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Adidas adiZero 5-Star – Can They Be Used For Soccer?

Adidas adiZero 5-Star

On several occasions, I have received queries from readers who are interested in finding out more about the Adidas adiZero 5-Star American football cleat and if it could be considered for use in soccer. It is something that has also intrigued me considering the boots are developed so similarly to the F50 adiZero, but sit at a completely separate price points. In fact, the 5-Star retails for a staggering $100 less than the F50. Looking at each boot side-by-side, there doesn’t seem to be a great deal that differentiates them. But as the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. So, a few weeks ago I asked you guys which pair of 5-Star I should buy to compare to the F50 adiZero and I with them in hand, I set about determining if they are in anyway suitable for soccer players.

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5-Star vs F50 – What Are the Differences?
There are several key topics to cover including: the style of the upper, the stud configuration, and the laces. In terms of weight, the 5-Star falls in at 6.9oz compared to 6oz for the synthetic F50.

The Style of the Upper
First thing, the 5-Star is built using the original adiZero boot mold, so they don’t compare to the adiZero miCoach. Compared to the original adiZero they are very similar right through the upper. The only real difference lies in the shape of the lacing system, with the 5-Star featuring a wider design. Instead, they use a tongue that is much more padded through the middle. In fact, the tongue more padded than you will find on any soccer cleat.

The 5-Star is also only available in a synthetic upper, there is no leather range like you find with the F50 range. This is related to the fact that leather is used to produce a more natural feel on the ball for soccer players, something football stars don’t need.

adiZero 5-Star Tongue

Adidas adiZero 5-Star Upper

adiZero 5-Star Stud Configuration

The Stud Configuration
This is the key area that differentiates both boots! Looking at boot boots they are the same except that the deceleration stud on the F50 has been moved to the front of the 5-star soleplate, and 2 fins have been added for extra grip.

Having tested both boots, there is a difference in how they interact with the surface. The F50 offers a more rounded level of traction, with good release as you sprint in multi-directions and a spring as you try to stop. The 5-Star, on the other hand, sticks as you land and seems to offer a faster release as you move in straight line. In other words, they are more effective when you sprint forward, backpedal and then release to sprint straight forward.

The Key Question – Are they Legal?
Over the past few weeks, I have spoken to an EPL match official, an MLS referee, 2 college soccer referees and several members of the USA referee association to get a comprehensive answer. And they are all in agreement that there is nothing about the stud configuration that is illegal. In other words, these boots could be used for playing soccer legally. The stud configuration is unusual, but there is nothing in the rulebook that determines them to be an injury hazard. Many of them brought up the recent Pele Trinity and Nike Vapor 8 releases, both of which feature extremely new and advanced soleplates.

adiZero 5-Star Tongue Laces

Laces – Worth Noting
The laces on the 5-Star are big and chunky – perfect for a lumberjacks boots! On the F50, you get thin, light laces that are strong and very much appreciated by soccer players – so if you like thin laces, you will need to invest in some new ones for the 5-Star.

Ultimately, Can You Use Them for Soccer?
With everything considered –  the answer is YES, you could. But having tested them both, I highly recommend against it. They are a very similar boot, but ultimately the 5-Star is designed for American Football stars who have no need for kicking a ball. Soccer players thrive on good touch and control, something the F50 excels in due to the thin nature through the tongue and strike zone.

Adidas 5-Star in Action

Finally, What is with the Price Difference?
You tell me – I have no idea why there is an $80 price difference. Both boots are built in a similar fashion and offer similar attributes, although unique to each sport. The only thing I can conclude is that in American Football, cleats are not highlighted that often and you don’t see anywhere near as much sponsorship money going into deals. Soccer is completely different, and as you can see from this website, they play an integral part in the game. Is it possible that Adidas know soccer players will fork out top dollar for boots and as a result they “inflate” the price?

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  1. That front stud could stick to the ground and cause injury with sharp turns for a soccer player. They are good for grip when pushing other players around and making football punts. Better stick to regular style soccer boots though.

    • While not illegal by FIFA standards , having a front stud at the youth level will USUALLY have a ref not letting you play with them, or insisting the the front stud is cut off flush before being allowed on the pitch.

      • I am a youth level referee and I wouldn't make them do that, the classes you take don't talk about stud configurations at all. Plus the Laws of the Game don't include anything about the shoes players use.

  2. refs check for toe cleats so how are these legal please reply??????!!!!!!!

  3. would I be right and saying these are a lot more similar to the RS7 boots as apposed to the regular f50s?

    • Yes I wouls say so. However in Rugby u still need a decent amount of feel for the ball which is why they are built more in terms of the F50 adiZero Soccer boots than american football boots. When I played American Football (That was when I was on drugs! JK) I took my cleats that i used to play football so that could play a game of soccer in them. I noticed pulling in my tendons while playing so I took them off and I went and got my new soccer boots. Now as I have been playing the sport at a highly competitive club level for about 5 years, I know why soccer cleats or sports footwear in general is so specific. Every sport has their own demands and the cleats and equipment we wear for these sports are specifically designed for such. Stick with soccer boots for the Beautiful Game. Plus I think soccer cleats just darn right look better than other sports cleats!

  4. So, in conclusion, like all high end car manufacturers like Ferrari, you pay more for them to take things out, than to put things in.

  5. Abasiofon Bassey

    My favourite colourway is the red/white ones. They look like they would definitely stick out on the pitch. Especially during soccer tryouts! 😉

  6. My brother plays football and I play soccer and we both have the corresponding cleats in this article. I thought the same thing when i saw them and complained about the price diff. Personally like most of you i want more speed out of my game and light cleats are good cleats. Something also better about the football cleats is when sprinting the front spike allows you to dig your toes into the turf/grass. I also noticed the tongue is different then what this article discussed there must be different kinds of the football versions. Once you switch the laces around i believe you can have a good pair of light soccer cleats for half the price. (dont get me wrong i love adidas soccer cleats just speaking about different ideas.)

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