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Adidas F50 adiZero miCoach Review

Adidas F50 adiZero with miCoach

Without a doubt, there is not a more advanced boot on the market than the Adidas F50 adiZero with miCoach! There are two parts to this that make it work: the boots and the SPEED_CELL chip. Adidas has worked on improving the overall performance of F50, while creating a cavity in the sole where the chip is housed. Having the opportunity to track your own personal workout data through play allows you to find areas where your game can be improved! Over the past few weeks, I have been testing a pair in the High Energy/Electricity/White colorway along with the SPEED_CELL for Mac/PC. I went with the leather upper in a size 9US.

Breaking In
As with all the F50 adiZero boots I have tested, breaking in was a relatively easy experience. It is one area that Adidas has really perfected. Right out of the box, the upper and soleplate offer enough flexibility to give you comfort right through first wear. I ended up wearing my pair for a light jogging session starting out, primarily to see if the miCoach cavity produced any difference in how they feel. Because of how the sprint frame soleplate is constructed, you will not even notice it is there. I must admit that it was a concern before testing, but I am happy to report it doesn’t affect comfort in anyway. A HUGE positive – Adidas has stuck with including a cushioned insole only rather than trying to persuade players that they need an optional lightweight insole. Trust me when I say there are no benefits to using a thin insole and this new insole offers a perfect balance that will keep your feet smiling through long games!

Leather F50 adiZero

F50 adiZero miCoach (a)

Leather Upper
Through experience with the F50 adiZero range, I have found that the leather version offers more positives through wear than the Synthetics – particularly when it comes to feel on the ball as you dribble.  On this latest release, Adidas has trimmed down the area covered by the Galeo full-grain leather. Instead of covering the entire forefoot through midfoot, it now stops just along the strike zone. Personally, I just love the feeling as the ball connects with the leather upper, you can actually feel the ball cushion as it impacts your foot!

Adidas F50 adiZero miCoach

miCoach Cavity

I am going to highlight the functionality of the Adidas miCoach website in a future post, but the basics are as follows. Adidas are ahead of the bunch with the technology used in this boot. The chip does a good job of capturing your data through play and the benefits of seeing how you performed can help you improve your game. It sits very comfortably in the cavity of the boot and you will have no idea it is there through wear. But, Adidas still has work to do if they want to be the leader in performance tracking. It probably has a lot to do with “teething issues” but I found there is little data to help you out if you encounter any problems and I encountered plenty of problems! On emailing the Adidas team, it took over a week to get a reply and I suspect many of you will encounter the same issue as I did (“the CONNECT driver was not installed properly”)

When it comes down to it, I love the concept of being able to review data on how I played through a 90 minute game and this leaves these boots miles ahead of anything else on the market. The boot itself manages to live up to expectations, offering players a comfortable and very functional package. Adidas has slightly altered the stud configuration, resulting in better traction in game, and finally a complete resolution to the breaking stud issue seen on the initial release. I wore them several times on artificial surfaces without any problems, while they are a natural fit for grass pitches. Weight wise, they come in around 6.1oz, but take out the miCoach chip and they drop to a fantastically light 6.0oz!

F50 adiZero miCoach (e)

F50 adiZero miCoach (b)

F50 adiZero miCoach (c)

Lets not beat around the bush here – these boots are in no way the best looking you will find on the market. How Adidas came up with a McDonald’s High Energy/Electricity colorway is beyond me but it is not flattering. In saying that, I have found they are better looking in person than images online, and I have had a lot of fellow players comment on how vibrant they look in play. What it comes down to is your taste and what it is you are looking for visually in a boot!

How do they fit?
There is continually conflicting data on how the F50 adizero fits, with some players deeming them to be a half size long, while others find they are true to size. In my opinion, the leather version fits ever so slightly longer than true to size. If you are a natural size 9 (like me) and order a size 9, you will a little extra room toward the top of the boot – but definitely not enough to go down a half size. If you like a super snug fit, you are welcome to order down a half size knowing the leather will give a little – but if I was ordering them again it would be true to size!

F50 adiZero miCoach (f)

I have given you my thoughts on design and the SPEED_CELL, but there is one negative I have about the boot. Over the past week I have noticed some separation between the upper and soleplate. It is probably related to using them on artificial turf, but it is still a concern. As I wear the boots more, I will give further updates.

