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Adidas adiPower Predator Review

Adidas adiPower Predator

When I think of power boots, the first that comes to mind is the Adidas Predator. This latest edition to the range (#11), the Adidas adiPower Predator, has been redesigned to incorporate more than just power, with an unfamiliar lightweight feel headlining as one of the main new additions. And just like previous releases in the range, Adidas has worked on creating an all new Predator Element that is designed to provide additional force and increased power when striking the ball. All of this, while finding a way to reduce the price of the release.

Over the past few weeks we have seen a slew of top class pros sporting the new boots, including Kaka, Van Persie and Beckham and the feedback from readers on the boots has been very positive since their release. With that being said, I have been busy testing a size 9US in the Sharp Blue Metallic/Electricity/Black colorway in order to bring you a full and comprehensive review!

If you are interested in a pair of adiPower, you can nab a pair at the

Adidas Predator adiPower

Breaking In
Adidas continues to switch their newest ranges to the Sprint Frame soleplate, and although it does lower the weight, it also produces a slightly longer break-in period. For the first session, they felt a little stiff. During the second session I started to feel a difference with how they moved as I twisted and turned. It took another few session, but they eventually felt comfortable enough to wear in game. Expect them to be stiff during the first few session, but it really won’t take them long to contour to your fit. Something I really like is the addition of a Nubuck touch heel lining. It helps keep your ankle comfortable in place and offers a nice soft feel.

Predator Element

The Predator Element
Adidas has re-engineered the entire Predator Zone in a pretty cool way and now refer to it as the Predator Element.  Basically, a silicon rubber is strategically positioned and tuned to create a uniform surface with rebound effect, for those times when you need some extra power behind your shots. Up close, you will notice there are three different colored regions: Blue, Yellow and Black. As you move from the lowest blue region, through the yellow and to the top, the 3D fins on each section is gradually raised from the boot.  On the blue section, the fins are the 2 blue lines that run along the center, while on the yellow section the fins sit either side of the black center line. I refer to them as fins, but they are more like areas where the silicon is slightly raised off the surface. The black honeycomb region that runs along the lace region is also a silicon rubber, designed to absorb any additional ball impact as you strike.

Adidas adiPower Heel

Comfort and Fit
Again, Adidas have gone for a Taurus, full grain calfskin upper – just like they did on the Predator X. This time around, I haven’t noticed as much damage to the leather after playing on turf fields. Taurus is not quite as soft as K-leather, but it still molds to your feet excellently. It will take a few sessions to break these in and they offer great comfort during wear. Right around the inside of the ankle region, Adidas have placed a Nubuck heel lining that allows the boot to sit super close to your foot. You also get a pre-molded EVA insole that sits perfectly in place. Another positive is the tongue, which is a very simple ankle cut fit. It is soft and sits comfortably where it meets your foot.

In terms of fit, you are going to be glad to hear that they will suit anywhere from a medium to wide fit! The soleplate is slightly narrow around the midsole region, but there is plenty of give in the Taurus upper that widens while providing support to the arch. Length wise, they fit true to size, so stick with the size you normally wear.

Adidas adiPower Predator (2)

adiPower Soleplate

The adiPower Predator is an extremely high performing boot that is complimented by the new technology Adidas have introduced. The Power Element (as described in the above section) offers fantastic feel while shooting and, in my opinion, fulfills its intended purpose. The ball seems to rebound with additional power when you strike, and it absorbs some of the impact so that your foot doesn’t have to! The second addition to the boot is a new PowerSpine that runs through the soleplate. Along the forefoot, you will notice a small glass like region. This part of the PowerSpine helps create maximum shooting power by minimizing the energy lost while shooting. I can’t tell whether this actually makes a difference or not, but its inclusion can’t hurt.

