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Who Wants to Kick Off 2015 With Some Boot Q&A?

Boot Questions and Answers

What better way to kick off the new year than with a little Q&A session, answering some of the hard hitting questions we have received in to the site over the past few months. Ok, so this is not quite a list of journalistic genius and most of the answers are pretty basic – but people are asking for a reason, and thus they are worth at least addressing once.

If you have any follow-up questions, leave them in the comment section below and I’ll try to get them answered. Or, you can always find me hanging out on Twitter!

Any issues with the wear of the Nike Magista Obra?

To date, no. We haven’t heard any complaints from players wearing them, they seem to be durable and the mid-cut collar doesn’t overstretch.

Any store where you can buy older version cleats?

Your best bet is to check eBay listings. Look around for mom and pop style stores that are selling online and have older stock they need to move. As an example, check out this store.

Are adidas adizero 5 star suitable for soccer?

We covered this exact question a while back! Check the answer here.

What are the best cleats for me?

It all comes down to personal playing style and what you need in a boot. There is no simple answer to this one!

Are adidas going to make take-down soccer cleats better?

Nike are definitely the kings of the second tier market. I’d hope we see something more exciting from adidas in that department, but for now they seem more focused on the top tier.

Are adidas Predators good cleats for defenders?

Definitely yes – they offer protection, are very comfortable and provide a nice strikezone for playing long balls,

Are soccer shoes best when tight?

That is dependent on the individual player, but from experience most players like a tighter fit (including myself. In general, I like my soccer shoes to be a half size tighter than my running shoes.

Are Hypervenoms for defenders?

They are advertised as being a defenders boot, but they can easily double as an efficient defenders option, especially if you like a wide fitting boot.

Are Joma indoor shoes good?

They are – Spanish brand Joma design some of the best performing indoor shoes on the market.

Are kanga-lite soccer shoes?

Its a material used – I haven’t heard of a boot being named Kanga-Lite to date.

Are Magistas hard to put on?

Nope – I even created a video as proof. You can view it here.

Are Mercurial Vapors worth it?

If you are looking for a lightweight, speed focused boot with a lot of attitude, they are worth it.

Are Nike bringing out Hypevenum Phelons in size childrens 12?

Nike just did a thing, they called it the Hypervenom Youth collection. And the answer is yes, they released the Phelon in kids sizes. Find them listed here.

Are Pantofola d’Oro boots true to size?

Our experience with the Pantofola d’Oro brand comes via the Lazzarini Cangaru, and when tested they fit true to size. Check out that review here.

Are soccer goalie cleats different?

The boots you buy are the very same as outfield players, but it is important to note that the performance characteristics a keeper requires will be different to playing on the pitch. As a result, take into consideration playing style when choosing boots.

Are the adidas nitrocharge better then the nike magistas?

Definitely an odd pair of boots to compare against each other! The Nitrocharge series is all about proving “the engine” of the team with a boot that keeps them comfortable, while the Magista is focused on providing attacking styled players with a dynamic fitting boot.

Are the boots off fake websites any different?

Yes they are – most of these sites are having counterfeit versions produced, with no regard for quality and performance. Basically, they are giving you a boot that looks similar but the actual cuts, seems and technology are likely to be very much off. Plus, in many cases boots ordered have never shown up. For more details read Avoid Counterfeit and Find the Right Website to Buy From.”

Are they re releasing f50i tunit?

By “they”, I assume you mean adidas? I haven’t heard anything concrete – but boy would I love to see a remake released.

What is the average weight of a soccer cleat?

We covered this back in 2011, and the average at that point was 9.5oz. With the current market, that is likely to be closer to the 9oz mark. In general, 9oz is a good marker for styles of boot- anything heavier is likely to be power/comfort focused.

What are the best stores for soccer cleats?

Soccer.com, WorldSoccerShop.com, WeGotSoccer.com, SoccerLoco.com, SoccerSavings.com, SoccerPro.com. These are the ones we recommend that you will want to stick to.

My legs hurt after playing soccer!

Not a question, but ok. In most cases, that would mean you played a hard game. Try ice and stretching if needed to help with recovery. Sorry I can’t offer any sympathy!

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  1. I have the stealth pack Magista Obra and I have had some durability issues. The top layer of the main part of the boot (not the collar) began to get little rips at the meetings of the honey comb pattern and had a large rip on the inside of the boot near the sole plate. But, the interesting thing is that this only occurred on my right foot… I didn't know I favored my right foot that much. So, maybe I got a bad shoe, or maybe it was from all the wear and "tear" they received.

    • I had a similar problem with mine, the Obras in the launch yellow colorway. The NikeSkin ripped badly in a few places on my right boot, especially in the toes and the eyelets for the laces. I also had half the soleplate come off from the upper of the boot, but that was because I mishit a ball and hit the ground first. I sent them back to Nike and they approved a voucher for me which is coming in the mail. Try sending them back to Nike and see if they'll send you a voucher too.

  2. Can you give us an apdated boots by position because your last one was 3 years ago. I knOw you can use any boot for any position but still as a guideline

  3. i really hope that you can do another boot for position as well. Please do. Appreciated in advance if that really happens

  4. Just ordered T90 Laser IVs in the blue colorway in a six stud SG soleplate!!

  5. What is the most comfortable leather boot and when can we expect ef+ and 11pro3 reviews

  6. I hear in the fall of 2015……Nike and Addidas will be at each others throats. All cleats will be available in KANGAROO LEATHER!!!

  7. My son wore Asics DS Lite Wide cleats last year and loved them. Just got this year's version, and they're not nearly as wide. Any suggestions on wide cleats for kids (size 5.5)?

  8. Hi,
    I'm beginning an Indoor League on Artificial Grass (AG).
    I have a wider foot than most.
    Which of the two AG boots (Diadorra DD Fhive N TFX or Puma EVOPower 3.2 TT)would you recommend, based on overall quality/value and the fact I have a wider foot? No local big-box shops carry either for these. NOTE: I plan or ordering a half size larger, based on many things I have read in general.

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