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How Much Is The Asics DS Light X-Fly Really Worth? - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

How Much Is The Asics DS Light X-Fly Really Worth?

Asics DS Light X-Fly Synthetic

Over the past year, you might have heard me rave about the performance of the ASICS DS Light X-Fly K and why it is one of my favorite boots of all time. Every piece of the boot offers quality performance, from the buttery soft upper to the perfectly balanced low-profile stud configuration. Then there is also the synthetic version of the boot. Although not my preferred choice, it does offer the practicality of a more durable upper. I’m a leather guy, so it will always win my vote.

I’ve had the opportunity to test a pair of the ASICS DS Light X-Fly synthetic version in a Black/Silver/Deep Blue, something I haven’t featured on the site to date. The reason I bring it up now is the fact they are being replaced by the next generation version and they are currently available at a RIDICULOUS price. How much I hear you ask?

With an original retail of $186.99, you can currently snag a pair with a Goal Club price of $87.99.

In my opinion, that provides an absolute steal of a deal. Let me break down just why with some valuable points.

DS Light Synthetic Forefoot

DS Light X-Fly Upper

DS Light X-Fly Synthetic Upper

Love the clean yet subtle touch provided by the clean synthetic upper. Visually it looks pretty unusual, but the primary release has a black upper with a crisp yellow detailing. While you play through summer conditions, they work real well in terms of control – not leather level but definitely enough to ensure you are making the most of your performance.

The soleplate is an absolute dream. It is ultra flexible from first wear thanks to the introduction of an X-Lyte plate made of solyte polymer. Through the forefoot, it pretty much bends back on itself. Through the midfoot, they feature a spine that ensures you still get support in the right areas.

Asics DS Light X-Fly Soleplate

When it comes to the stud configuration, they check all the right boxes for me. ASICS keep it simple with standard positioning and a low-profile conical stud configuration. Combined with everything else the boot has on offer, it makes for ideal performance on both FG and AG surfaces.

One final positive is that wonderful suede inner lining. It really grips your sock and locks your foot in place during play. With an additional low cut ankle line, that makes them perfect for quick chops and turns out of tight situations.

How much are they really worth? From a performance perspective, I seriously rank these very closely to the likes of the Nike Vapor and Adidas adiZero. They offer all the same attributes, but they lack the marketing power. Given that fact, anything under $100 for a pair is worth investing in, even if it just to experience ASICS boots for the first time!

If you do decide to pick up a pair, let us know what you think of them and how they perform for you!

X-Fly Heel Design

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  1. Does make me think about the Nike Superfly somehow.

  2. Just picked up a pair of these at a Nordstrom Rack on clearance for 36 bucks! They are the neon green color, but who cares for the price! I’ll be trying them out tomorrow night. Glad to hear they perform well on artificial turf too!

  3. As an old guy in his 40's needing good support for knee, ankle and hip pain and light shoes for speed, these shoes are an absolute dream. I have been wearing a pair for a couple sessions and they are light, comfortable and give you great power and touch on the ball. I can keep up with guys in their 20's in these shoes. My only beef is that I wish the Achilles support was V-ed at the top like the Tigreor's to reduce pressure on your Achilles.

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