Added to all of this, the fact that you are getting a 7.8oz lightweight boot only increases the value of the boot. The one negative I had while reviewing the Predator X was that Adidas had not found a way to reduce the overall 11.2oz weight, so for this to be address on this release is very exciting! Protection is usually the first concern I have when I think of lightweight boots, but with the adiPower Predator it never entered my mind. They feel strong and secure, yet they are superlight to hold. Kudos to Adidas for pulling this off!

Adidas adiPower Up Close

Depending on what you like, there are several different styles to choose from in the range. This Sharp Blue Metallic/Electricity/Black colorway offers a pleasantly vivid mix of colors. The shade of blue used on the upper is slightly bright and is designed to stand out on the field without being overly dramatic. I like the colorway a lot, but I know there are plenty of people who have bashed how they look. This week, Adidas also released a Gold David Beckham version and a new Running White colorway. Alternatively, there is a Black version that are soon to be released and for those of you that like a more traditional Predator look, you don’t have long to wait!

Adidas adiPower Leather

Not too many negatives to report with this release as Adidas has done a great job of piecing everything together. The once concern lies in the break-in period, but I have found that this is similar with all Adidas boots that feature the new Sprint Frame. It is a case of giving up some comfort in return for an extra lightweight boot.

I like what Adidas has done with this latest Predator release. The overall look and performance of the boot is very competitive, and they offer a great mix of power with a lightweight feel. Holding a pair, it is hard to comprehend the fact that they fall into the power category, but I can tell you after testing that they have everything that you could require and more. Adidas advertising campaign on this range has been pretty “in your face”, so you know they feel like this boot will appeal to a mass audience. In terms of player position, it is difficult to pick out just one! Preds always suit defenders, and these are no different – protection wise the upper is solid enough to withstand tough tackles. You only have to look at David Beckham to know they are a midfielders boot. And for forwards, they add a completely new option, allowing pacey players an opportunity to wear a boot that falls into the power category! All in all, a successful release from Adidas.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. So how are the curves with the Predator Element? Did you notice anything?

    • hector i have the them and the curve on thease are verry good because it accually has a shooting area and if you know how to curve the ball you WILL have an astonishing curve at least that what i hear from my coaches and my team mates js im a lefty and i have pretty good curves

    • yes they do when you shoot set pieces you will notice there is a lot more spin in your shot

    • i have a pair and curving the ball is easy but knuckling it is perfect

  2. very good review! i bet these are great for knuckle balls!

  3. is this a good cleat for artificial grass?

    cause I'm thinking on buying it, but I've seen some people complaining that the studs on this adidas soleplate tends to break when you use on artificial grass…

    • they do come in a hard ground soleplate which might be more suited to the tougher AG.

      • Hey guys. Anyone helpme? I wear adipure IIIs sg in US 10.5 and Mercurials in a US 10. I should get these? Just wondering if they have the same fit size wise to either of these… Which size would be better for me? I have to order online if I get these as new zealand does not have these 🙁 I will either get Absolions or Preds. Thanks

  4. i tried these on today and i have a slightly wide foot and they did not fit well at all.

  5. Do you prefer these or Maestri II Elites?

    • i have the maestri ii elites. they are super comfortable and amazing. maestris are more for passing preds are more for shooting. im going to get a pair of adipowers

  6. You can also customize them on miAdidas.

  7. Great review man!

    I've noticed something strange as well: The honeycomb area seems to have been reduced, compared to the one on this link >>>

  8. I think you should give a10 for style, great review anw 🙂

  9. sooo glad these got an amazing score!! i preordered them and now i know what to expect!

  10. How would you say between this and Adipure, Adidas is getting better and better.
    BTW, Zygo, the crazy style cleats you mentioned earlier is on sale for 99 Australia dollar now.

  11. Hi Bryan
    Do you have studs issues with the new pred when you are on the turf? thanks

    • No problems with them – I actually think that Adidas rectified the problem between the initial F50 adiZero and the 2nd wave of releases.

  12. Would you advise doing the hot water soak with these boots and if so, for how long?

    • Not unless you need to. I found that they offered great fit right out of the box – so, if you can order the right size I don't think you will have too many problems. If they end up being tight, go for it!

