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New Umbro Stealth Pro Colors Released

Umbro have released two new colors in the Umbro Stealth Pro range, both of which look pretty funky in my opinion! The official colors of each version are Black/White/Red and Black/White/Lime. I did like the previous release of the Stealth, including the White/Red version that I tested a few months …

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Pre-World Cup Giveaway – Umbro Stealth Pro

Giveaway Update: We have closed voting and chosen a winner….. Julien with “I am sly like a fox, you won’t see me until my shot is in the back of the net.” Congrats Julien, check your email! —————————————————————– Over the next few weeks we will be giving away several pairs …

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Umbro Stealth Pro Review

The release of the Umbro Stealth Pro has had one of the most bizarre advertising campaigns in recent memory! “Are you Fox or Chicken?” reads the headline, followed by guys running a round a field in masks with feathers flying about the place. Strange, odd, confusing. But, once you get …

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Umbro Stealth: Are you Fox or Chicken?

I have to say, the advertising campaign for the new Umbro Stealth is pretty bizarre! Start with the slogan “Are you Fox or Chicken?“, and take a look at the video below…..odd! But one thing is clear,  the Stealth is designed for the cunning player who hunts just like a …

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