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Puma V1.08 Update and Info

Puma V1.08

Just before Christmas, I took advantage of a huge sale and got myself a pair of Puma V1.08’s for $65. The reason I decided to get myself a pair was to see how they compare to the V1.10, which I reviewed recently. I was not a huge fan of the V1.10, but I had heard some good things about the V1.08 and wanted to be able to compare them side by side.

Thus far, they have been performing really well. Since the V1.10 seemed to fit a half size to small, I ordered up from a size 9US to a 9.5US in the V1.08. I am happy to report that the half size makes all the difference, and I am really enjoying wearing the V1.08. Do date, I have got to wear them in 4 games and I have 4 goals to my name during that period! Breaking them in was a lot easier than with the V1.10’s. Again, I would put this down to the extra half size.

One of the great things about the release is that they are super light weight while also holding great durability. They weigh in at an impressive 7.6oz due to the inclusion of an inner chassis with carbon fiber and double density TPU. I have had several friends who claim to  have had a pair for well over a season – with the boots still holding strong! Another thing to note is that the upper feels like a textile fabric and it is not waterproof, something to bear in mind if you play in wet conditions. It is extremely important to keep them dry if you want them to last.

Puma V1.08

Because the V1.08 is seen to be the ‘older range’, you can find some great deals right now, somewhere in the region of $100. And I will be the first to tell you that for the price, they are good value!

Puma V1.08

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  1. Serginho Bertholi

    I use this boots… their weight is really low, but the comfort… i used adidas predator and can say, it`s much more comfortable than v1.08… but, talking about speed, v1.08 is fastest than predator… so, i`ve improved my game in speed and stablity with them…

  2. Are you going to post the full review on the Puma V1.08? I just ordered a pair and want to know how they compare to the V1.10.

    • i have both v1.08 and v1.10 sl, the 08s are a litte heavier, but i like their shot better, while tour feet feel ridiculously light in the 10s

  3. Eric,

    I found the V1.08 to be a better option than the V1.10, especially in terms of comfort.

  4. where did u buy them at??? cause it would be awsome to nic a pair for that cheat wit christmas coming up…thanks…

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