  13. How long do you think these boots will last you? Using leather food of course.

  14. Hey Bryan a 10.5 was a snug fit in both my mercurial vapor vi’s and my synthetic adizeros, should I be looking for that size in these?

  15. I thought these were 8.2 ounces

  16. Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for the great review. I am looking forward to the black, red and white edition of this boot. Have you heard anything from adidas about the release date of this colorway?


  17. on your score sheet, it says adizero prime instead of adipower pred 😉

  18. Would the CTR360 elite or the adipower predator be a better choice for a defender?

  19. Vapors VII or Adipower? Which would be more suitable for a winger?

    • Vapors suck so…leather Adizeros or Adipowers is your question? The Adipower would be better if you constantly cross the ball, but the Adizeros would be better if you like to go at defenders.

  20. Hi,

    I’ve read several reviews and there’s a bit of a confliction, some reviewers claim you need to go half a size down, whereas some say stay normal size. Although this is because of narrow feet.

    Now I’m a 9 in leather adizero’s and I have a tiny bit of space in the toe area, but it fits perfectly and that’s how I like it. What size in these?

    Other than that, great review. Keep em coming!

  21. Hi brian nice review as always, I just have one question, how do you compare the traction between theses ones and the adidas adizero f50 , in your opinion which are better in terms of traction and easier to do quick turns and direction changes?

    Thank you
    Cheers from Portugal

  22. Maybe on the negatives you should add “the break in periods make your feet feel a midfoot pain” I already have it, and for break in periods, they feel stiff, I feel midfoot pain..
    And I find the solution is “hot water treatment” lol

    By the way, I ordered the right size and, fit well and ready to smash!

  23. Maybe on the negatives you should add “the break in periods make your feet feel a midfoot pain” I already have it, and for break in periods, they feel stiff, I feel midfoot pain..

    And I find the solution is “hot water treatment” lol

    By the way, I ordered the right size (UK9) and, fit well and ready to smash!

  24. Maybe on the negatives you should add “the break in periods make your feet feel a midfoot pain” I already have it, and for break in periods, they feel stiff, I feel midfoot pain..
    And I find the solution is “hot water treatment” lol

    By the way, I ordered the right size (UK9) and, fit well and ready to smash!

  25. Hey Brian

    I play a modern defensive midfielder, With lots of long runs, tackles and long and short passes. Will you advise me to buy the adipower or the ctr360 II elite or maybe another boot. I had change between the adizero and the ctr360 I the last two seasons, with som issues with booth boots.

    • "a modern defensive midfielder" what does modern mean
      as far as i remember its a midfielders role to do long runs, tackles and long and short passes

    • I'm the same exact position as you and these boots are top notch. I haven't been as happy to buy cleats in a long time. You won't be disappointed

    • I prefer ctr 360 or adidas predator x….if you are a defensive player you need a strong cleat

  26. hey bryan im thinking of getting these boots but the maestri II look nice which one should i get?
    I play CM and ACM. I like the playmaking role but i also like going up and helping the forwards and shooting.
    plz help

  27. why is the support rated 8.5

  28. i wonder why beckham yet again does not have a powerspine on his shoes.
    its a real shame… for adidas.

  29. These are the best Predators and cleats made to date. The swerve, accuracy, support, shot and breaking in is top notch by far. They're light but powerful – Adidas has made all the difference, and I won't be surprised if they take over the market again. These are really the boots everyone has been waiting for – light with power and durability

    • Bryan.
      1. How can you say "These are really the boots everyone has been waiting for – light with power and durability". How can we even comment on durability this early I am sure you take a lot of tackles in your league and I know there is a grey cloud now-a-days as to how long boots should last but then why not give it a 10 instead of a 9
      2. Why would anyone in their right mind wear FGs on turf (and i am talking about any artificial turf) there is just too much grip… it is way too dangerous in my opinion.
      3. I still do not understand how the blade style stud helps the average footballer who does not play on perfect even soft grounds like the pros do. again risking injury.

