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Umbro SX Valor II Review

Umbro SX Valor IIOne of Umbro’s big releases in the past year was the Umbro SX Valor II cleat, and it brings style and comfort to those that wear them. Worn by the likes of John Terry and Deco, the SX Valor II have received good reviews simply because Umbro have been able to stick to the classis design that they have become synonymous with. We were lucky to get our hands on a pair to review thanks to the folks at SoccerPro. So, what do we think of the cleats? We like them a lot! I wore them in 4 games and 8 training sessions overall. Here is a summary of what to expect if you buy a pair:

  • Touch Control, quilted vamp and asymmetrical lacing.
  • Soft Kangaroo leather upper.
  • Integrated lacing system.
  • Conical stud shape, with 13 studs, 9 on the front, 4 on the back.
  • Outsole created using TPU with carbon fiber rigidity shank for added strength without added weight.
  • Weigh in at 10.6 oz.

Umbro SX Valor II blueBreaking In
First thing first, they are a great boot to break in. As usual, I wore a size 9, and although they felt tight when I tried them on, they turned out to be a great fit! I was concerned that they were going to cause blistering, especially around my toes but I am glad to report that they break in easily! After the first few sessions they had pretty much molded to my feet. The insole is also super comfy, and it has unique breathable holes in it that I definitely noticed while wearing them!

Style and Design
I tested a pair of the white/black/gold color. The design is pretty sweet and looks good. There are two things that I especially like about these cleats: the covered lace system as it allows for a greater striking surface, and the front of the cleat as it angles down sharply to the toe. I find cleats with the pointed toe more appealing as it feels more natural to strike the ball. These cleats might not be suitable if you like the Nike Total 90 or the Under Armour Dominate that have a more rounded toe area.

I have worn the cleats for several weeks now, and they have held up very well. One thing is that the white/black/gold design need to be cleaned after every practice/game to keep them looking good. Thankfully, that’s one thing I keep in mind after each session! One other thing that I experienced several weeks after testing the cleats was that the inside lip (just above the ankle area) on the inside of each cleats bunched up slightly and caused a tiny blister. This has continued to be uncomfortable and I have had to tape up before games, but i continue to wear them as apart from this I rate them as one of the best cleats available on the market! Overall, they offer super comfort and great value for the price. I would recommend them for playmakers, or set piece players someone who needs a cleat that has style.

Umbro SX Valor II
Rating (out of 10)
Overall Score:
(out of 100)

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  1. How do Umbro's sizes match up with Nike Vapors or Adidas Predators? I'm a 10.5 US in a Vapor and 11 US in Preds. I want to get these Umbros but I need to know the sizing differences. HELP!!

  2. Hey Zach,

    The Umbro's are going to fit a lot like the Predators. The Vapors are a little tighter, thus the half size smaller. But Umbro mimic the Adidas style. I would go with a size 11 US.

  3. What's up,

    I have to say thanks for this sight because buying boots can be very stressful and this makes it a whole lot easier. Just had a quick question regarding size.. I bought the x boot III in my normal 9.5 but they were way too small. Would u know how these compare??

  4. Nadle,

    What boot did you previously have in the 9.5?

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