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Asics Lethal Tigreor 5 and the “Urban Treadmill”

This right here is one of the most inventive pieces of footwear advertising I have seen in a while – from an unexpected company! Asics has continually pushed their HG10mm technology when talking about their boots, and it has gotten a little mundane. But by switching to a different strategy, …

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Asics Lethal Tigreor Review

When it comes to choices, more is always better, right? Only a month ago, Asics finally joined the US market with a full line-up of soccer boots, having successfully merged in several international markets. Up until this point, I haven’t tested any of their silos, so I worked quickly to …

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Just Arrived – Asics Lethal Tigreoer and Stats

Since the announcement that they were going to enter the US market, there has been a high level of intrigue into how the Asics line of soccer cleats actually performs. Well, we now have two pairs ready to go into testing; the Lethal Stats and Lethal Tigreoer. Needless to say, …

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Asics Lethal Tigreor in Black/Pacific Blue

If you have not yet heard, Asics has officially rolled out its range of boots on the US market, and the Lethal Tigreor sits atop as the premier release. The most apparent thing about the new Asics releases is that they are built with a lot of quality, and I …

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Asics – Welcome to the US Market!

Asics has finally made the move into the mainstream US soccer market by adding their boots to two of the leading retail sites; WorldSoccerShop and Soccer.com. Although I don’t have a great deal of experience with Asic’s soccer cleats, their addition to the market is a move that I very …

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