      • Notice my name? I can be a Byran too. This is a most likely a different guy… or are you just talking to this Byran and not the soccercleats101 Bryan?

        • ha ha i thought it was "the real" bryan. anyways i dont think anyone can properly comment on the new preds until they actually use them for at least 6 months.

          • soccercleats101

            The real Bryan comments under SoccerCleats101 – lol. My durability score is based on what I see during testing and basically details how they deal with specific surfaces during the break in period, and if they have any initial problems! Its important to note that it is not to be used as a guide to how long they will last.

  30. do they fit true to size ye?

  31. Love the shoe but it jsut doesnt work for my foot. never has. if it fit i would love it haha

  32. when are the black/red/white traditional color way coming out
    saw Vander sar in them so….

  33. If I wear a size 12 in shoes, 11.5 in the copa mundials, what size should I get in these cleats?

  34. Do you think this boot is suitable for wide-feet?
    Like wide as in about 110 mm width?
    I've been struggling with finding the right boots for years and
    right now I've got predator X, copa mundial and adipure SL. I think adipure SL and copa mundial is better that predator X in terms of the fit (maybe due to kangaroo leather), but is this boot narrow feet? Do any of you have suggestions toward wide-feet players? maybe mizuno morelia?
    I'd really appreciate any help!! Thanks!

    • I heard these fit a wide foot quite well… you can check golstoreusa in youtube they have really good videos.

      In fact Bryan, if you could say something about these guys then that would be awesome, cause this guy just does great reviews and unboxings for many new to somewhat old boots. Going from adipowers to the copa mundial.

  35. is this a good cleat for goalkeepers?

    • Good kicking power = good for goalie?
      It has protection, it can give you an extra swerve on the ball, and most definitely give you kicking power. I would say it is good for a goalie.

      I saw the Timbers' goalie wear adipowers yesterday, and there probably is more wearing them.

  36. Bryan,
    Which shoe in your experience has felt the best for running and making cuts in? Also, a review I saw on youtube of the adipowers intimated there were stability problems because of the stud configuration.

    • I didn't find instability to be a problem, i can see what they are referring to but it doesn't cause any issues!

  37. I just got my adipowers. I love everything about them except for the fact that these babies don't look too good on a extremely narrow foot like mine. Whenever i stand straight there is a gap between the my ankle and the collar of the shoes (only in one area) which pisses me off. Everything else is perfect except that little thing and no matter how tight i make the boots they are always there. I hope they go away after i break in these bad boys, and let me ask do you get this gap?

  38. I tried on a pair of these boots. I found them great but the boot was a little bit to narrow in the middle of my foot. I would have loved to have them but they just didnt fit.

    I loved the reviews though. Keep it up, i love this website visit it everyday.

  39. i wear a size 5 in adizeros would it be terrible to get a size 5.5 in these?? and would you reccomend these or vapors for a winger

  40. I cant decide between the adipowers, the adipure SLs, and the CTR360 Maestri IIs.
    I play attacking mid. I previously had the original leather adizeros and I loved them very much. Any suggestions? What do you guys recommend?

  41. Hey
    I am a true predator fan and like espicially the powersverwe version. Are there a big different from powersverwe to adipower?

    Sorry for bad english 🙂

  42. What do you think it´s the most powerful boot. Adidas adipower or Puma Powercat??

  43. I can’t decide between the adipowers and the adizeros leather. I’m looking for a boot with good touch please help.

    • they have both a very good touch! Adizero is lighter and adipower is more powerful. Adipower will be my choice if I was you 🙂

  44. Are these good for a right fullback that attacks a lot or are the the adizeros better???

  45. nicee shoes lolz

  46. hey bryan i am a winger and im between vapors vii or adipower what do you think?

