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Dan Kennedy: Adidas Predator

Current Chivas USA Goalkeeper Dan Kennedy in action

Name: Dan Kennedy
Position: GK
Team History:
UCSB 2001-04
Puerto Rico Islanders 2005 (USL)
Club Deportivo Municipal Iquique 2005-08 (Chile)
Chivas USA 2008-

Cleat size: 10.5
Sneaker size: 11

Preferred cleat? Predator firm grounds
In one sentence why? Very comfortable and I like the control I feel that I have with the ball.

What do you look for when choosing a cleat? Color – I usually wear black cleats, Comfort – I do not enjoy blisters, and weight – nothing too heavy

How much would you pay for the perfect pair?
$200 seems to be the standard for nice cleats these days, so I guess I wouldn’t pay more than that.

What advice would you give to someone when choosing a new pair of cleats?
I usually have about 4 pairs of cleats, three firm grounds and one soft ground…I like the firm ground cleats to play in when the conditions permit, I also like to train in them. I always have a firm ground broken in and ready to go…for rainy and wet conditions…I usually rotate my cleats using them for games only in the beginning, then once they start showing wear and tear I turn them into my training boots. I usually clean and leather food all my cleats the day before the game.

Danny Kennedy is currently one of the leading goalkeepers in MLS. His leadership qualities are well renowned, shown by his captaincy of the 2004 UCSB team that played in the schools first ever National Championship Final game. We thank Dan for sharing his knowledge on soccer cleats with us!

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