gold detailing is the tongue and in person, this adds a very sleek look to the boot.

New adiPure IV SL

The obvious negative was the longer than expected break in period. Again, I haven’t experienced that with Adidas new lightweight soleplate used on the adiZero range. With a list price of $250, a sector of the market is automatically excluded from buying, although they are a limited edition release which makes the money you pay a little more meaningful! Outside of this, I can’t find any other negatives about the release.

Overall, what a release by Adidas. The look, fit and performance matched with one of the lightest boots on the market produces what can only be described as a dream boot! And even though they are limited edition, the exclusivity factor only adds to their charm. If you have an opportunity to buy or simply try on a pair I highly recommend it. In the last week, Adidas also released a White version that offers another addictive look – worth checking out. And finally, one last note on what you are getting if you do buy a pair. The box includes Adidas leather food, a cleaning cloth and a pretty sweet boot bag. I am currently running a little test with the leather food (using it on one cleat only) to see its effectiveness. Stay tuned for more on that.

(*boots supplied for review by soccer.com)

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  1. How's the durability so far with this boot Brian? I usually worry about such pricey boots and whether they will last.

  2. Hi Brian! i play in an amateur team here in Italy and i'd like to know if you recommend to me these boots or adizero. i play as a winger or striker. now i have a pair of Adipure IV, but i found these a little bit tight on the forefoot, but they give an incredibly good touch and control; altough i'd like to switch to a lighter pair of boots.

  3. They are not limited dude (=

  4. Another great review Bryan. Adidias seemed to have combined positive characteristics from their other boots into a very classy design. Just have a couple specific questions on performance. I know that you play out on the wing. How are these boots for crossing? Also, in terms of shooting, how did the boot respond on volleys and half-volleys?

    • soccercleats101

      They feel really good, highlighted by the well padded tongue. A mix of lightweight and the leather upper make for an ideal combo!

  5. I'm a winger like giorgio, with a kinda wide foot, wore preds a half size too large to compensate. Which would be better, this or the primes, in terms of comfort and touch, if price aside? Thanks!

    • soccercleats101

      I found the adiPure SL offers better feel and touch on the ball. I would stick with a half size larger if that is what you wore in the Preds!

  6. I think the pair deserves a longer reviewing period since you only got it a week ago. But so far it seems fantastic. Good review.

    Let us see how they compare with the leather adizeroes if you will. I know these will be great for fast midfielders.

    • soccercleats101

      They have been in testing for more than 3 weeks at this point! Comparison with the leather adiZeros will definitely follow at some time soon.

  7. Thanks for the review – I have a pair myself (US 8.5) and can't wait to try them. Waiting for the fields (as well as myself) to get in better shape so I can begin to exploit their strengths.

    I usually wear 9 but given the high-quality leather, I thought I could go 1/2 size smaller and stretch it a bit – funny thing is that there is still half fingerwidth room at the toes (my feet must have shrunk). The fit is perfect, however.

  8. Hey Bryan!
    Great review!! I always thought these were going to be good 🙂
    In your opinion, these or the aleather adizeros for any position?

  9. Any pointers as to when the vapor vii and superfly iii reviews will be up?

  10. Hello Brian, first up thanks for the fantastic reviews that you do. I've got a question regarding the upper/leather, did they simply take the adipure upper and attach the adizero sprint frame or did they remove some of the padding in the forefoot to reduce weight further? I know you said the tounge is well padded but didn't know if its like that throughout the boot. Cheers.

  11. just wondering… do they fit like the same size as the regular adipures?

    • Not sure about adipures, but definitely order half a size smaller than what you would wear in adizero leathers.

  12. Hey, just wondering, how much does the k-leather stretch? Would it stretch enough to let this cleat accomodate a very wide foot, like EEE width? 'pprieciate it!

  13. Hi, Brian when is your review of vapor 7 done. Can't decide if I should get them or the Puma SL

  14. I have a major dilemma. I am trying to choose between this boot and the CTR360 Maestri II Elites. Any suggestions on which one to pull the trigger on? Thanks for the help Bryan!

    • I'm a full back btw..

      • Well, I don't know if you care what I think, but the Elites aren't worth the extra money.

        The regular Maestri is a great shoe by itself. You are literally paying almost 100 bucks for a shoe that is around .6 ounces lighter. And from what I've been hearing, it takes a long time to break in the carbon sole of the Elites.

