Wednesday , January 25 2023

Adidas adiPower Predator in Black/Blue

Adidas adiPower Predator Black

The latest colorway in the Adidas adiPower Predator is sure to please a large section of fans, even if it is not the original look that many are waiting for! This is the Black/Sharp Blue/Electricity version, which offers the first traditional design we have seen in the adiPower series. And they are available to buy in the US as of today, for $179.99.

Personally, I love the design – these boots look classy yet they have a very modern pop. When you add in the performance of the range, it makes for an extremely appealing combo. I like what Adidas has done with this latest Predator range. The overall look and performance of the boot is very competitive, and they offer a great mix of power with an amazing lightweight feel. Holding a pair, it is hard to comprehend the fact that they fall into the power category, but I can tell you after testing the adiPower they have everything you could require and more.

Adidas adiPower Predator Black Blue

Adidas has already released the much wanted traditional Black/Red colorway elsewhere in the world – but not here in the US. For those of you that are awaiting that release, this version offers an excellent alternative, or even stop-gap! This design has to offer and the are almost a flip of the initial Blue/Electricity release in the range and make for the ideal option for hard-working, no nonsense players. They also have a distinctly familiar look to the lightweight adiPower SL release.

Again, this colorway is available to buy right now, they have a retail price of $199.99 but are available for $179.99.

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  1. Hey Brian, I haven't yet buy these but I'm going to in the next month! However I heard they have durability issues, leather coming apart from sole! Any info on that?

  2. This colourway has been out for quite a long time, its been on prodirect for ages.

  3. Nice not-so-flashy yet still eye-catching colorway. Saw Xavi wearing these. There is black-warning-white coming later this year. I wonder if I should wait for that or just go ahead and get these…

  4. when are the traditional black and red colorway going to be released in the US? How can you have a predator out without the black and red colorway?

  5. how can I order these boots !!!!

  6. amazing, simply amazing~!!! best colorway without a doubt !!

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