  47. Hey, I play center back for my club, high school, and summer team. I currently wear the PUMA PWR-C v1.10 and the Tiempo Legend II's. I love my tiempo's and I'm considering just buying the Tiempo IV's. But after all the great review's on the CTR II's and the AdiPowers, I don't know which cleat to buy. I read the center back guide that you posted a while back, but I still dont have a clue which to pick. The problem i have is durability. I practice twice a week. once on turf once on natural grass. and most of my games are on grass. If anybody could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  48. Does anyone know of a phone number for Contacting them has been a huge pain through their onsite email. If anyone has any tips please share.

  49. Is there any problem with these in artifical grass? I want these so bad but are these babies going to break in artifical? Please answer! 🙂

  50. i wear size 44 euro of t90 what size should i get adipower? please answer

  51. just got them they are beast they actually help they add power and swerve they are comfortable also

  52. These or the Ctr Maestri 2’s?! I have Adizeroes and i like to get stuck in and the adizero’s don’t provide enough protection! Which boots should I get?
    Thanks a bunch!

  53. Today I tried in an adidas shop the synthetic version of the adizero and the adipower both in US size 11.5..the adizero were simply perfect in the size, they suited my feet very well. I instaed felt the adipower larger and longer than the adizero..Now, a didn't like very much the upper of the adizero, but loved the upper of the adipower: should I get the adipower (maybe in a half size down?) or get the leather version of the adizero?..thanks to all who will help me with this "problem"

  54. Im a cental defender looking for a lightweight cleat that looks fresh. i was thinking of the nike vapors or these predators any thoughts?

  55. Hey bryan, how do the adidas adipower absolion compare to these? I haven’t got that much money for the expensive ones :p

    thx and keep up the good job!

  56. ive had the adipower predators for a month and a half and there holding up okay. on both cleats at the base of the big toe, the leather is coming apart from the bottom, leaving a small gap. also on the front of the cleat, the leather around the toes is starting to separate a tiny bit from the plastic lining. is this normal for there to be this kind of separation of leather from bottom? are you having any problems yourself with the durability of your adipower predators?

    • After years of skateboarding, I’ve mastered the art of shoe care. Make sure you clean the surface of the leather weekly by lathering soapy water on the shoe. After washing all the mud and sweat off, use some chelsea leather food or a similar waterproofing polish to keep the leather strong. If you notice the soleplate is peeling, very carefully re-bond the soleplate to the toe with some shoe goo, but make sure you use as little as possible as it spreads a bit after being applied, which can affect touch, and is very heavy, it’s basically rubber cement.

  57. i wonder why becks went to the sideline to replace his right foot boot during the la timbers game last night

  58. Predator Absolion: how does it compare to the adipowers?

  59. @bryan
    I plan on purchasing a pair of adipowers for the fall season in highschool. To go along with the purchase I’m looking to buy the Nike Lace Up to Save lives red laces. However im a little unsure on what length to choose. Prolly either T90s or Mecurials. If anyone has done something similar please let me know what worked. Thanks

  60. Or could someone who already owns a pair of adipowers please let me know how long the laces are.
    Again thanks.

  61. after all my critisism i have decided that i will buy a pair of blackouts when they come out next spring.

    • hopefully adidas canada gets them a couple months before the states and europe did with the blackout x's cause i am not willing to pay 30 bucks for 3 week shipping and a possible extra 75 bucks for fees at customs. no thanks

      • and of course i am not gonna dish out 200 bucks until i read some reviews in regards to durability after at least 6 months of use… but people usually post reviews online after 1 day which are useless


  63. very good review! i bet these are great for knuckle balls!

  64. Hi, great review first of all. There has been some talking around on the internet about these boots and that they are very common, and easy to tip over in, and by then get ancle injuries, do you had any experience with that or can you understand why some people are having trouble with this.

    • I found they were fine and didn't encounter any problems. Because the blades are thin and have a high profile, I could see where people with bad ankles (or a history of injuries) might have an issue – but for the regular player, there is no immediate concern.

