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Guide to the Nike Vapor V and Superfly Range

So, we have been asked the question more than a few times ‘what is the difference between the cleats in the Nike Vapor V range?” So, we decided it might be time to give you the low down on exactly what you are getting for your dollar!

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly:
The Superfly is the cream of the crop, the ‘piece de resistance’ in Nike’s range. Coming in at an extremely high $349.99, the Superfly is a cleat that you have to be certain is right for you before you splash the cash. The Superfly is seen as the next generation in soccer cleats because of its unique design. Nike has used a FlyWire system that wraps across the top of the cleat creating a stabilization effect. The FlyWire joins at the top and has the same properties as a suspension bridge. Nike have used lighter upper material in the boots thanks to the FlyWire, allowing the cleats to weigh a mere 6.8oz. It made its debut recently, worn by two of Europes biggest stars, Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimowich, and these are the types of players you will see wearing the Superfly. The Superfly has currently been recalled, and will not available to purchase for another few months, there has not been a date set yet.
UPDATE: The Superfly is set for re release, and is now available in Metallic Platinum/Hot Red/Max Orange for $349.99.

Nike Mercurial Vapor V
Nike Vapor-V-abyss1The Vapor V plays little brother to the Superfly, but in terms of quality and demand it ranks just as high. Priced at the lower price of $219.99(also $219.99 in women’s), the Vapor V is still an expensive cleat to purchase if you do not have prior experience with the range. The Vapor V also uses Flywire technology to allow for a lighter cleat that weighs 8.4oz. What is unique about these cleats is the lace cover, increasing the strike zone for better contact when striking the ball. This new Vapor also has an extra stud on the outsole for increased surface traction. Cristiano Ronaldo, Pato and Robinho were all involved in the process of creating this cleat, but you are not likely to see them wearing them. If you want the quality but don’t want to fork out over $300 on cleats, these are a much better option.

Nike Mercurial Talaria
talaria1The Talaria is the knock off version of the Superfly. Designed to look similar, the Talaria is considerably cheaper at $99.99, although this means you will lose a lot of the quality. The Talaria does not have any Flywire technology, but Nike has still been able to create a light cleat using a lightweight Teijin synthetic leather. The cleats weigh 9.4oz. The Talaria does look considerably like the Superfly, with the swoosh and color matching the same design. The only small difference is that the swoosh is a lot smaller on the Talaria. But who could argue with a quality cleat that’s priced under $100. We rate the Talaria as a quality boot for money spent.

Nike Mercurial Steam
steamThe Steam is a cleat that will have you looking like you are wearing the Vapor V, but not the feel! The Steam is designed with a front lace cover system to help increase the strike zone just as the Vapor V. Using synthetic leather, you are losing some of the quality associated with its older versions, although it weighs in nicely at 9.4oz. Don’t expect to see many top name players wearing the Steam, in fact I would be surprised to see any professional player wearing them! But if you are new to soccer, or just need a quality boot that delivers comfort and a little bit of style these are the cleats for you! Priced at $74.99.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Veloci

Nike Mercurial Vapor VelociThe Veloci comes in as the baby of the collection. Priced at $49.99 and weighing 9.4oz, the Veloci can be viewed as a good practice cleat, especially if you play on a consistent basis. Made with synthetic leather, the look of the Veloici is similar to the Superfly and Talaria, but there are some big differences, like the lack of ridges where the Flywire lines the side of the Superfly. One of the benefits of buyinf the Veloci is that you get to test out the style and feel of the range without paying the big bucks. If you are new to soccer and need a pair of cleats to wear for practice, these are a great option. Even better, if you play in wet mucky conditions you can tell your friends you are wearing the Superfly without them really knowing!

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Superfly: Superfly technology, Cream of the Crop, made for the top quality and committed player.
Vapor V: Superfly technology, top quality, increased strike zone, super comfort.
Talaria: Good quality and look, great value for money, decent game cleat.
Steam: Great option for new players, good materials, similar look to the Vapor V.
Veloci: Good cleat for new players, good option as a training cleat, very cheap.

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