What you need to buy:
You have choices here starting with the boot itself – you can go for a leather or a synthetic upper. In terms of the miCoach SPEED_CELL, you can choose between one that functions with PC/Mac or iPhone/iPod. You can buy them individually, or some sites sell both together as a package (like for example).

There is a lot of oomph behind this release and I applaud Adidas for taking the much needed leap into player performance tracking. It is a bold step that can only help players in their quest to improve what they do on the pitch, whether it be a 90 minute game or a training session. Adidas has not deviated too much from the original adiZero release, so you know that they are confident in the finished article. There are some areas where I have concerns, but all-in-all I would still recommend them as an top purchase. In terms of position, every player on the field can benefit from these boots. My only concern would lie with hard-hitting defenders who might want something with a little more sustenance and protection. If design is an issue for you, watch out for new colorways in the coming months!

(*boots supplied for review by WeGotSoccer)

F50 adizero miCoach

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  1. do you test the synthetic ones? would be nice

  2. Does the new heel collar makes the cleat a bit more secure fitting or cushioned?

  3. Ba da ba ba ba, I'm lovin it! McDonald Cleats! They should give these away with every Big Mac. Is the extra synthetic more for weight reduction or for durability?

  4. Trust me guys i just saw these with my eyes and they look BADASS…much more vibrant than they look on the internet, also the black/warning ones are super cool, the orange is beautyful in real life…my only concern here is the reduced leather zone, REALLY ADIDAS? 200€ and that is all the leather you can put in them??? I think 80% of the things you do with the ball involve a much bigger zone of your foot, the inner side should be all leather…those f50 doesn't even deserve to have the"leather" word in their name in my opinion

  5. this colorway is starting to grow on me

  6. They do look absolutely BA in real life.

  7. I would give them a 5 for style not an 8.5!

  8. Hi Bryan, I've tried on F50's in the past and I always found the front side of the cleat (the toe box, I think it's called?) to be a little wide and loose, as if it didn't fit the form of my foot. is this new release any more form fitting and a little more narrow, or is it just like the fit of the others? also, what kind of cleats would you suggest for a narrower foot?

  9. Which one has a better traction, the f50, the adipowers or the vapor???

  10. whats better these or the older adizero?? is it worth paying more

    • Well, if you want the miCoach system you pretty much have to upgrade to these. There are also some other modifications that make these slightly better. If you are on a budget and can get the older version at a great deal i say just stick with that!

  11. do you think the synthetic version would last as long my adipowers would barley withstand 2 seasons

  12. what about the sprint web technology?!?!?!

  13. you forgot to add the Pele Trinity to the review scores chart,

  14. When are new colorways going to come out for this?

  15. I'm very interested in how the boot holds up. Hopefully it is much more sturdy and durably. Also do you have any information on the new vapors?

    I'm really looking forward to see a comparison between the pele trinity, the f50s, and the new vapors.

  16. Do these fit wide feet?

  17. Having purchased the leather version, I found that the boots do run a tad long, however it was nothing as extreme as half a size, and they are very comfortable regardless.

  18. Which shoes has best durability on artificial ground, the leather version or the synthetic version?

  19. Do they fit true to size?

  20. How is the issue of the separation between the upper and the soleplate so far? Any new updates on it?

  21. When’s new colorway coming out?

  22. Personally I think they are made because of Spain and with the euro cup coming up the best time for Adidas to release it

  23. Hey, Bryan great review!!!

    i just have a question.

    is there a big diffrence between adizero 1 and adizero 2?
    im not gonna buy the micoah

  24. Whats a good way to clean the synthetics and leather versions. I clean my synthetics by using a rag and dipping it in cold water is it ok?

  25. Hi Bryan ! What's your opinion on the new heel design ? Does it prevent blisters ? Is it more comfortable and previous f50 releases ?


    • It really depends on the size you go with – I found that a 9 (my normal size) gave enough room so that my heel wasn't pressed against the back of the boot, and they were very comfortable. Then again, some players might just need more padding in the region!

  26. I have narrow feet nd like my boots to fit snug would these be good for me?

  27. Hello Bryan,
    I would like to know if the sprintweb affects the performance, and what is the difference in the synth and leather web? Also, is the adizero 2 more durable than these?