    • Hi, i have got a pair of adipowers and have been playing with them for a few weeks now & on grass i did not experience any problems with tipping over, but whilst playing on astroturf it became quite a bad problem and i did hurt my ankle quite badly, definitely wont be wearing them on astro anymore………..apart from that, one of the best, most comfortable boots i've ever had.

  65. Brian,

    why does the adipower u reviewed look different than the one from your "First Look" article's images? especially, the top part of the lace… in the "First Look" article, the Predator Element stretches in and over the laces a bit, whereas for this one, it doesn't?!?!

    • The First Look pics were prototype images released by Adidas – they probably altered some areas before actually releasing the finished article!

  66. What do you all think about the Adidas adiPowers vs the Nike Total 90 Laser Elites. Without considering the price difference, has anybody tried the two of these (even just the regular total 90s)? Could you offer an opinion on which one is better?

    • Im actually transitioning from a pair of t90 strike IIIs onto the adipower absolions. After using both I definitely like the shape and weight of the predators better but I am still breaking them in.

  67. hey bryan i was thinking of buying these but i dont know if these are durable shoes

  68. HI! I need your help. I have been looking at the adipower SL and am considering to get it next month. But because i am ordering online i am alittle afraid of getting the wrong size. I wore a US9 for the predator X. So i am wondering should I get the adipower SL in US9 too. HELP!

    • Unfortunately, I haven't reviewed the adiPower SL yet – so I can't give you accurate info on how they fit, sorry Ian!

  69. It seems all the AdiStars are being replaced. This site just did a review on the AdiPower Weightlifting Shoe.

  70. I know this may sound stupid but how come some pros wear the adipower predators insded of the SLs

  71. What is the differences between adidas absolion and absolado?

  72. Hi Bryan, what is the difference from adidas predator absolion and absolado?

    • There is more differences than similarities! They are both the more economical version of different Predator releases. You get the same concept, but overall a much different boot.

  73. I have a very wide foot….what two top shoes would you direct me to?

  74. Hi bryan

    I prefer as little space as possible around the toe area so i chose a size 7.5 instead of a size 8. The boot felt narrow but after several kicks the leather parts did start to stretch/mould. However my greatest concern is the heel counter/cups..they still feel stiff and narrow and i feel the edge of the the heel counter on the instep of my foot, causing some pain after or during use. Will the heel counter ever loosen up? Or should i change boot? :(( And yes i do have wide foot..

  75. its is not the boots….it is about how u play

  76. Hello, good review.
    But I'm constantly hearing that the Adidas adiPower Predator has really bad durability problems where the stitching just comes off and separates from the sole plate.

    I play as a left defender and wing…should I get these or the Maestri II Elites or the Puma V1.11?

    But I would really like to know about durability…

    • Durability was not an issue during testing, especially the joining between the upper and the soleplate. It comes down to how well players work to maintain their boots! In terms of your position, I recommend checking out the cleats by position: Wingers post.

  77. How much do these stretch vecausse i hate wearing two socks

  78. what shoes are more recommended for striker? Adidas adiPower Predator or Nike T90 Laser IV?

  79. Hi Bryan, what shoes are more recommended for striker? Adidas adiPower Predator or Nike T90 laser IV?

  80. Would you recommend the regular predators or the sl version? I know the sl is lighter at the expense of a prominent predator zone (supposedly decreasing the power, but what does the predator zone do anyway?), but I also heard the regular predators have major durability issues. Can anyone confirm this? What would you recommend for an outside midfielder who prefers to run a lot, cross into the box, and sometimes rip shots from a little farther out than the 18?

    • My recommendation for your requirements would be for the regular version – especially because you can take advantage of the Predator Element. And in terms of durability, you won't have any issues if you take care of them/clean them after use.

  81. thanks for this great review! Just wondering how durable these boots are? I heard cases where the upper starts to split from the bottom after about a month or 2 of playing. any issues on durability with you?

    • I didn't have any problems – honestly, it has a lot to do how you take care of them. You will easily get a season out of them if you keep them clean and air dry them after use.

