Thursday , September 21 2023

Asics Lethal Tigreor in Black/Pacific Blue

Asics Lethal Tigreor

If you have not yet heard, Asics has officially rolled out its range of boots on the US market, and the Lethal Tigreor sits atop as the premier release. The most apparent thing about the new Asics releases is that they are built with a lot of quality, and I particularly like the look of this very modern, classy Black/White/Pacific/Blue colorway. The K-leather upper looks really soft and the blue combo makes for very visually appealing.

To differentiate their boots, Asics has focused on improving an unusual area; the heel. Basically, they have raised the profile of the heel by 10mm with the use of their patented HG10MM® technology, leaving your foot sitting a little higher than you get on other boots. This is designed to help improve acceleration and reduce the amount of stress on your legs. It is an area of the boot that it makes sense to focus on and I am very interested to test them and see how effective it actually is.

They are currently available to buy for $135 at

Asics Lethal Tigreor

Asics Lethal Tigreor soleplate

The boot weighs in at 9.6oz, and once you match that with the construction of the upper these boots clearly fall into the heritage category, designed for use by most positions on the field. Another positive is the fact that the range retails at a very competitive $134.99, making them an accessible option for players who want a solid release at an affordable price!

They are currently available to buy for $135 at

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  1. In Australia these are often prescribed by Physios for players who need to wear custom orthotics. My physio recommends them because they are wider fitting than Nike or adidas. I think they are ok but they are more popular with rugby players than soccer players.

  2. Bryan-
    Will you be reviewing any ascis boots in the future?

  3. Hi Bryan, would love to see a review of these boots. They are very intriguing looking and the tech sounds plausible.

  4. You don't really notice the raised heel that much when you wear them. However, when yo try switching to regular cleats you will immediately feel like there is less support than you get with the Asics because of the heel. The raised heel is like a running shoe. They claim it gives you a sprinters stance. I actually like it.

  5. Considering that sprinters primarily run on their mid and forefeet, the raised heel is usually a characteristic of running shoes that target long distance runners who heel strike. It probably does feel more supportive and comfortable, but that support and comfort weaken's a sprinter's feet and lower legs. I would question this design for soccer players who don't run like marathoners on the pitch.

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