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Adidas Predator X the David Beckham Edition! - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Adidas Predator X the David Beckham Edition!

A new version of the Adidas Predator X is available to buy, and it comes compliments of David Predator X DBBeckham! Beckham has been in sparkling form of late while wearing his own personalized version of the Predator X, aptly named the Adidas Predator X DB. His personalized version comes in England red and white, and has a sweet David Beckham pattern and logo on the Predator strike area. The original version have a 3D ‘Predator X’ logo, so Beckham’s version offer something different looks wise. If you have not seen Becks wearing the new cleats yet, watch out for this Friday nights Western conference championship game between LA Galaxy and Houston Dynamo.

Becks in Adidas Predator X DBAfter Reviewing the Predator X, I came to the following conclusion: not only is the Adidas Predator X my choice for ‘Surprise cleat of the year’, but it will also fall into the ‘Best Release of 2009’ category! Not only do these cleats look good, but they also offer great comfort and quality. To find out more about the Predator X, check out our full review!

Adidas Predator X DB

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  1. These are actually quite impressive and have got me liking the Pred Xs a lot 🙂

  2. they look pretty sweet.

  3. these are pretty mint I have to get them SANTA CAN GET ME THEM

  4. they look crap, whats with the stupid dragon/fire print on the front, im very dissapointed, was looking forward to seein becks version fo these preds but he realy failed dis time

  5. These boots are awesome!

    I am sooooo getting them for next season

    David Beckhams the man!


  6. these new predators are shit i like the original styles and evan if david waers them they still aint make em gd

  7. i got em there comfortable as hell and there pretty sick

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