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Diadora Maracana RTX 12 Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Diadora Maracana RTX 12 Review

diadora-maracana-rtx-12 soccer cleat
The latest boot to be released by Diadora is the stylish Maracana RTX 12 cleat. One thing that I have come to appreciate over time is value for money, and when you can match that with a comfortable boot, you are on to a winning formula. That is exactly what Diadora has with this release.

I like what Diadora release in general, but I held some reservations when I received the Maracana, maybe because of their very simplistic visual appeal. The overall design seem slightly bland. But after testing the cleats for several weeks, I have been thoroughly impressed with how they perform in game!

Here is what you need to know about the Diadora Maracana:

  • The upper is made of an ultra soft and water resistant kangaroo leather.
  • Inside the cleat there is an anti-stretch lining to ensure shape retention.
  • Something I particularly like is the partial hidden loop lacing system for a more uniform kicking surface. If you look at the lacing, you will notice the top two notches on the inside of each cleat are out by about half an inch. What this effectively does is allow you to pull the laces tighter, ensuring the cleat is tight to your feet. This is something that is very unique to Diadora cleats.
  • On the front of the cleat there is a visible area where touch Control application has been applied to increase the level of control.  Soft ankle lining for comfort.
  • Diadora have created a double action shock absorbing system that helps eliminate unnecessary vibrations when contact is made with the ground. This essentially helps with the distribution of pressure on the foot, helping reduce heel and metatarsal injuries.
  • Weigh in at 9.4oz.

Have spent some time testing them, I definitely recommend the Diadora Maracana as all around high performing shoe. It is a solid cleat that supplies not only a great deal of comfort, but also value for money.

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  1. wow…I’m so excited to see this good rewiew of my actual soccer shoe!!It’s all true,this soccer shoe is the best that I ever had.very comfortable and light but above all very nice!!!

  2. how is the sizing? i wear 9 in legend

  3. Randy,

    The Diadora Maracana fit true to size. Go with your normal size and these will be snug!

  4. BRYAN, i would like to know how these would fit for me, i have a wide foot and wear size 11 leather adizero , 11.5 synthetic(has bit of space and i got synthetic adizero before leather)

  5. Tomas,

    For this version the 11.5 sounds like it would fit best as they have a similar feel and fit to the synthetic adiZero.

  6. I comfortably wear an 11.5 in puma v4.10 and it sounds like an 11.5 will be my best shot in these shoes, too. Does anybody know how these two cleats (puma v4.10 and diadora maracana) compare size-wise?

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