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Nike CTR360 Maestri Released!

Nike have again raised the bar bringing another fabled release to the soccer cleat market! This time around it is theCTR360 White Nike CTR360 Maestri, and this cleat is being specifically driven to one market ‘the playmaker’! You just have to look at the players who will be wearing the CTR360 range and you will see a pattern: Cesc Fabregas, Paul Scholes, Landon Donavan and Andres Iniesta have all been mentioned. All these players have reputations for being playmakers, and the ones their teams turn to for that extra spark.

The first versions of the cleats will be available in Black/White/Challenge Red and a White/Del Sol/Black. I personally prefer the White/Del Sol/Black version. To me, the Black/White/Red seems to resemble a plastic cleat. Just my personal opinion! In terms of performance the CTR360 Maestri has a lot to offer:

  • Upper created using a revolutionary Kanga-Lite synthetic leather that inhibits the properties of natural Kangaroo leather without the added weight.
  • The strike zone has Innovative control pods that are made of a dampening foam, designed to enhance ball control and optimal passing pace.
  • Unique cleat geometry with off center lacing, alligned towards the toe unlike other cleats that veer to the outside of the cleat.
  • Weigh in at a very average 9.8oz, pretty decent for a cleat of this design.

I have to say, I have a feeling these cleats will be a big hit as they fill a void in the market, focusing on one type of player thus enhancing their appeal. There has never been a soccer cleat release so focused on one type of player, usually footwear companies want to leave a cleat open to the full market, with players creating their own opinions. But not with the CTR360 Maestri, and this could turn out to be a stroke of genius on Nike’s part! More news and information on the cleats to follow as we get it!

Nike CTR360 Maestri

CTR360 Black

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  1. The white ones look WAY better than the red ones!

  2. you should review these and the vapor v

  3. seriously get yourself a pair of these shoes you won't be disappointed they are super comfy and do most of what advertised!

  4. Yes you should make a comparison of the Maestri's and the Vapor V's. The Maestris are only an ounce heaiver so in a full sprint (while dribbling) is there a difference between them? Or in acceleration?

  5. bob, is that a serious question?? it's a f**king ounce!!!!!!!!!!!!! try one of each boot on at the same time, if you can tell the difference, you should be writing this blog and saving bryan his precious time answering meaningful questions. you are either fast or slow, an ounce isn't going to matter.

  6. on a much more serious note, these cleats are the shit. durable, comfortable, clean looking, and they have a great feel. go get a pair.

  7. dont get these boots if you play gaelic! Not comfortable and WAY overated. Get the old preds

  8. Is this a good soccer cleat to do tricks with?

  9. Like im just a beginner at tricks. is this a good cleat to learn to do tricks with?

  10. just wondering if i should get these or predator x. i am center mid and usually take alot of shots but i also need speed and thats why im concerned about predators

  11. They both have a lot to offer, if you are a playmaker I would recommend the CTR360's, if you play more of a holding mid, or someone who likes to spray the ball from side to side go for the Predator X. Also, if you haven't seen the new White/Blue/Metallic silver version I reccomend checking it out (one of the latest posts)

  12. lol its funny how someone said i want speed should i get this shoes or not? the shoes has nothing to do with ur speed man….. its all about how comfortable you in them…..nice cleats i have a pair they are great….same as the old R10

  13. Jus got a pair today, these boots are sick man… I honestly can’t wait to try them out on the pitch. Also i gotta agree with mike, the cleat isn’t what makes you fast dude it’s more about how you feel in em.

  14. When are the Arsenal CTR’s coming out?

  15. since the laces are going inwards, will the laces mess up ur shots?

  16. the laces arent going to effect your shooting, if youre good at shooting youre good at shooting. the weight isnt going to effect youre speed, youre either fast or slow. the material its made of isnt going to make you a better dribble or a worse one. you cant just put on these shoes and be the best in the world over night.

  17. Hi! How are you??. I want to know something: Mi right foot is bigger than the left one, my right`s footsize is US=8 (UK=7) but i have to wear cleats with 1 footsize more because I have a wide foot. I have the first Nike T90 on US=9 and Adidas Predator Absolado on US= 8 1/2.

    I want to know if this cleats are for people with wide foot so i can buy them in size US=8 or if a should buy them, anyway, with one more size.

    Thanks!! Waiting for your answer!

  18. Fantastic shoes! Since the first day these shoes have been nothing but pure amazing! They are pretty light, the touch is fantastic, they're comfortable and just fun!

  19. these boots r awsome . just got a pair . i encourage anyone to get a pair . great texture and style . great for control and shooting . i love the black and blue cleats the best !

  20. These cleats are extremely comfortable and not too light weight. I used to have the AdiPure, and whenever I would get steped on, it hurt a lot and felt like I wasn't even wearing a shoe. These are the perfect weight and offer a bit more protection than cleats like AdiPures. That being said, if you are more of a defender and looking for a lot of protection these probably are not quite right. Also, the laces are the best I have seen. The tongue of the shoe is basically nonexistent, and the laces are a little off-centered but not too much on the side of the cleat like many other competitors. They are perfect for playmakers, like Iniesta, who is my favorite player. If you can find them for a good price, then definitely get them! Hopefully they will last me a long time.

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