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Under Armour Create Review

UA Create Side

The second release in Under Armour’s attack on the soccer market is the Under Armour Create soccer cleat. At first glance, the Create is very different to any other cleat in the market, with Under Armour definitely stamping their style on the cleat. Technology is something that UA have placed an emphasis on, with comfort and injury control topping the list. ‘Create with Speed’ is the motto used by Under Armour for these cleats and that gives you an idea of where their marketing approach has gone with this cleat. My personal opinion is that the cleats suit another set of players, as I will discuss later.

Breaking In
Size wise, the Create runs long. In fact, they run a lot longer than any other cleat on the market. They are very unlike Under Armour’s other release the Dominate, which have a wide front fit rather than a long. Another different dynamic about the Create is that they are designed with a higher frame, almost like an American Football cleat. They fit a little higher on the ankle than a normal cleat would. They seem to offer more protection without an increase in weight. In fact, the Create weighs in at a nice 9.9oz, giving it a very balanced feel. It is UA’s Exoskeletal FootFrame that adds UA Create Whitesupport to the upper. The Exoskeleton Footframe is noticeable when looking at the cleat, it is the lining that runs across the top of the cleat. They are almost like little ridges, and I feared that these would impact the direction of the ball on contact, but thankfully it doesn’t as it is soft. There are two colorways available: Black/Neon Yellow and White/Red. I tested the black/neon yellow version, the black color frame is blended with the black Footframe lining to create a defined look of black on black. Add to this the neon yellow lining, and the Create is an extremely visible cleat! I got a few comments while wearing them at practice about their look.

As I previously stated, injury prevention has been a key philosophy for UA in designing their current range. The Create has the extremely beneficial modular protection zone (MPZ), that absorbs shock and offers impact protection for the foot. This is something that was interesting to me as I know how prominent foot injuries have become in the game. Think of David Beckham before the 2006 World Cup. One of my favorite things about the Create is the comfort supplied by UA’s inserts. When you wear the cleats, they offer an amazing level of comfort. ArmourForm insole reduces stud pressure and increases stability and comfort, while a layer on top of the sole, known as ArmourBound, adds increased cushioning. Honestly, if there is anything that would make me buy these cleats it is the protection offered to your feet.

UA in actionCleat Sole
In terms of studs, Molded ArmourGuide TPU with triangular shaped studs in the forefoot for optimal traction in all directions. I wore the cleats on both grass and turf with good results. I would not recommend trying to wear these cleats on a hard surface, the studs are not as well suited to harder surfaces and really need a little give on the surface. Also, rather than being round, the studs are created in a triangular shape which is very unusual. These cleats offer better traction on surfaces with longer grass/turf, mainly due to the triangular shape of the studs.

To sum up, if you are interested in something different, and something that will stand out, the Under Armour Create might be the cleat for you. Currently UA are advertising them as a boot that is suitable for playmakers and wingers, but I don’t think this is necessarily true. I would almost recommend these cleats for defenders, as they offer a lot of protection for players that get stuck in to tackles. And I also think they are not the right fit for wingers, who need light cleats with little material. In fact, I feel like these cleats could actually become popular with Rugby players, as they offer a  lot of comfort, support and excellent grip. Having the over sized frame is also beneficial. My favorite thing about these cleats is definitely the comfort level they offer, it ranks among the best of any cleats that I have worn! They are available right now in two levels, the UA Create and the UA Create Pro.

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  1. I have been dealing with an upper foot injury on the top of my foot that has turned out to be an arthritic joint

    >what is the best cleat to offer protection and padding on the top of the foot

  2. Taylor, try some cleats that are 'bigger' or 'thicker looking' like predator x's or maybe some puma kings. But since it's an arthritic joint wouldn't that be something you talk to your doctor about?

  3. Hi Bryan,

    thanks for the review. What size did you try for these UA Create Pro ? I wear usually a size 9US, but since reading your comment that this boot runs a bit longer, and I've read the same from other buyers/players, and they said, if they had to redo it again, they would go 0.5 size down to make it more snug fit.

    Was it snug fit ? Glove-like ? when you tested them ?

    Thanks Bryan !

  4. @Eric,

    Definitely order a half size down, maybe a full size for a really snug fit. When I wore them for testing I definitely would have preferred an 8.5US (tested a 9US)

  5. hi
    i had a pair of Create pro at size 9 and and it's quite fit on all the toes but still there're some extra space, like 0.7 a size left at the front. Now i'm about to order a pair of Dominate pro.
    Would i need to order it (the dominate) a half size smaller then the crate?

    thx in advance

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