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Adidas F30 adiZero Review

Adidas F30 Phantom

As we continue our bid to diversify the site, I picked up a pair of Adidas F30 adiZero boots a few weeks back and have had them in testing. The F30 sits as the 2nd tier release in the adiZero range and offers players a similar look to the F50 at a more economical price point. There are obviously some pretty significant differences between both ranges, so this post is designed to give you some insight into what you can expect in terms of performance and value.

WeGotSoccer sent this pair over for review, size 9US in the latest Phantom/White/Electricity colorway.

Adidas F30

Breaking In

There is nothing spectacular about the F30 when it comes to comfort through the first few wears – but there are also zero complaints. Out of the box, the soleplate offers decent flexibility and I found they were easy to wear and break-in. Because of the nature of the synthetic upper, the F30 seems like it is stiff in your hands. It is primarily related to the region just above the strike zone. But, when you wear them in-play you don’t actually notice it as much and it doesn’t cause any problems, in part to adding a natural foot shape inside. All-in-all, the perfect word to describe these boots in my opinion would be “efficient”.

What are the differences – F30 vs F50

Other than price point and the inclusion of miCoach technology, there are plenty of differences that separate boot boots and give players options when deciding how they want to spend their hard earned cash. For those that need a refresher, don’t forget to check out our F50 adiZero miCoach review.

  • Visuals: If you take a step back from both boots, it is actually pretty tough to tell them apart. Both versions are extremely similar bar some miner details. For example, along the tongue you will find “F30” wrote on the F30, whereas the F50 has “adiZero” featured on the tongue and along the yellow line that runs along the upper. The other visual difference lies in the soleplate, where the miCoach cavity is visible on the F50 compared to a flat soleplate on the F30.
  • Upper: The F30 features a high-density Singmax synthetic upper, while the F50 features a thin and advanced SprintSkin.
  • Weight: F30 – 9.2oz || F50 – 5.8oz

Adidas F30 SprintWeb

Adidas F30 Image

Adidas F30 heel

In-Game Performance

One thing is quite obvious: the F30 is designed to be a very different boot to the F50. Instead of a lightweight boot designed for speed, you are getting a more durable boot that offers players protection right through the upper. Since they are considerably heavier, you do experience a sluggish feeling from the F30 after wearing the F50. Of course, if you haven’t worn a speed boot you probably won’t experience this reaction. On the ball, you get a competitive level of touch and control. The strike zone features some very light cross line texture that can only play in your favor when it comes to touch on the ball – if it had been a little more prominent, it could have been an even better selling point for Adidas.

The last point to be covered surrounds the soleplate. Adidas use the same configuration on both the F30 and F50, so there is limited differences in terms of traction. But there is no cavity for a miCoach chip and thus the soleplate is much straighter and what I would consider to be streamlined.

Durability – Top Notch!

Given that players have encounter durability and protection issues with the F50, Adidas has bulked up the F30 such that it provides a pretty solid long-term option for players. A high-density Singmax synthetic upper is the backbone of the new boot, giving it additional support. And on a positive, it also holds certain lightweight properties that don’t leave it in the power category! I did spot some scuffing on the upper through wear, but from the 4 weeks of testing they held up very well and I would be confident recommending them as a boot that will easily last a hard working season.

How do they Fit?

Length wise, the F30 fits just about true to size. I found that my toes fit slightly closer to the front of the boot so there might be a half a finger length difference between these and other Adidas releases. If you normally find that Adidas boots fit tight, a half size up might be the way to go. They also offer a more narrow fit through the midfoot and there is limited coverage along the arch – important to note for those who like a wide fit.

Adidas F30 Side

Adidas F30 Upper

The Critics Notes

Even though you are getting a boot that is pretty identical visually to a more expensive boot, there is a certain sub-standard feel about the upper. It leaves the F30 lagging behind other 2nd tier releases on the market (like for example the Tiempo Flight.) Of course, this is in part due to the use of a synthetic upper over a leather.

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The Skinny Summary

Highlight: An affordable option that takes on a very similar look to its more expensive brother. Features a more solid upper that will keep players decently protected through wear, with increased durability.
Category: They fall into the economical category – not quite heritage or speed, but you do get added durability and value for money.
Weight: At 9.2oz, you might be slightly heavier than you expect, especially when compared to the superlight F50, but they are still a decent weight and they look fast!
Would I Buy Them: They work pretty well as a back-up boot, but straight up they would not sit as one of my preferred options.
Player Position: The benefit of this boot is that they offer enough protection to suit hard hitting players who might otherwise be turned off by the lightweight F50. Players anywhere along the back-line will enjoy them in game, as well as midfielders. They make for a very adaptable boot.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. nice to see these types of reviews. as a wide footed player i find the F50's athletic fit far too tight for my fit. As you go down the lines, the fit becomes more "generic". I recommend people who are looking for a wider fit – the F30 is a better option than the F50.

    keep up the great work!

  2. So far Adidas have not released an HG version in the new F50 range. I play on AG in Bangkok and I find the HG perfect for the surface. At this time I refuse to go to F30 AG for all the reasons above – it is simply an inferior boot. Does anyone know if it's hasta la vista for the F50 HG from hereon?

    It would also be nice to be able consider trying out the miCoach speed cell. Oh and final comment – I have a pair of F50 FG's but I lost a stud on AG and I didn't like the feel (hot spots under my toe region).

    • I am not sure about the HG existence on the F50, although I know there is a AG F50 version, although they are hard to find. You can get a custom pair through MiAdidas. They might not deliver to Thailand though.

      • Thanks mstar202 for the heads up. I have never come across an AG version of the F50 (and I have scoured webistes high and low, but scouring again I did find them in the DK – Danish – Adidas catalogue). I went to the MiAdidas site – US+UK- but you are correct – no support for the Asian region. Plus that’s quite a hefty price tag. However, given it is possible to still have the HG soleplate on the F50, it does give me hope that maybe they will appear soon as a mass release and hopefully be sold by the likes of ProDirect. Final comment, from my reading over the years, a lot of football at the lower levels is played on AG for various reasons. However, I find the support, especially out here for accomodating this surface pretty poor (okay pathetic). FG boots are the common model with either little or no other choice available. In Bangkok you need to know where to go and again the range is not fantastic (try getiing the F50 HG leather in a 40 2/3 out here). The Thais are football mad and deeply passionate about the game. As far as I’m concerned the big boys can pick up their game. Especially when they are stinging them for big baht and at least in Bangkok where a lot of football is played on AG.

  3. Hey bryan, myt be out of topic, but I bought a t90 laser IV, and had to go a size higher because of the narrow fit on my wide feet, this leaves a lil space up front, wud this affect my game?

  4. I have a friend who was using these and the laces snapped when someone stepped on his foot. Aren’t the F50 laces made out of something like kevlar?

  5. I’m thinkin even if the f50 laces WERE made of kevlar, these are f30s, so I don think they made of kevlar, given the price

  6. I have both F30 and F50 from the 2010, and yes so far my 30s have less wear and tear than my 50s. And other than the weight difference I don't feel any significant difference.

  7. How about a review of F5 or F10? They sells a lot here at my hometown. (From Sarawak, Malaysia.)

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