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Tony Lochhead: Nike Legends II

New Zealand International Tony Lochhead

Name: Tony Lochhead

Position: Left back/midfield
Team History: UCSB 2001-04
New England Revolution 2005-07
Wellington Phoenix 2007-
New Zealand National team: 17 senior caps
Cleat: 9.5US

What cleats do you wear?
Last season i was wearing the Total 90 lasers but I have gone old school and now wearing the Nike Legends. I prefer leather boots, they dont last as long as the lasers but alot more comfortable and fit my feet better than this years Total 90.
How much would you pay for the ‘perfect’ pair?
I would pay a couple hundread, you cant really get a good pair without spending that.
What advice would you give to someone choosing a cleat?
I try to find a cleat that is going to fit my foot well, it has to be comfortable, especially in the conditions that we play in. Alot of the fields are hard as we play in the summer months.
Advice I would pass on would be to have a pair of cleats to train in and a pair just to play your games in, as I have been told that your cleats only have about 6 games of life in them before you should replace them. Because we play in the summer here, most of my cleats are molded and I only have one pair of studs. I have a couple of pairs to train in and a pair of game boots. These days I tend to wear the white cleats which I would have never done when I was younger but the majority of the boots seem to be white and it looks weird when you wear black, haha!!

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