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Diadora LX K Pro Tested

This was the result of the first game I got to test out the Diadora LX K Pro. It was a Christmas Challenge game, and being Irish, taking the win on a warm December 28th Sunday morning made the experience even better! I even managed to get MVP in the game. Good times.

Wearing Diadora LX K Pro

As for the cleats, they worked really well. I have a pair in White Pearlized/ Royal/ Gold. Let me tell you a little about the cleats before I get into my review. Diadora has a reputation for producing quality, stylish soccer boots. Diadora cleats are designed with a distinct touch of Italian class. Designed with pure performance and classic design in mind, the Diadora LX K Pro MG is created using super soft supple kangaroo leather upper for a soft touch and great ball control. However, what differentiates this boot is the many technologies that Diadora uses to optimize comfort on the pitch and reduce stress on the foot. An Engage insole helps to absorb shock during play, an Ergos Footbed for cushioning, and a Competition Comfort Bridge system, which optimizes support of the plantar arch. What results is a supremely comfortable boot. Lets be honest, the more comfort your feet feel, the better you will perform on the pitch. Let me outline some of the observations I have had with the cleats.

Breaking-in: A very easy cleat to break in. I found that the first time I wore them they shaped pretty quickly. I did suffer some cramping, but this is pretty normal when you are trying a new cleat type. I did not encounter any blistering or tightness, so the comfort level is definitely there.
First game: I wore the cleats for 3 training sessions before I wore them in the game. Wearing a cleat for the first time in a game situation is always a lot different to practice. These cleats were super comfy from the first minute of the game. I am a pretty fast player so need good stability and a cleat that can help me accelerate quickly out of turns without any slipping. The cleats performed very well, seeming to attach to the soles of my feet. The insoles of the cleats are awesome! They are super comfy and unlike other cleat insoles I have used, they do not move! This is really important.
After the game: The stitching did seem to soak in some of the mud (they are white), so it took me a little longer than normal to clean them (cleaning is super important and should never be overlooked for keeping cleats in good condition). Apart from that everything was great.
Overall view: I really like these cleats. Nike and Adidas cleats are always the top choice of younger players looking for new cleats. But that is a result of under exposure to other cleats. Sometimes its takes the opportunity to try something new. These cleats are a good option.

The Good: Very stylish, comfortable (esp. the insoles), great price at less than $150.

Diadora LX K Pro

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  1. hola necesito saber donde poderlas comprar, bueno soy de peru y estoy bastante interesado en esos chimpunes diadora lx k pro ..! gracias espero su respuesta ..!

  2. Hola, hablo español más o menos.

    puedes comprarlas en la red por ciento cincuenta dolares

    (de los estados unidos)

    puedes encontrarlas en:


  3. Hey Bryan, the version II came out already right?

    Diadora LX K-Pro II

  4. Hey J,

    I actually don't think Diadora created a II version, or I am not familiar with them if they did!

  5. Hey Bryan, I google searched for it and seemed like Zappos carries it *shrugs*

  6. J,

    Checked the Diadora website and they are not there either, I will shoot them an email to find out more.

  7. Hey Bryan do you still have these cleats or know where I can buy them I am a size 9-10.

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