Friday , November 20 2020

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Has Adidas Actually Won the World Cup?

With this Sunday being the final of the World Cup I’ve been thinking a little bit. While we all know that the World Cup is contested between 32 countries and gets whittled down until much like Highlander, there can be only one! However, is it just countries who contest the …

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Germany Lays Brazil to Rest

Brazil came out of the tunnel looking wounded but fierce. An injured Neymar and suspended Thiago Silva left Brazil missing both a key striker and defender. Belting out their national anthem, Neymars Jersey proudly on display, Brazil looked intimidating indeed. Determined, driven, and hungry would be the best way to describe …

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World Cup Boot Recap Day 12 – David Villa Bows Out as Predator Has a BIG Day

Day 12 brings us our first spin at finishing off the group stages. Group’s A and B saw their final matches, and some furious multitasking was par for the course. Despite Group B being pretty much done and dusted there were a couple of treats still in store as Chile …

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