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What is the Current Average Soccer Cleat Weight?

Weight of Soccer Cleats

With companies seemingly turning their attention to lightweight releases in the past few years, I thought is would be pretty interesting to look at what the current average boot weight is, and how that compares with our expectations. Below you will find a compilation of the top 34 boots currently released on the market and their respective weights, with a summary of the overall results listed at the bottom of the page.

What boots are included?
To compile the numbers, only the top releases from each company currently on the US market is included. The idea here is to find out what the average weight is on all top releases – and from there, you can compare how the second or third tier boots rate against that number!

Why are second and third tier releases not included?
Companies focus their attention and technology on their primary release, and even though there is nothing wrong with the second and third tier releases, it would be unfair to include the weight of those boots in the average.

What does each weight represent?
Each boot listed shows the corresponding weight for a size 9US before they were used in testing. There might be some discrepancies in the numbers, but for the most part they are accurate.

Adidas (average = 7.9oz )
adiPure IV – 9.8oz | adiPure IV SL – 7.0oz | F50 adiZero – 6.0oz | F50 adiZero Prime – 5.1oz | adiPower Predator – 7.8oz | Copa Mundial – 11.7oz

Nike (average = 9.2oz )
CTR360 Maestri II – 10.8oz | Superfly III – 7.8oz | Vapor VII – 8oz | T90 Laser IV – 10oz | Tiempo Legend – 9.6oz

Puma (average = 8.3oz )
PWR-CT 1.12 – 10.4oz | V1.11 – 8.2oz | V1.11 SL – 5.3oz | King Finale – 9.2oz

Umbro (average = 9.8oz )
Geometra Pro – 10.2oz | Stealth 2 – 10.2oz | Speciali Pro – 9.2oz

Lotto (average = 9.7oz )
Stadio Primato – 9.6oz | Futura 100 – 9.8oz | Zhero Gravity Ultra – 9.4oz | Fuerzapura II – 10oz

Diadora (average = 10.1oz )
Kobra K – 10.4oz | Maracana – 9.4oz | Stile K – 10.6oz

Under Armour (average = 9.4oz )
Blur – 9.9oz | Create II – 8.6oz | Hydrastrike – 9.6oz

Asics (average = 8.9oz )
Lethal Tigreor – 9.6oz | Lethal Stats – 9.4oz | DS Light 5 – 7.8oz

Trinity 3E – 5.6oz | 1970 – 11.7oz

Total Fit – 9.4oz

Average Weight: 9.07oz

Number of Boots Included: 34
Heaviest Boot: 11.7oz (Pele 1970, Adidas Copa Mundial)
Lightest Boot: 5.1oz (Adidas adiZero Prime)
Median Weight: 9.5oz

There you have it – as it stands, we are looking at an average weight of 9.07oz per boot, which is slightly lower than I estimated before putting together the numbers. Having assessed all of the information, I think the Median score of 9.5oz gives a better understanding or comparison point when we look at the weight of new boots released on the market. Following along the current lightweight trend, I can see the average weight continue to drop over time, and probably pretty quickly too!

One final note: I am not endorsing or encouraging players to wear lighter boots – protection is a much needed attribute that players need to consider when looking at new boots.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. For this, you used all size 9 or 9.5 US correct?
    I always thought that although brands list cleats at a certain weight, a size 9 Adizero could weigh 6.0 oz- but a size 12 couldn't be the same weight..?

  2. If your including the Adizero prime don’t you think you should include the weight of the Nike elite series? Although they’re not making new releases except for superflys(which is total bogus if you ask me) they’re still rather easy to find

    • Could have included them – but as you point out Nike are removing them from the market and they are actually pretty tough to find (except in stores) so i am just sticking to including the Superfly.

      • I guess I see what you mean, I feel like the T90 Laser Elite is relatively easy to find online but I do see what you mean. I just wish Nike would make one elite boot that is like the laser or Maestri but with a superfly sole plate and stud configuration

      • Do you think you know the weight of the studs?

  3. What about the Predator SLs?

  4. Your adiZero Primes still look in good condition! how often have you used them?

  5. Bryan,
    Wondering what the difference between a T90 and a AdiPower Pred is? 3oz? The overall look? Also raises the question if a 4oz difference in a boot is going to really make a noticable difference in speed? I wish someone could tell me if Wayne Rooney would be faster/better with a Adizero F50 vs a T90 Laser IV? Or even the average player?

  6. It works in this manner.

  7. You should update this

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