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mi Adidas Personalized F50 TUNIT

Adidas have given soccer players the unique ability to create andPersonalized F50 TUNIT personalize their own pair of F50 TUNiT cleats. This is a pretty cool concept that allows players to have cleats designed in the way that they want, ending with a one off design that no one else will have! I like this idea a lot, and have created my own personal pair, seen to the right.

So, I thought it might be a good idea to let you know what to expect when creating your personalized pair. First go to the Create Page. When you get here, choose the miF50 TUNIT, and then choose a template to start with. I chose the ‘blank shoe’ template, so I am working with a blank canvas giving me the ability to completely create my cleat from scratch.
The next screen will be ‘Getting Started’. Here you have the chance to choose specific sizing and comfort to your foot. Choose your sex, size of each foot and the type of comfort you are looking for. This is great, because I know my right foot is a little larger than my felt, allowing me to choose the exact size. If you are looking for a unique size for a specific country, there is a sizing chart available under the ‘Fitting Tips’ link.

F50 Template
Template Options, I chose 'blank'

When you have finished sizing, you will be taken to your blank cleat where you get to do the fun stuff; designing the color design you want. On the left, you will notice that you have the opportunity to create different views of your cleat. Under each of these views you will have options on how you want to customize your cleat in different ways. The side view allows you to alter the main colors of the upper. You get to choose a heel, base, trim color while also choosing the stripes you want. The second view down is from above. Here you can choose what type of Chassis you want, the inner lining color and the color of your lace cover. Next up is the view from below, you can choose a full or street package, and also what type of outsole you want. Both these choices depend on where you will be using the cleats. Finally, the last selection allows you to completely personalize the lace cover. You can add your name, a flag and also your number. I chose my last name, the Irish flag and my jersey number. Nobody else will have a cleat like this!

While altering your cleat, you can change your view by selecting one of the tabs located below your cleat. It also allows you to zoom in and out to ensure the cleat is just as you want it. Another option is to simply click on the large cleat, and move the cleat in the way you want. When you have finalized your style, click on the finish button. This will pull up a summary of what you chosen for your personalized cleat.  My personalized cleats came in at $220, with shipping and handling the total was $232+tax. This is a pretty good price for a one off pair of cleats.

Things to note:Create mi

  • You can completely customize your own F50 TUNIT’s.
  • Available sizes Male 5.5 to 13.5
  • Available sizes US Women 6.5 to 14.5.
  • The cleats will be delivered within 3-4 weeks.
  • Final price approx. $240.

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  1. Hey Bryan,

    Great post about our website and I am glad you created a pair of tunit's for yourself. Please check out the selection and variety of the iTunit that has been creating quite a stir in the Champions Leagues. My favorite customization has been a pair Podolski has been wearing, check it out! Another thing to note is truly the process takes around 3 weeks to receive your shoes and there are no returns on product. Enjoy your boots and play well!

  2. al aaron le brincan las tetas y las tapas

  3. Dear,

    I've trying to create my own F50 TUNIT's with no luck, I dont think i can do that from the website, I appreciate your help.



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