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Adidas Predator Kinetic SL Released

Adidas adiPower Predator SL

As always, Adidas are full of surprises, and today they unexpectedly dropped the new Predator Kinetic SL (or adiPower Predator SL) – a completely hybrid lightweight/power boot! Basically, you are getting the adiPower Predator that has been paired down to offer the lightest Predator to date. Instead of the Taurus leather upper, Adidas use a SprintSkin single layer synthetic upper and the Predator Element has a new design with less dimension, resulting in a 7.4oz boot (the adiPower weighs in at 7.8oz.) The initial roll-out comes in a Black/Electricity/Sharp Blue Metallic colorway, with a Running White/Black/Sharp Blue Metallic also set for release.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the design of this release – in fact they are one of the best looking boots I have seen in a while. But I am curious as to why Adidas have decided to release them right now, considering players are only just getting their hands on the adiPower Predator. And additionally, they only weigh 0.4oz less – not quite the SL I was expecting.

Predator Kinetic SL

In similar fashion to the adiPure IV SL, you will not see professional players wearing these as companies tend to keep players in the more mainstream releases. Price wise, they will retail at or around $250, which is $50 up from the adiPower Predator. The real key to their value will be in testing – and I plan to get a pair as soon as I can to give you the complete lowdown on what the Predator Kinetic SL is all about.

Available From Colorway List Price
SoccerBanner Black/Electricity/Sharp Blue $250
SoccerBanner Running White/Black/Sharp Blue $250

*all prices are subject to change over time

Predator Kinetic

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  1. well that was a big let down.. 4oz? jeese..

  2. Make that 0.4 oz.

    On the other hand, a whole 4.0 oz would of been the complete opposite of a "let down" lol

  3. little confused about this part "In similar fashion to the adiPure IV SL, you will not see professional players wearing these" ….why wont the pros be wearing the SLs?

    • soccercleats101

      Companies prefer their players stick with the main staple lines, as it improves their opportunities for sales (particularly with multiple colorways). With this release being a little more "limited", they don't need players advertising them on the field – they will sort of sell themselves.

  4. Hey guys! You can order the new Adipower SL for 335.67 here –> http://www.prodirectsoccer.com/Products/adidas-Fo

  5. Pretty much like a synthetic version of the adipower…

  6. There's no point in this. (at least to me)
    The adipower just blows this. This is not leather and $300?… It also looks cheaper and plasticy.

  7. .4 oz wow

  8. i cant believe that the predator sl weighs less than the superflies

  9. why do most pics online soccer.com prodirect, wsc, have the extended lace cover
    like i honestly don't understand 3 years in production and their is confusion about how the actual product looks when it comes out. i love adidas cause they are one of the originals but this is a disgrace to have the consumer asking which product they will get if they order online. extra lace cover or not. its not that hard adidas.

    why are all my post negative? because a product with this much marketing should be open to criticism

    • soccercleats101

      I am confused with the "extended lace cover" part – send me a picture of what you are referring to.

      • Yeah, I don't really understand what you're talking about either. I haven't seen any pictures of this shoe with a shoe cover, let alone a extended lace cover.

        But about the shoe, it's a great idea. But it just won't sell. Just like the AdiPure SL. People will hype it up, then you won't see or hear anything about it anymore.

    • I think you're referring to the extended honeycomb area of the boot?

      • yes sorry the extended honeycomb thing
        i just dont understand. so**erbible.com pics have the extended thing
        prodir**t (uk site) has the extended tounge
        world so**er shop has the regular one, ad*das.com has the regular one
        i am looking at them right now again on prodir**t (uk site)
        Blk/Wht/Red and Blue/Electricity and becks colorway
        they all have the extended honeycomb thing
        i may actually attempt to place an order for these on july 4th isnt that a holday in the us? maybe i can et them for more than the regular 10 percent thats always advertised… of course the discount will be used just to cover brokerage fees…
        no the sls of course jsut the regular ones…

        soccercleats101/bryan pls help clarify

        • sorry major spelling errors here.
          i was typing too fast

          • Lol, I love the fact you blacked out the names of the other sites!! I understand what you are talking about and was a little confused when I saw that myself. My assumption is that some of the sites are using the original images supplied before the boots were released (or prototypes) but what I can tell you is that the images with the regular Predator Element (rather than the extended one) is what you will get when you order them!

