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Nike Total90 Laser III Released in White/Metallic Gold/Dark Obsidian

Just spotted this, Nike have released a new White/Metallic Gold/Dark Obsidian version of the Nike Total 90Nike T90 Laser III White Laser III. This new color comes hot off the Electric Green/Black/Challenge Red color that launched the range. Personally, I prefer the new version as it looks more like a soccer cleat than a watermelon Jolly Rancher! The electric green version is too out there for me, while this color seems more realistic and suited to soccer uniforms. On this version, the base color is white, with gold covering the strike zone pods and also the studs. Dark Obsidian covers the heel area and also the small raised TPU fins at the front of the boot. These are the fins that sit on the honeycomb panel that is designed to enhance touch and feel. On the inside heel of the cleat, Nike have placed T90 in large letters. This adds to the old school element/design of the cleat!

Head over to to get more info, or you can get your hands on a pair right now for $199.99. As an additional update, I am currently reviewing a pair of Laser III’s in Electric green, keep an eye out for the review later this week!

Nike T90 Laser III White InsideNike t90 Laser III White outside

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  1. Hey Bryan,

    I just bought a pair of these today, and they look great! I usually wear size 9 so that's what I got. When I was trying them on I noticed there was about half an inch of empty space from my big toe to the tip of the shoe. Also, my other toes are slightly squished together, will the shoe stretch and mold to my foot? Do you think I should switch to another size?


  2. Hey Austin,

    Because of the shape, they are less likely to mold if your toes are a little squished on the sides, but since you have an extra half size or so you should try breaking them in slowly, maybe wear them jogging for a few sessions before getting into full on sprinting!

  3. i just got another pair of these and there awsome

  4. these are superb studs…..they look gr8 and are very accurate. fyi, for the ppl reading this, try to get the upper pods closer to the laces for more power and accuracy, and the lower pods for passing and control. ive noticed that they seem very comfy at the start, when you first wear them they are extremely comfy, though they can get itchy and you might get blisters on you little toe. if these are too much (cost) try the ctr-360s, they are awesum, i had them b4 this. but i had a few problems with accuracy.

    over all i wud giv these t90 laser iii's a 9.25/10

  5. edit: not the upper pods for shooting, the ones closer to your TOES for shooting (upper ones are more to the back) sorry!! =)

  6. I have the nike air zoom total 90 II's and the problem I am having with them is that my big toe feels to tight against the top of my cleat and the sides of my feet feel smooshed causing pain. Is this due to me not breaking them in well from the start or are should i move on to a bigger size….?? As far as the size, there is a little bit of space between the tip of my toe and the tip of the shoe so I don't think it's a size problem. I wear a size 10.5. I also recently purchased the total 90Laser III. Any advice?

  7. Neema,

    It does sound like a size issue, esp if your toe feels tight against the toe when you run. You could try spending more time breaking htem in, but I fear you might need an extra half size.

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