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Unleashing the Storm: Nike Phantom Vortex Pack Released - Soccer Cleats 101
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Saturday , June 15 2024

Unleashing the Storm: Nike Phantom Vortex Pack Released

Nike Phantom GX Vortex Pack Released

Nike is at it again, revolutionizing the soccer world with their latest innovation – the Phantom Vortex Pack. This exciting new release unveils the updated, pictured Phantom GX, a cleat that is set to redefine performance standards on the soccer field. What makes this release particularly thrilling is the combination of two groundbreaking technologies: Gripknit and the Cyclone 360° Plate.

Gripknit Upper – Precision and Comfort in Every Touch

The Phantom GX now features Gripknit uppers, a technology that’s all about enhancing your connection with the ball. Gripknit is designed to offer an unmatched fit and feel, molding to your foot like a second skin. This means more precise touches, better ball control, and an overall increase in your ability to manipulate the ball under various play conditions. It’s not just about performance; this technology also elevates the comfort level, ensuring your feet are snug and secure, yet free to move naturally.

Cyclone 360° Plate – Unparalleled Agility and Speed

The real game-changer comes in the form of the Cyclone 360° Plate. Initially popularized by the Luna, this soleplate technology is all about enhancing your agility and speed on the pitch. The design of the plate ensures a responsive interaction with the ground, allowing for rapid changes in direction and explosive acceleration. Whether you’re a forward making a break for the goal or a defender needing to quickly shift positions, the Cyclone 360° Plate provides the foundation for dynamic, high-speed play.

Nike Vortex Pack Phantom GX

A Fusion of Technology – The Phantom GX Experience

What happens when you combine Gripknit uppers with the Cyclone 360° Plate? You get the Phantom GX – a cleat that’s not just a piece of footwear but a true extension of the player. This combination ensures that every movement is precise, every turn is sharp, and every step is comfortable.

Also released as part of the pack is an updated version of Phantom Luna, and there will be a new Tiempo legend colorway. January 11th is the official date that everything will drop.

Everything released as part of Vortex Pack can be found at

Nike Vortex Pack Phantom Luna

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  1. Love the design. Do we have an idea of which players will be wearing them?

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