        I haven't heard one bad thing about the normal Maestri. Everybody has told me they are fantastic shoes. I would have got them for my season shoe, if it wasn't for the Adizero. I'm a striker, hence my decision.

        • soccercleats101

          I tend to agree with your points Kip, and the regular version are a much more economically sound option – but I actually found the Elite CTR360 Maestri offers a slightly more efficient option. Between them and the adiPure IV SL it is a tough choice as they both have very positive characteristics that fit the full back mold!

  15. Hey Brian would you happen to know what the price is on soccer.com if you are a goal club member? thanks

  16. Hey, I just wanted to know if this Adipure sl soleplate is as narrow as the Adipure iii. I also heard go half size down due to the long vamp. What do you guys recommend?

  17. Bryan,
    What are the best indoors and cleats for a narrower foot?

  18. These beautiful shoes appear to have the same cleats as the Adizeros. If so, I can't understand why you would rate them this well. Adidas refuses to warranty the Adizeros if used on artificial field turf. In fact, as you can see if you can verify by speaking to owners, the stud tips fall very quickly. It's very annoying given that the shoe is marketed to an audience of US players who at least in the metro areas play mostly on field turf. This is deception.

  19. How do these compare to the leather adizeros?

    • They're more comfortable after broken in and provide a better touch on the ball due to the k-leather. Traction is about the same.

  20. Hi Brian, I am a supporting striker/attacking midfielder and I am looking for a new pair of boots. I am having quite a dilemma! I was thinking between CTR360 Elites, Leather F50 Adizeros or Adipure iv SL, any suggestions?

    • Hey, in my humble opinion, it depends on what kind SS/AMD you are. If your main job is receive passes, do some "slow" dribbling around, taking corners/free kicks and constantly send out that final touch to your striker, I would suggest the CTR 360 which has features to help you dribble and send passes. (save the money and just buy the regular version, the $100 you spend on that carbon sole plate in elite version is totally useless, it reduces the weight by less than 1 oz which is the difference between a pair of heavy and light socks—basically you can't feel the difference). If you are a SS/AMD that needs to do lots of fast pace dribbling, dashing and some fast short pass to your striker, then i would say the adizero F50. It has a much lighter weight which you do actually feel to help you reduce fatigue and increase speed(most likely the confidence you have in your mind that your light boot is making you run faster is the difference)Finally, if you are the SS/AMD does a mix of things (dribbling, long and short passes, distance shooting, running to distract defense , etc) I would say Adipure IV,it is the most comfortable among all of them (SL is your own call because it is $120 more expensive, it does give you some weight reduction but you lose a little bit comfort and protection since the leather is thinner that the regular adipure IV, also it has less spikes compare to regular adipure so depends on your field, it could mean a loss of traction). In my opinion,talking about function only, it ranks CTR 360-Adipure IV-Adizero F50, very few AMD wears adizeros(both professional and semi-professional, it is more for a speedy striker. Hope all this helps. Thanks.

  21. Hey Brian: How do those boots perform when you do a long pass/clearing since those boots has not tech features like predator or T90, do you see a distance or hight decrease of the ball? Thanks.

    • soccercleats101

      The technology on the likes of Predator and T90 Laser is there to add a little added power behind your strikes – the adiPure perform like any regular boot in terms of striking the ball. You won't notice any significant difference, but if you are looking for a total "Power" boot, go with those that offer the specific technology.

  22. Hey! Just bought them several days ago, will start breaking in soon. With them i received special time of cream for the boots. When should it be applied to the boots?


    • soccercleats101

      If it is leather food, there is no harm in using it after first use – make sure they are clean and dry before applying!

  23. Would these boots be a good fit for a defender. Do they have enough padding to take a beating on hard tackles?

  24. Hey, did you ever try soaking the boots in the warm water then leaving them to dry on your feet as a part of break in process? Would you recommend doing this with these boots to speed up the process?

    Thank you

    • soccercleats101

      Yeah you can definitely try that strategy with these boots, the hot shower technique as it is known in professional player circles lol!

    • i didn’t but a good way to break them in and water them is dab them with a wet clothe with Luke warm water i play competitive soccer

  25. great review!
    how is the fit/sizing compared to the adipure iv regular? or compared withe the adizero synthetic? anybody have any info on this?

  26. Hey bryan (kudos for the game that you guys streamed online) i just bought these and I have a wide foot. I walked around the house a little and it began to hurt. i know you said there was some discomfort in the initial break in period but by the looks of things should I give them more time or return them because it was a hefty price tag.

