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Adidas Powerswerve DB review

Adidas latest release in the Predator range is the Powerswerve DB. DB stands for David Beckham, one of the greatest adidas-db-trainingset piece takers ever to grace a soccer field. And this is no doubt the reason Adidas have made the alterations that they have to this latest release. The Powerswerve is designed for a busy midfielder who’s presence on the field is felt by his ability to get on the ball and move it with clinical passing. So, what is it that makes the Powerswerve different to its predecessor?

At first glance you will notice something pretty unique about the Powerswerve DB, its white leather has many ‘holes’ in it. Well, these holes are a new wave of ClimaCool technology that Adidas has taken from its clothing range. The idea of the ClimaCool design is to help air move more smoothly around, and through, the cleat. Match this with the with a fully ventilated mesh upper and breathable sock liner to ensure maximum airflow penetrating the boot and cooling the foot from every side.

becks-debutA Soft and supple kangaroo leather upper in white leads to an eye-catching look, soft feel, lightness and a glove-like fit. This upper also has a cool silver flame design. The outer also has a reengineered Predator power Zone integrated into the front for improved shooting power. Predator technology is also in the swerve zone for passing and shot power and control. The insole also has improved Dynamic PowerPulse, a Tungsten powder-filled element, that shifts weight towards the point of impact as you kick for more powerful shots and increased flexibility.

Overall, the Powerswerve is a classy cleat that will suit any hard working midfielder/defender that takes free kicks. Weighing in at 8.6oz without the insoles, the Powerswerve DB is the lighest version in the Predator range, although not nearly as light as the Nike Mercurial range or Puma v1.08.

If you want to get your hands on these cleats right now, they are availalbe  here for $179.99

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  1. Adidas latest release in the Powerswerve DB. the design shoo is good model and quality. the model soo use Beckham the roll model. the shoe is use David Beckham is good greatest food ball player.


  2. Theres shoes r garbage fial!

  3. Do these cleats run half size smaller? I want to get a pair of these since they are pretty cheap now and was wondering whether to order my normal size or half size down? I have narrow feet.

  4. Michael,

    The powerswerve DB fits true to size

  5. This one is nice boot. Definately every soccer lover specially Beckham fan will be loving this.

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