  28. would these fit slightly wide feet ?

  29. Heyy! I’m in a dilemma of choosing either puma v11.1 sl or the adizero micoach. I’m playing centre mid which tends to run around and sometimes play as a forward. Which boots will you recommend? Thanks!

  30. Hi Bryan I was wondering if you knew which cleats are better for a wider foot the mercurial superflys or these adizeros

  31. Hey Bryan, if i wear US7 in the old leather adizeros for a snug fit, would you recommend me getting these in US7 as well?

  32. do these fit wide feet?

  33. if i wear a size 12 in adipure iv , what would i wear in these, and how do these compare to the pele trinity

  34. Hey Brian what’s the weight difference between the comfort and ultra light insole?

    And which insole did you use for the review

  35. I just got these (leather in the slime colorway) and I've had the previous versions before. I have wide feet and the 1st versions fit perfectly in leather. In the 2nd version, I switched to synthetics and they fit a half size too big (so I got size 9.5) and it was a perfect fit as well.

    With these new ones, I got size 10 and the length is perfect, but the sides seem narrower than previous versions. When I put my full weight on them, I tend to get some warping, showing that they're too narrow for my foot. I don't want to get a size bigger because I already have a bit of space up top. I'm not sure whether they will mold to my foot and the warping will subside.

    PS – By warping I mean the left and right side of where your ankle would be, tends to widen and create gaps.

  36. Does this boot need hot water trick?

    • DO NOT USE THAT! It doesn't need it and it will mess them up and won't last as long. They are almost game ready. No where near Mercurials in Break in time.

  37. Where to begin! The only way i would ever buy these is if i was applying for the Ronald McDonald job at my local Micky Ds. Otherwise i would give the appearance of a clown. Perhaps i would also considered purchasing such shoes on the occasion that they came with a complementary hot dog and bun that i would be able to put the mustard and ketchup that is these shoes on top of.

  38. Hey Bryan, great review.
    Just got a few questions. How does the width of the F50s compare to the T90s?
    I know T90s are renowned for being able to feet the wider foot comfortably. I assume the F50s are narrower, but would they still feet wide feet relatively comfortably? Do the leather versions have a wider fit than the synthectics?
    Also, do you think the synthetics will be more durable than the leather ver.?

    • Leather will give you a little more stretch, but as it stands these are a medium/wide compared to a wide T90 fit. I found these to offer plenty of space, so I wouldn't see that to be a concern unless you have an extremely wide fit! Synthetics are definitely more durable than leather.

  39. are there any updates on the separation?

  40. Im debating whether to get these boots, the adipower, or mercurial vapor VII, i play center midfield and right wing, which would you recommend?

  41. one way to use micoach without compatible soccer cleats

  42. Hi Bryan, I read your reviews since 2 years, and congratulation for your work !!

    I would like to know what do you prefer between the F50 adiZero miCoach and the adiPower Predator ??

    I play Striker/Winger for my team. I run a lot during a game, so I need a good Traction (for Acceleration) and a Confortable/Lightweight shoe. But I need a good Touch of the ball (for Passing, Crossing or Dribbling) and Shooting is also important for me.

    Thanks to answer me please. (I’m French so sorry if my english is bad…)

    • The adiPower Predator seems like the ideal match for what you are looking for. The adiZero is also a good option, but for some extra power along with comfort you can't beat the adiPower.

  43. Durability wise, which is better? Adipower or these?

  44. Already on my second pair. The first cracked after about a week. Now it has been about 2 and a half months and the heel cracked. Thankfully Adidas replaced them twice.

  45. hey bryan,
    how is the durabilty on these? i never play on turf anymore sooooo?

  46. and which is more durable? leather or synthetic?

  47. Hi Bryan
    Can you review the synthetics please? which would you choose? laser iv? Adizero (synthetic)? puma v1.11 sl?
    Im an attacking mid/center forward and i really only care about comfort, durability, and touch
    please answer asap please

  48. i bout the synthetic versions and they seem to scuff a bit on the upper. any idea what i should do about it?

  49. Hey I currently have the f50.7 in a size 10.5. These are a tight fit now, I was just wondering if a size 11.5 with thick socks would be too big? Any advice would be great

  50. How to dribble in the micoach the game?

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