  27. i am a defensive mid and i currently wear leather adizeros. would you reccomend these cleats? does it still hurt like crazy when you get stepped on? would you recommend these, regular adipures, or adipowers? please reply

  28. Hey Brian, I'm thinking of getting these boots or the Adipower SL's, what would you recommend? I play as a left back/ defensive mid but have been asked to fill in at attacking Mid as well. I wear a size 8 1/2 for each shoe I buy. How would the sizing on these run? Currently wearing a Nike Tiempo Elite UK size 8 1/2

  29. Quote! "I tea-bagged your drum set! "
    It is my favorite quote because it is from the movie Stepbrothers and that movie is hilarious and everyone loves Stepbrothers!

  30. Hey guys I really need your help.
    I am trying to order a pair of these cleats and I have SO many questions about sizing.
    I went to my local soccer shop and tried on the adiPure IV (Regular) and found the 9 was too big in the toe, so I tried on a size 8 1/2 and they fit better in the toe and felt really snug around my foot. However I also have a pair of leather adiZeros and I wear a size 9 in those boots and now I'm questioning what size I use for reference. I know you're supposed to order half a size smaller than you normally would wear but I don't know which size to use, 9 or 8 1/2.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated because I don't want to pay the shipping to exchange the boots as it would be close to an extra 100 dollars in fees.
    So please guys help me out?

    • Right there with you – I am a 8.5 typically a in Adipure III & IV or Predators. Adizero's I was in between a 8.5 and 9.0.

      Just went and got myself a pair of the Adipure IV SL's – I personally had to drop all the way to an 8 to get the fit I need. The seem run long.


    • I personally wore size 11 leather F50's that fit perfectly for a while and I needed a 10.5 in the adiPure SL's. Hope this reply was early enough to help.

      • Thanks for the reply! I actually already ordered/received mine and I did go down to the 8 1/2 and they are perfect. These cleats are by far the best I've ever owned.

  31. DEFINITELY order 1/2 size down. I wore 8 in adizero and ordered these in size 8. They were too long so I had to exchange them. Now I have to wait for another couple days. I should have listened to Roark.

    • Received the 7.5 today and they are still too long. If you wear 2 pairs of socks then it fits. But I’m afraid the K leather will scretch further. I might exhange them once more to get size 7.

  32. Thanks for the review. I was just wondering how these compare to the Copa Mundial. I have been wearing Copas for a long time now and I really love them. Are the AdiPure's worth the extra money?

    • I was a die hard Copa indivdual until was gifted of the Adipure III's & recently got a pair of the SL's. While I love my copa's the comforate level of the Adipure III's along with SUPERIOR traction when playing on FG/HG natural surfaces made me a beliver in moving past the copa's. Pro's & Con's of all boots but for the $$ and performce, was a fan of the Adipure III line. Still breaking in the SL's.

    • From someone who grew up wearing copas, if you like copas, you will love these even more, just make sure you get the right size. They fixed the most annoying part of copas with the upper separating from the outer right at the toes, which caused dirt and grass to get stuck in them. I think the K-leather in these are actually a little nicer too. The stud configuration is nicer too, less shifting around inside the boots and more traction.

  33. Hi Bryan I want to say excellent job on the reviews btw. its hard to pick the best boot out there but with reviews like yours it makes it a lot easier. my question is this; im naturally a very fast player hence why im used as a winger. recently ive been deployed in central mid because of my accuracy, passing, & creativity. I am looking for a new boot that wouldn't compromise my speed but would have some more protection & could also increase control and passing. Ive narrowed it down between the CTR 360 Maestri II & the adiPure IV SL. What boot do you think is best for an all around midfielder (attacking, defensive, central, wing, etc…). ive been wearing vapors for the past 5 years.

    Thank you

    • I would vote for the SL's but I'm biased toward them =-P I can tell you that the protection on them is pretty good and the k-leather is primo. But you might prefer the 360's if you're used to Nikes and synthetics. Especially if you've been wearing Nike's for the past 5 years, that probably means they fit your feet pretty well. I think both of those boots are generally considered head to head top notch for center mids though.

  34. Hey Bryan,

    I love the original adipure IV so I ordered a pair of SL's. I ordered a size 9 (true to size to my preds and adipures) as specified on the review as well. But now I noticed alot of people went half size smaller. Is there any huge problems to this sizing? I am primarily concerned about the length then width.