  82. I have a fairly wide foot and I tried some of them on and noticed the shot shield was too much on the side to how I like. I'm a keeper and I wondered if the shot shield seemed too small compared to the previous Preds.

  83. I just bought a pair of these a few hours ago and i was wondering what's the fastest/best way of breaking-in a pair of these? I've a tournament coming this weekend and am eager to use these.

    Your help is truly thanked

  84. I love these cleats. They fit perfectly and I have yet to have one blister with these cleats. I got mine at:

  85. I diasagree with just your durability rating. Mine had a huge rip in just 2 months, other than that they were one of the best boots ive ever worn

  86. hey so i need some new boots and in mercurials i wear a 4.5 perfect fit but i want adipowers and they start at 5.5 in adizeros i wear a 5 and if the 5.5 were to big and i had to get the black womens ones since they come in smaller sizes would those be okay ( i hear theyre different? ) also my friend wants to know. laser 3 elites for 75$ or adipowers for 105$

  87. Hi Bryan
    I play as a attacking midfield and alternatively as a winger. I make many runs and distribute the balls. I also take many shots. In your opinion, would the Vapor 7 or the adipower better suit my game?

  88. I often play as right back,should i get these or the Adipure IV?Thanks!

    • Both are solid options! It really depends on what exactly you are looking for. The adiPure is a more well-rounded boot that offers a very traditional feel while the adiPower is a little more modern and more specific to players who like to create.

  89. just got my new Adipower Predator DB verison they feel great and look amazingg

  90. Hi! I own a pair of these and i just want to ask if these cleats are good for artificial grass?

  91. I play as striker. I need all the power I can get and I'm a pretty fast player. Should I get Nike t90 laser iv or the Adidas adipowers?

  92. does these boots give you a lightweight feel like nike vapor or puma v1.11?

  93. so would you recommend the predator absolado for wingers?

  94. Hey brian, I got some DB predators that I won at a contest and one piece of advice is to not wear them with thin socks the first sessions because i found my pinky toe peeled on the top of skin from the combination, however that is just a little flaw to a perfect boot

  95. I've heard that they fixed the durablity of this
    boot by adding another layer of
    leather on it is it true or a lie?

  96. hey this is really urgent i have the DB verison adipowers and doesnt any1 if you play on turf with them if it will mark them or have marks on the skin of it??

  97. been using them on turf and the rear inner back-most studs for both feet are worn now…

  98. Hey Bryan, i am a goalkeeper and i need some extra height and power to get my goalkicks down further the pitch. Would you recommend the adipowers or another boot?

  99. Hey Brian, I am a goalkeeper and I was wondering if you would recommend the Adipower’s or the Nike CTR360 Maestri ii elites. I do not need to add extra power to my kicks, I am just wondering which cleat you would recommend. Thank you


    • I'd recommend both as solid goalkeeper options. They are both comfortable,offer solid traction and get the thumbs up for helping you keep shutouts! I would choose the adiPower over the CTR360, but that is just my personal choice.

  100. Just bought a pair of these the other day and they are the beat pair of boots ive ever wore. Another flawless German design and are totally brilliant there very comfy there easy boots to wear into due to this. Great for a centre midfield the inner rubber on the inside of the boots are great for control and touch and the thick layer of leather on the toe to smash balla over the top and not have any after pain.addidas go back to classic preditors not these crummy winger boots which are basically f50s

  101. Brian is there a shoe that isn't above one hundred fifty dollars that gives you comfort, protection, power, accuracy, and easy to run in. I play soccer almost 24/7 and I've been reading your reviews and cannot find a shoe that fits exactly what I need. I have a wide foot and most shoes I have to order a half size up from what I would usually get. I don't care what the price is, but can you tell me about a cleat that gives me all the needs that need to be met?

    • I would have labelled the new Predator LZ as your option, but they have an original retail of $200 – BUT you can find great prices on pairs, check out our Steals and Deals page for a code that will get you an extra 25% off pairs at WeGotSoccer, should drop them below $150!!

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