          • out of all the sites on the web bryan… yours is the best hands down. post reviews are critical and thats my fav part about this site.
            i also love the fact that you do not delete any posts
            even my really critical ones… ha ha
            people can really say what they feel on this site.
            too bad its all about money now.
            i wonder what would happen if a player used the same pair of boots for an entire season… or at least 10 games.

          • I saw an interview with one of the designers who said the boots with the extended predator element were samples, and the players preferred the regular size so they went back to that.

          • interesting thanks for that info.
            i guess they liked the extra front toe protection thing as well since its not in any of the pics but it is in bryans review….

  10. Hi Bryan, I'm a "new guy" of this site, from Italy. I love this shoes, but they're priced too high.
    What do you think of the new Puma Powercat Elektro?..I saw them on soccerbible.com first, then on prodirect, and it's the first time that the powercat comes with synthetic leather instead of k-leather

    • ale you speak better english than me and i live in canada
      ha ha i have a house in italy near rome (romano si romanista mai, a scarf i bought at a champions league game in 1998 says that on it)

      Puma Powercat Elektro vs Predator Adipower.

      • lol, thank you for appreciating my english, I love English!
        House near Rome, really??..I agree with the scarf you bought, ahah..it means something like "live in Rome is ok, be a fan of Rome fc never"

        Puma Powercat Elektro vs Adipower is a good match..I only hope that the powercat elektro will comes with other colorways becouse I don't really like the much this one

        • yes i may be roman but never a supporter it was on a lazio scarf
          lazio valencia sorry it was in 2000 not 1998
          one of the greatest nights of my life
          Juan Sebastian Veron scored a rocket from a little passed centre half

          well part of pumas thing is crazy fun colors
          if i had to wear pumas i would search the world for Puma v1.8 Ferrari
          i liked those a lot
          Pumas dont fit me too well for some reason it seems like i always had to sacrifice width for length.

          but i am close to making this adipower purchase
          hoping for a july 4 sale
          i am still expecting a brokerage fee of about 55 – 75 usd
          o well
          i just got juve sporting tickets in toronto like 5 min ago
          i usually dont go to non tfc games cause all the fans are fake but hell i grew up with juve so who cares about others…

          • I play in Tiempo legend III for the game, and for the practice I have the v1.10 (bought in sale) but they are really tight!..I want a syntethic leather boot for the practice, that don't need to bee care as much as a leather boot, and the Powercat elektro would be a nice choice, becouse I really like the teconology and the style of the boot, if they only come with another colourway.
            I'm a Juventus supporter too, hope you will enjoy the match, and hope that Juventus will buy some new champions to improve the team (last season was one of the worst ever)

          • sometimes i use my pair of old air legends
            they have been through hell and back
            and in still top condtion no toe seperation nothing
            i wish they still made them like that
            if you want a synthetic adipower try the david beckham ones

  11. bryan can you confirm my comment above
    that extra toe lip protection that is shown in your review pics on the boots
    does that come on all shoes including the beckham colorway?
    again pics store websites dont have that extra lip thing where the upper meets the sole

  12. Who cares what the older guys say? It's your money, buy what you want. They are just old school, nothing wrong with that.

    If they say anything, just tell them, "Well, you can buy my next boots, deal?"

    And for the price they are, you really can't beat the adiPowers. So instead of saying your boot road has ended, you should be happy, because if you ask me, it has just began. The boots market is the best it has been in awhile. There are certain shoes dedicated to all positions. How epic is that?

    And as a consumer, we have the great experience to buy what suits us. And yes, the prices are going up. But not by a lot. Unless you want the Elites or SL versions of these boots. Which is fine, but from everything I've been reading, those models aren't worth the extra money.

    You can still find great boots for very good prices.

  13. Yea please because i am confused between this one and the CTR 360 II Elite

  14. on soccer.com it says they're 7.0 oz

  15. latest adverts claim they weigh 190 grams or 6.7 oz!! might pick up a pair just for collection; love the standard adipowers too much.

  16. I love these shoes so much I am about 12 hours away from ordering them they weigh less than superflys and are way less expensive I think they r some of the best looking boots in a long time.

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