Saturday , October 24 2020

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Predator X vs evoPOWER – The Contradictory Power Boot Conundrum!

Predator X vs evoPOWER

Every so often you come across some extremely in-depth commentary from boot fans that is very difficult to ignore because of how much sense it makes. Case in point the below comments that we were tagged in on Instagram. The comment came from @solecorea and covers two highly coveted power boot releases in …

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Nike Hi-Vis or Adidas Enlightened – How to Brighten Up Your Winter!

Nike Hi-Vis vs Adidas Enlightened

There has been a definite trend with releases this Autumn, and it is again geared around visually enhanced designs that are set to light up pitches this Winter. It all started during the Summer months with the rather popping Lotto Solista, designed to light up under the exposure of bright …

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Which Boots Should I Choose – Answered!

On a daily basis, we receive a ton of emails from players who want help selecting a new pair of boots. In most cases, I am able to tell you the benefits of one pair over another, especially when you tell me what you are looking for. But, choosing a …

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