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Under Armour Dominate Review

One of the newest companies to enter the soccer cleat market is Under Armour. There is no doubting that UA has a stranglehold in the top US sporting markets (Baseball and American Football) but the big question lies in whether or not they gain a piece of the soccer industry. I had the opportunity to review the Dominate, and here are my thoughts of the range.

Breaking In

There is nothing better than putting on a new pair of cleats and experiencing comfort from the first time you wearUnderArmour Dominate them! That’s exactly what I encountered when testing the new Under Armour Dominate. Usually, it takes a pair of cleats a few training sessions to really break in but the Dominate was extra comfortable from the beginning, and seemed to mold to the contour of my foot very quickly. Always a good start!


One very important thing to note about the Dominate is its sizing. I would recommend buying a size smaller than you usually wear, as they do fit pretty wide and a little long. The Dominate is designed for players with a slightly wider foot, it is shaped in a very similar fashion to the Nike Total 90 range.

The Dominate is designed using a high performance K-Leather and Under Armour’s Water Intelligence leather treatment (H20i) so you know you are getting quality. The H20i gives extreme water resistance helping the cleat stay dry and light.  There is a very unique look about the Dominate, with a black area covering the front of the cleat. At first, the blend of black on white colors catches your eye, it is very noticeable. I have received very favorable reactions in the locker room when I pull them out! The Modular Protection Zone (MPZ) is a very unique UA Dominate Frontfeature that Under Armour has developed. The MPZ is the black area on the front of the cleat, and helps support the metatarsal bone located in the front of the foot (highly prone to breaking in soccer players) while also enhancing power. There is a noticeable improvement in shooting power and the cleats seem to grip the ball on contact when using the black MPZ area. UA report up to 30% additional power during ball strike.


One negative I encountered with the cleat was the closing around the ankle. I am a fan of cleats that close in around the ankle, just as the Dominate does, but it needs to be comfortable. It is probably more to do with the shape of my ankle, but it was tight and a little uncomfortable after wearing them for an extended period. Slipping them on was fine, but after a few sprints they would rub slightly. This is something that was temporary, and as the cleats adjusted to my feet there was no problem.

All in all, I would give the Under Armour Dominate the thumbs up. Here is what you need to know:

  • Very comfortable from the first wear, breaks in easy.
  • Runs a little large, order a half size down.
  • Shaped for a wider foot, like the Nike Total 90 range.
  • I would recommend them for Strikers and Defenders.

There are a few choices to Purchase. You can get the Under Armour Dominate for $99.99 or the Dominate Pro for $189.99.

Nike CTR360 Maestri

UA Dominate
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  1. I was just wondering if the MPZ area sort of "bent" along with the foot when running i.e. was it flexible or did it rub or hurt your toes underneath?

    • Fifinho,
      The MPZ area is flexible so it does move with your foot and doesn't hurt in any way as UA have it well protected. It is, in a sense, a strip of thicker rubber.

  2. Bryan, what would you reccomend for a better fit and durability, the under armour dominate pro or the nike ctr 360?

  3. Bryan, also, what is the difference between this version and the under armour dominate pro?

  4. i need your help bryan, you got these in size 9US right? if you still have these could you check the box or the tongue and let me know what UK size 9US is? thanks heaps

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