    • It depends on how wide your foot is, but ultimately I found true to size was absolutely the best way to go.

    • I think you might find they fit more true to size if you have a wider foot? I actually played a few games in a pair that were a half size too long in the toes for me and it wasn't too bad. But it was noticable when I got the half size smaller. Better touch and less shifting around.

  35. Adipures or adizero I’m a winger but not the fastest I like to attack defenders though please answer asap!

  36. Hey Bryan, these aren’t suitable for artificial turf is it? Please reply! Very important!! Thanks!

  37. Just to clarify this to everyone, order a 1/2 size down! I wore 9 in adizero and I bought these in 8.5. The size 9 adizeros are not any bigger than the size 8.5 adipure SLs. In fact, my size adizero insoles fit perfectly into the 8.5 adipures!
    Order 1/2 size down, you wont regret it!

  38. hoping to get an answer. Can you tell my what shoes are narrower:
    1. adiPure SL or adiPure?
    2. adiPure SL or adizero?

  39. So, I'm trying to decide on some new cleats. I have T90 Laser iii's right now, but I've rolled my ankles a few times so I'm looking for a better cleat pattern or more support. At the same time, I want as much grip as possible – I don't care about speed or weight. I'm looking into the SL's, but that's a lot of cash. So I looked to the adiPowers, but those seem like you could easily roll an ankle in them. I've never tried adiPure iv's (normal ones, not SL's), so could anyone tell me how those rate? Thanks much

    • adiPure's have a wider blade profile, so they definitely have a more secure stud profile. Also worth checking out is the Puma V1.11 series, which also offer solid traction.

  40. Hi, my name is Michael and I am a 15 year old soccer player. I want to buy an adiPure IV SL, but I'm not sure on the sizing. I wear a 7.5 adizero and a 7 adipure IV. Which model is closest and best fit if I were to order an adiPure IV SL from soccer.com?

  41. Hi guys. I am concern about the size. I just recently ordered and received my adipure sl. I am a regular us9 size wear when it comes to all boots(Pred X, Superfly 2, t90, ctr 2, adipure 2,3). I ordered a size us9 SL and there's still about a index finger width of space left in front. I do know that the SL are known to be slightly longer than the normal adipures. Just wondering if i should return and get half a size smaller? And will a tight snug fit be better in the long run because of the leather? HELP!

    • You might actually want to get a full size smaller and not a half a size. I'm noticing after about a season of wearing them that they stretched out so much they're still too big and I ordered a half a size smaller than normal. I'm preferring my F50 adizeros now since there's a little bit too much give in leather for the SL's. Like when I make a cut, the traction gets stuck in good but my foot feels like it slides over the side of the sole plate before being pulled back by the leather. I never thought I'd say this but I think the leather is a little bit too soft for me at this point. The F50's are a little bit more rigid, but I like that.

  42. your feet didn't shrink. I wear a 9 in all other boots and with the SL I had to go to a 8.5 and still it is slightly roomy at the front. I expect as I break it in more it'll further mould to my feet.
    Other reviews online indicate you need to go .5 size smaller.

    I prefer it to my superfly, CRT360, adizero and puma kings at this point.

  43. hey brian im thinking about getiing these cleats or the vapor 7's . i play both center and right mid and i want a light boot with good traccion and good touch. out of the two wich one did you find you find to meet those standards better? thanks!

    • I found the adiPure IV SL to be better in terms of touch on the ball and they have a very high quality (yet traditional) look that makes them even more appealing in my opinion!

  44. I’m about to get a new pair of boots and I’m trying to decide between the Adipure SL, the Adipower Predators, and the Pele Sports Trinity. I’m looking for a light pair of boots that are comfortable to play in. I play striker. Which ones would be your first pick and why?

  45. if these are one of the most comfortable boots youll wear, why did u rate them at 8.5 u cant dock it because of the break in period thats bs

  46. i bought 10.5, needed 10's. looking to sell. been worn about 10 times no matches. still glossy. maybe 100 one would sell them for??

  47. is there anywhere you can buy these still

    • Try ebay there are still a few brand new floating around. but very limited. If you're lucky you might find a pair in your size.

  48. Fantastic boot. Real class and quality. amazing comfort also.

  49. What a great review! My favorite cleats of all time. Wish I could get them again and again.

  50. anyone know where i could get a pair of these from?? please help

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