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SL adiPures – Tackling the “Next” Big Release

Every footwear company has the same simple goal – create a new boot that is better than the last! For the most part, Adidas is one of the companies that consistently raises the bar and they have continually released better and better boots. But, there is one recent example that …

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How Does The Adidas adiPure IV SL Fit?

A pretty hot topic recently has been the Adidas adiPure IV SL and how they actually fit – are they true to size or half a size large? Another typical query is how they compare in size to other Adidas releases? The focus for this post is on the boot …

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Adidas adiPure IV SL review

From the very first moment you see the Adidas adiPure IV SL, you can tell they are built around the concept of class. From the super soft K-Leather upper to the gold detailing, these boots just look the part. As a limited edition release, you are not likely to see …

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Adidas adiPure IV SL in Zero Metallic released

Just as I am finishing up testing the adiPure IV SL in Black, Adidas has dropped a brand new off-White version of the lightest adiPure ever. The colorway is a Zero Metallic/Black/Matte Gold, and is basically an up scale version of the adiPure IV released in the same colorway last …

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Adidas adiPure IV SL Released

We broke news about the pre-release of the Adidas adiPure IV SL a few weeks back, and now they have finally been officially released on the market. What an awesome boot these look to be, they have a classic look that really appeals in my opinion. And a super soft …

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On The Market? Adidas adiPure IV SL

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I was actually pretty surprised to find these posted on a merchant site this week as I don’t think there has been an official release yet, but these seem to be the new Adidas adiPure IV SL. And my initial reaction: “Holy Batman and Robin, these things look exceptionally classy!” …

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